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Tea Party Congressman Makes a Fool of Chris Matthews Over Shutdowns Under Former Boss Tip O'Neill R

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  • Tea Party Congressman Makes a Fool of Chris Matthews Over Shutdowns Under Former Boss Tip O'Neill R

    DEE DEE MYERS, FORMER CLINTON PRESS SECRETARY: So what's the endgame, though, Congressman? Are you willing to vote for-- a continued resolution that comes back that does not delay or de-fund ObamaCare?

    REP. RAUL LABRADOR (R-IDAHO): I am not. But I think there's enough people in the Republican Party who are willing to do that. And I think that's what you're going to see.

    DEE DEE MYERS: But would you--

    REP. RAUL LABRADOR: Our first request was to completely def-- de-fund the program. And we knew we were going to lose on that. Now we're asking for a delay, which, again, I don't think is an unreasonable thing to do. You know, your boss, Tip O'Neill, shut down the government 12 different times. And you didn't call him a terrorist.

    CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: No, it wasn't--

    REP. RAUL LABRADOR: You did not call him--


    CHRIS MATTHEWS: These were always issues of a couple of days. And they were always resolved, and they were over numbers. And it was both sides, though. Let's be fair. Both sides were doing it.

    REP. RAUL LABRADOR: But it happened.


    CHRIS MATTHEWS: But you said once--

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: Where'd you get your number from?

    REP. RAUL LABRADOR: It's from The Washington Post.

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: No, it was seven times, though. You were--


    CHRIS MATTHEWS: --counting all the times--


    CHRIS MATTHEWS: --since the '70s. Look, they were always taking--

    REP. RAUL LABRADOR: No, there were 17 times since the '70s, and 12 under your boss.

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    “While we’re doing that, the great, great shows, Ashleigh Banfield will be on – I forget what network she’s even on now. Everybody just keeps changing networks all the time. Is she on CNN? Okay,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “So she was on CNN and she talked to Dana Rohrabacher last night, and listen to this exchange. It’s amazing.”

    BANFIELD: Why connect the funding of the government, the entire U.S. economy, why bring it to this brink? Why not do it at all the other times ‑‑

    “Stop. Listen to this. This is a fair objective question? Why would you bring the entire U.S. economy? Ashleigh, honey, and I say that with all the respect that honeys deserve. Honey, the government is not the entire U.S. economy,” Glenn said. “That’s the problem. They’ve just absorbed a third of the economy. The economy is private business. Why would you stop the entire U.S. economy? “

    BANFIELD: All of the over 100‑plus congresses have been able to fund the government.

    “Stop,” Glenn interjected. “Not true. Not true. 19 shutdowns since 1970. 19 government shutdowns.”

    ROHRABACHER: Well, have you addressed that to the Senate? I mean, we’ve already offered a compromise. You’re acting ‑‑ you’re telling our listeners that we Republicans are holding this up and the government’s going to shut down. We have actually reached out to the Democrats with a compromised position.

    BANFIELD: Congressman, that’s not fair. Don’t you dare put this back on me. You know ‑‑
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      But, but, but it's different when democrats do it.