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Is it gun clip size or maybe something else?

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  • Is it gun clip size or maybe something else?

    I've never even heard the term "room clear". Apparently kids are so violent in the classrooms now that teachers regularly have to empty a room while a child is allowed to destroy it. The teachers aren't allowed to defend themselves anymore. I'm old enough to remember that if a kid acted out THAT kid was removed and paddled. The incident was usually over in about 2 minutes with one kid crying saying "im sorry".

    I think if we want to understand what's going on with mass shootings we might start analyzing why kids are going on MASS attacks on classrooms NOW.

    If kids are allowed to trash rooms without being stopped are we really surprised they move on as adults not fearing any recourse for their actions?

    7 year olds flat out punching teachers.

    We don't enforce rules in schools yet we think they will respect rules later? We are enforcing RULES on the teachers NOT allowing them to fight back. Sound familiar?

    Watch this.
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