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Trump’s AG Bill Barr has a history of cover-ups — and he just struck again

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    Originally posted by nyuKKK

    Weren't you all saying we should accept the results of both the election AND the Mueller investigation?

    Apparently you weren't honest either time...
    We don’t know the results of the Mueller investigation.

    All we have is a hastily-written, four-page “summary” by an AG who was hired specifically because of his opposition to the probe.

    Again, tRump tweets “total vindication!” and you wet yourself before considering the facts.


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        Originally posted by TonyR View Post
        So, the outraged Trump administration insists on blaming China for exporting the virus to our shores, but protects the company more responsible than any other for moving American jobs (and profit) to China while flooding America with cheap, shoddy Chinese crap?

        Help me out here. I'm having a logic dissonance moment.


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          Originally posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post

          Trump’s AG Bill Barr has a history of cover-ups — and he just struck again



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            Originally posted by Agamemnon View Post
            Until the Mueller report is made public it makes no sense to hold firmly to an opinion of what is or isn’t in it, and anyone who believes this faux AG’s summary is a gullible fool.
            Funny considering you call him "faux" without substantive basis outside of claims in online media by people in your ideological corner.

            Mueller already made well enough known that it was all a nothingburger but you can't handle it. Then you all pivoted to the faux impeachment debacle, and now you're trying to crash the economy, apparently.