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trump is America at its smallest

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    Originally posted by Ironmind View Post
    The hatefulness toward Trump is the smallest of America.
    LMAO. Dude, many people hated Trump before he even got into politics. He was always a 2 bit scumbag swindler who lied and cheated people every step along the way. Throw in some sexual assault, some racism and ego maniac and it makes it even easier.


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      Originally posted by ghwk View Post
      Ha Ha I bet ****staneshane is zero point zero on that list. Or any other list for that matter. Tough to do much from a basement.
      like i said earlier. The perpetually triggered ^


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        Hmm triggered. Says the guy spamming the board but unable to write his own sentences. I’d say triggered is directly proportional to the number of ****ty posts you’ve put up here. Over 18k of triggered. All ****ty all one liners or Twitter ****.

        So you never answered if you went to private school or were a public school failure.

        i think we know.


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          Originally posted by ghwk View Post
          I am sorry.


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            See still can’t do anything original. Show me the original post you say that came from. I’ll wait. Otherwise all you do is take others stuff.

            The response of the weak and feeble minded.

            Go ahead public school failure boy! Post something original that shows you have 2 brain cells to rub together.


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              When the king of drive bys tells you to stop doing drive bys on him.


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                Originally posted by ShaneFalco View Post
                When the king of drive bys tells you to stop doing drive bys on him.

                Drive by who? C’mon Mr Public School Brain cells, let’s see if you can actually write something.

                I guess you missed this one ‘eh ****staneshane. Seems like a good time to bring it to your attention.

                From another thread but pretty much dispels your notion of drive bye’s. Still waiting for you to post the first thing worth reading after 18k attempts here. Maybe Chads cock is so far down your throat that there isn’t enough air to do anything other than repost.

                So lets talk about context and the kind of respondents we have on the mane.

                We have folks like you who simply see the one action in isolation regardless of outcome because the action by itself is justified. You also in that justification throw in that democrats would play politics, in fact everything in your justification becomes a hypothetical. But that's really not the point here, to you and others the end justifies the means and anyone who doesn't support it is a libtard or terrorist supporter.

                Then you have the other camp where the end does not necessarily justify the means and context, precedent law etc. matters. Basically events should not be evaluated in isolation as to whether or not action should be taken. That the process set up that congress be informed, or at least the necessary committees or party leadership when assassinating a govt. official are followed. (or whatever, don't miss the point of the comment based on it's accurate description of protocol in this case for this example)

                I see this as a huge division of the parties (and mane) right now. Evangelical excuses of Trump because they like his anti abortion position, or trafficking for Taco, all else will be forgiven in pursuit of that goal. This seems to be the approach from the right that pisses the left off.

                From the left it's "well wait, he's a POS liar who acts like a dictator and has no respect of law or the constitution" and you have to take larger picture issues into account when taking action." This approach pisses the right off because to them it doesn't appear to support a MAGA or we are the most powerful nation on the planet and we do what we want sort of approach regardless of approach or outcome. He was a terrorist and deserved to die, end of story.

                So on some issues our policies may not be that different. Everyone wanted that POS dead, how we went about it and other things Trump has done, and our means to justify them is what is polarizing us in this case. The other that's huge that's fostered by the media, and honestly I see it more on FOX (feel free to disagree) is the need to generalize to smear with a broad brush and it spills over here. "All Dems love terrorists because they don't support the Pres. or All evangelicals are hypocrites because all evangelicals support Trump."

                It's sad really. Pundits, talking heads etc., on both sides, have no agenda that serves the country. I still hold out hope that if we can get out from behind our keyboards and talked face to face we'd find each other less repulsive and dogmatic than we appear to be.

                Except for this guy below. I don't think he'd be much different once he came out of the basement.

                **And a special note for ****StaneFalco**

                There you go ****tard, not a one sentence drive by as you cherry pick my posts while spamming the crap out of this place. Now let's see if you have anything that requires brainpower to respond to this other than "libtards duh" or a bunch or tweets or videos.
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                  too long didnt read.


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                      Originally posted by Rohirrim View Post

                      I wouldn't hate him if he was back pretending to fire people on TV, or boinking models or telling dirty jokes on Howard Stern's show. But in the Oval Office? It's not so much I hate him as I loathe such an embarrassment being the leader of a great country.
                      This. So much this. When he was just those other things, I paid no attention whatsoever.


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                        If he doens’t get impeached I give him a 60/40 shot at winning the next election. He will chew up and swallow the dem contender once they have narrowed it down to 1. Bernie/Warren will make it a very each election for him to win.


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                          What the Trump cult can't possibly understand is that if Trump gets another term, the America they grew up in is history. There will be zero action on climate change (and in fact, the energy companies controlling Trump will move us in the opposite direction - more pollution, more degradation). At some point, the faux economy implodes and the Uber-casino crashes (once again, since we didn't learn a damn thing the first time). The entire health care house of cards will collapse of its own unsustainable weight on the economy. All the damage being done behind the scenes to institutions of education, environment, trade, justice, law enforcement will become apparent. Our foreign policy will be in tatters (already is, really) and our infrastructure will be unsalvageable (while we continue to spend more on bombs than on bridges). Imagine the damage to our national dialogue as the chasm of division (exacerbated every day by Trump) widens and deepens? The gutter dialogue. The bots spreading propaganda. The lies. The childish tweets. The reckless selfishness and disdain for common decency. The international embarrassment and decline of American standing.

                          You only need to review Trump's life to understand: All he ever leaves behind is wreckage. Sad for those Americans who think four more years of Trump will be some kind of victory. It would be the tolling of a bell. For all of us. 100 years from now, our descendants will ask, "How did they allow that pos to destroy our country?"


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                            Originally posted by Rohirrim View Post
                            You only need to review Trump's life to understand: All he ever leaves behind is wreckage.
                            Very true. Wreckage for everyone except himself.


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                              Originally posted by ShaneSpicoli
                              didnt read.

                              Should be engraved on your tombstone.


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                                Originally posted by ShaneFalco View Post
                                too long didnt read.
                                Let me summarize for you then. You are a dumb ****, the dumbest of dumb****s on the mane.

                                You didn't read because you can only process info in tweet sized bursts when its not fed to you in a twitter video.

                                The fact you provided a 4 word response only emphasized the point. You only post troll stuff in short tweet bites, your are the gangsta of drive bye's and contribute nothing and never have here although your Chad breakdowns were pretty epic, so you can be entertaining from time to time.

                                Mostly you're just an ass.