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SCOTUS ruling on gerrymandering

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  • SCOTUS ruling on gerrymandering

    SCOTUS recent ruling on gerrymandering - our political laws are broken and there's nothing we can do about it. That's essentially what they have ruled. Both sides have used gerrymandering in the past and both still do use it now, that said, Republicans have taken it to the extreme limits or late. But this post isn't really about one side or the other, it's about our Supreme Court basically telling us, their hands are tied. On one hand, I get what they're saying, how can they expect a judge (who most likely has some political affiliation or at the least leans one way or the other) to rule honestly on something like this. If not a judge, then who, where does it end? I get that. Politics is a game of snakes, may the biggest snake win. That is until there is enough unrest in the opposite direction, but with no legal recourse to challenge, that will only lead to people wanting to change things in a much different way. Can't challenge in a court, can't vote our way to change (the very essence of what is being argued here, that voters are all lumped into a small amount of districts, thus making the vote to change useless), what's left? I'm afraid the answer isn't a good one. The seeds of greed and control have brought us to this point, the honest fight is a thing of the past. The gloves are off I'm afraid and I believe it's only going to spiral downward from here. There are some here who might think this is a great thing, but how can it be. This is only a means of division of the great people of this country. Both parties gain even more control over the people as a sum. I for one think it sucks. If you were ever in favor of a 3rd party, I think this decision today squashes those hopes completely.

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    The seeds of revolution are being planted. I fear such a revolution will lead to very ugly things.


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      The Supreme Court gerrymandering decision is the final nail in the coffin alongside Citizens United and Shelby County.

      John Roberts Just Finished the Job of Turning American Democracy Into a Charade of Self-Government


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        A Day of Sorrow for American Democracy


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