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Trump's Outrageous Golf Budget

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  • Trump's Outrageous Golf Budget

    Yet after three years in office, Trump has spent two-and-a-half times as many days on a golf course as Obama had done at the same point in his first term. If Trump plays golf both Saturday and Sunday, he will have played 248 times. Obama by his 1,123rd day in office had played 92 times.

    And because Trump insists on playing at courses he owns, the cost to taxpayers has been nearly four times as high as it was for Obama. More than two-thirds of Trump’s golf outings involve seven-figure trips aboard Air Force One, mainly to Florida and New Jersey, but also to Los Angeles, Ireland and Scotland. Obama, in contrast, played most of his golf on courses at military bases within a short drive of the White House.

    What’s more, Trump’s insistence on playing at courses he owns and profits from has put at least a few million taxpayer dollars into Trump’s cash registers in the form of hotel room and restaurant charges for the White House staff and Secret Service agents who accompany him.

    The Washington Post found recently that Trump’s business has charged the Secret Service as much as $650 a room per night at Mar-a-Lago ― more than three times the normal rate that federal employees are supposed to spend in South Florida ― and $17,000 a month for a cottage at Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey, resort. During an early Mar-a-Lago visit, White House employees ran up a $1,006 bar tab, which taxpayers also paid.

    How many taxpayer dollars precisely are flowing into Trump’s pocket is not known because the White House refuses to detail how many executive branch employees stay at Trump properties and how much they are being billed. The White House on Friday did not respond to HuffPost’s queries on the matter for this weekend’s trip.

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    Where is Trump this weekend? Golfing.


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      And don't forget this:

      Trump hotels charge Secret Service up to $650 per night while protecting him: report

      Secret Service personnel traveling with President Trump to his private luxury properties in Palm Beach, Fla., and Bedminster, N.J., pay rates as high at $650 per night for lodging, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

      The Post investigation tallied the amount of taxpayer dollars spent in Trump's properties and found that the Secret Service spent $159,000 at Trump’s D.C. hotel in his first year alone. In the president's out-of-state properties, the Trump company is recorded as charging as much as $17,000 per month for rent.

      The newspaper noted that after a thorough search of rentals in the area for comparable homes, the average cost for rent was $3,400.

      Trump previously told The Hill in 2015 that he "would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done,” but currently he often visits his properties in Florida and New Jersey, Secret Service in tow.

      In an October interview with Yahoo News, Eric Trump, the executive vice president of The Trump Organization, answered questions about the president’s decision to host the 2020 Group of Seven summit at the president’s golf club, Trump National Doral Miami in Florida.


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          Originally posted by Rohirrim View Post
          Where is Trump this weekend? Golfing.
          More specifically, he's cheating at golf.

          And I saw where the Secret Service is way, WAY behind on requisite public disclosure of travel, lodging and other costs associated with protecting the president. Especially those associated with Mar-a-Lago trips.


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            this comes as a surprise to no-one as arabs continue to make reservations at trump hotels and never use them, although they are paid for in advance.


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              Trump in 2016 "I'm going to be working for you, I'm not going to have time to go play golf"

              Haha, just another one of his BS lies the righties were a sucker for, it's so easy for this man to lie. I bet he lies in his dreams that's how often he lies.


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                Coronavirus spreading through the US. Stock market falling. Where's Trump?


                Then he retweets this (cause he thinks it's cool)

                He literally does not get the reference.



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                    Originally posted by TonyR View Post
                    At the VERY least the optics are terrible. For a guy obsessed with optics, my god.


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                      Originally posted by B-Large View Post

                      At the VERY least the optics are terrible. For a guy obsessed with optics, my god.
                      tRump is probably still banking on that whole "I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and not lose supporters" sense of invulnerability.

                      Sad thing is, he's probably right: MAGAts could be dropping like flies around him, and he could probably just shrug, continue golfing, go on spending his mornings watching Fox News and trolling on Twitter, and those infected cult followers would simply use their last breaths to murmur "but her emails" or "this sucks, but at least I triggered the libs!"