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CO Pays to reopen Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road

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  • CO Pays to reopen Rocky Mountain National Park, Trail Ridge Road

    .. in order to bring economic relief to disaster ravaged Estes Park and other towns in N. Colorado.

    "Under terms announced by federal officials, Hickenlooper will donate $362,700 in state cash to bring furloughed National Park Service employees back to work for 10 days.

    Hickenlooper promised to keep the park open for the duration of the shutdown, estimating it will cost $40,300 per day if the shutdown continues beyond Oct. 20.


    Hickenlooper said having even just two weeks of tourism through the park and town will help generate critical income for small businesses.

    "I think for the state, there is a power in all the tourists, all those small businesses are open," said Hickenlooper, who visited Estes Park Wednesday. "I walked down the Main Street in Estes Park and it's empty ... How can you not go out there and do what you can?"

    The news was welcome to the region, which has weathered a one-two $4.8 million economic wallop this fall — the peak time for visitors."

    But remember folks, no is is being affected by the shutdown. Certainly not hard working, small business owners and the like.


    Hickenlooper said Trail Ridge Road will reopen as soon as the high-altitude highway can be plowed, giving Estes Park a much-needed second access point. [most of the access routes between Estest and the rest of Colorado, such as highway 34 between Loveland and EP, were destroyed in the Sept Floods an aren't expected to reopen for months.]
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    Good for Hick.