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The Zero vs Mr Hat over under bet thread

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  • The Zero vs Mr Hat over under bet thread

    Myself (Zerovoltz) and HAT have agreed to the following wager:

    Broncos 2019 Win Total over/under 7. Zero wins if Denver wins 6 or fewer. HAT wins if Denver wins 8 or more. 7 is a push.

    Amount of wager is $500

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    As of 8/30, this bet has been updated to 1000 dollars per Zero and Hat.


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      Zero getting some real value since the line is 7.5.


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        Week 1.
        Denver 0-1. Denver gets the L in one of the few if not only game, they'll be favored to win on the road all year. This would be one HAT would have really needed.


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          Week 2.
          Denver 0-2. of those kick to the gut losses with questionable play calls, questionable penalties....still 0 saks, 0 ints, 0 fumble recoveries, 0 forced fumbles, 0 special teams TD's for the Broncos.....and lost to a Bears team with a T Bisbuit at QB, their season already hanging by a mere home. BAD loss if HAT had any shot at winning this. Hat would now need the Broncos to go 8-6 the rest of the way. Anyone see 8 wins on the schedule?