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you guys will not win

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    Originally posted by Seattle1983 View Post
    6'1 311
    6'4 313
    6'7 305

    Totally undersized
    All of those guys weigh at least 30 pounds less than Pot Roast.


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      Originally posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
      So a bandwagon fan. Even worse.

      That is quite the accusation calling the game grease gate. Please provide truth the Broncos were found guilty of actually doing this.
      It's been well documented


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        Originally posted by Blueflame View Post
        OMG -- 55 touchdowns and 5500 yards in one season is "terribly ineffective" in what alternate universe?
        Athletic mobile quarterbacks give us some trouble... Guys like Brees are entirely ineffective.. I expect Peyton to be only slightly more effective but still...

        Manning can be had especially if he's forced to throw.. If you can't run on us.. You'll be in tickle


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          Manning will accurately identify the mismatch -- just like he did vs. the (then) 9-0 Chiefs (who, at the time had the "#1 defense in the NFL"). And he will exploit whatever weaknesses he perceives in your defense.

          Oh, by the way. Are you not at all troubled by this stat... in 2 playoff games the Broncos have punted once (this means they have scored a lot). Your team, by contrast, has punted 8 times.

          Your last paragraph is just stupid. Manning (5500 yards this season) will find an open receiver -- and he'll find him within >3 seconds. And in your place, I'd worry more about your team's ground game than ours. Our weakness has been pass defense; not run defense. And having just faced (veteran QBs) Rivers and Brady, we're not intimidated by (sophomore-not-yet-dry-behind-the-ears) Wilson.