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Hot mic bahahahhaha

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  • Hot mic bahahahhaha

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    I love it.

    Although I did like her comment on all the men. Gotta give her props for that.


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      Of course Elizabeth Warren knew that the mic was hot. That was the point.


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        This tells me a few things.

        1. The Okeefe hit came through the DNC. They told him what rock to look under, and embargoed the timing. Anyone who has worked in PR could affirm this truth. The timing is NOT councidental.

        2. I've long held the belief that Warren is Biden's body guard. This is confirmation. She is activated and ready to take down all threats to Joe. The fix is in, and she will be rewarded by being named his runningmate.

        3. Pelosi held the articles to help maximize the damage done to Bernie. Again, timing is not coincidental. The plan is to hit Bernie and take him off the trail by sequestering him in a trial and give Joe a green field to campaign in. Clever.

        4. The calculus is that Bernie will fall in line and deliver his people to the establishment ticket or face being blamed for Trump winning. He is set up to be the fall guy, and if the last election is any indication, he will do just that.

        5. Biden/Warren will be hailed by the media as undefeatable. Something for everybody. Those who do not fall in line will be demonized the same way Trump supporters are -- probably worse.


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          Meh. Coke or Pepsi? But when you pull the rug out from people like the last election did... the anger in losing is amplified 10 fold.