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Authoritarianism experts say time is running out. "There need to be mass protests."

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    Originally posted by nyuKKK

    Again, how is it "wrong"? By what measure? The law? If so, cite the law, please, otherwise this is just your opinion geared toward finding yet another angle of attack against a political opponent.
    • President Donald Trump is weighing blocking all officials from listening in on his phone calls with foreign leaders.

    "I may end the practice entirely," Trump told the Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera in a radio interview that aired Thursday.

    • There are serious risks associated with barring officials from listening in on conversations with foreign leaders.

    • Trump, in particular, is known to act recklessly with classified matters. He once shared top-secret intelligence from a US ally with Russian officials and tweeted out a photo from a classified briefing.

    • "Right now, President Trump is a nightmare to every intel and [national security] officer, and this is all stuff he's done with their knowledge," one former senior National Security Agency official told Insider. "Allowing him to conduct these calls in private would be catastrophic for us."


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      Speaking of authoritarianism...

      "The Trump administration recently rescinded New York state’s access to the Global Entry program. Hours before Governor Andrew Cuomo was set to visit the White House on Thursday, Trump tweeted that “New York must stop all of its unnecessary lawsuits & harassment, start cleaning itself up, and lowering taxes. Translation: Trump will allow New York to access the Global Entry program again if the state drops its numerous lawsuits against both his administration and his business. Sounds like a quid pro quo to me.

      Clearly, Trump has learned a lesson from his impeachment: he has learned that he can abuse his power however he pleases and no Republican will hold him accountable. Somewhere, Susan Collins is “disappointed” and Lisa Murkowski has furrowed her brow. They should be ashamed of what they have unleashed on our democracy."

      - Robert Reich

      Trump accused of another quid pro quo, this time with New York

      "He's holding New York state hostage to try to stop investigations into his prior tax fraud," tweeted Rep. Val Demings.


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        Trump has nine months to build up enough of an authoritarian structure within the government that he can simply nullify the next election.


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          Your guys hero Max Boot is calling you out. Better get your hats knitted...


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            At this point, just waiting for the Reichstag fire.


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                Originally posted by Taco John View Post
                Your guys hero Max Boot is calling you out. Better get your hats knitted...
                Actually, he's calling YOU out, vis-à-vis his reference to people who "care more about the strength of the stock market (ed: or about "owning the libs") than about the strength of our democracy."