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Wolf Blitzer: President poll at a new low. LOL

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  • Wolf Blitzer: President poll at a new low. LOL

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    They're too busy covering the historically low approval ratings for the Republican Party after Operation: Backfire.


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      one poll


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        Polls have Romney winning big in Ohio.... And the election for that matter...


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          The idiots in the GOP have the government closed down, they threaten to play politics with the debt ceiling and as a result, their party's poll numbers are at an historical low.

          They are making Obama look like a freaking rock star by comparison and all they had to do was allow the debacle of the ACA websites be the news.

          But no, they're too afraid of a bunch of Tea Party hicks to take the 'gift' that was about to fall in their laps. Good luck with Cruz and Palin.



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            JUAN WILLIAMS: I don't think shaking up the status quo was the goal here. I think the problem is that you get people into office who say, you know, when I'm talking to them, they say, oh, you know, when I was elected I was sent to Washington to fight ObamaCare, I was sent to Washington to shake up the status quo. And I think you were sent to Washington to govern, to represent the interest of the American people not some small sector. And right now in the Republican Party, you know, the base of the party is in the south, overwhelmingly white and very, very, very conservative. And all they do is live in a very small bubble including a media bubble and talk to each other. And they are confirmed, and then you get Heritage and you get Freedom Works. And all this ...

            DANA PERINO: That's not true-


            WILLIAMS: And it's just not healthy.

            CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: You don't think that's true with Democrats?

            WILLIAMS: To some extent it is, but at the moment, as you witness what's going on here, there are people inside the Democratic Party who say we need a deal. We need to get something done and we don't see that right now coming from the heart and the soul of the Republican Party.

            PERINO: Juan, Democrats and the liberals live in the biggest mainstream media bubble ever created in the history of the universe. And so, if you look at Republicans across many of the states governors, or state legislators, Republicans are actually doing what a really good work, they just nationally they're taking a hit on their reputation.

            Read more:


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              Lol at comparing what goes on at a state level (and their respective make-up) to Congress. What a broad and stupid statement.


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                  Whether the report is true or not, Wolfe Blitzer is typical of the US media and has zero credibility.


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                      You need to step out of the bubble and into reality..........


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                        Obama could be in real trouble when he runs for re-election.


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                          Originally posted by bombay View Post
                          Obama could be in real trouble when he runs for re-election.

                          Somebody is in trouble come next November.............


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                              Funny watching the liberals with their usual 180 when they loved reciting poll numbers for Bush, but now find them unimportant