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Putin is defender of conservatism

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  • Putin is defender of conservatism

    Conservatives, Putin (KGB scumbag and dictator) is one of you!

    Vladimir Putin defends anti-gay laws as bastion of global conservatism

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    From the article:
    Wow he seems to line up more with Obama when he lies about increased transparency and the need for companies to pay more taxes.

    Most of the speech focused on the economy. Putin conceded that although Russia feels the impact of the global economic crisis, its main problems are internal. He stressed the need to increase productivity, where Russia badly lags, Putin said.

    He pointed out the fact that many Russian companies remain registered in offshore zones, citing the recent sale of TNK-BP outside Russian jurisdiction as an example. He suggested that legislation should be adopted which forces such companies to pay taxes in Russia, even if they wish to remain registered abroad. He also stressed the need to increase transparency of regulation bodies and reduce their pressure on businesses.