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The Official "We should have traded for Rosen!" Thread

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  • The Official "We should have traded for Rosen!" Thread

    I like to be out in front on I've started this...pre anticipation of Rosen landing somewhere and doing well....or even if he ends up riding the bench for a while...Flacco will problaby suck bad enough that many will wish they'd at least tried Rosen instead. here you go...before he's even been moved....

    You should have traded for Rosen.

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    so, with Denver trading up in the second to draft Lock....and Miami trading a 2nd and 5th for Rosen...we now have a something by wich to measure the Broncos draft day choices on.

    Drew Lock or Rosen?

    Frankly, I was not high on Rosen last year, and I am not high on Lock....Rosen will probably play sooner than Lock will so it might be a while before we really know.


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      Originally posted by rmsanger View Post
      I still wish we would have traded for Rosen.. we could have gotten him for a 5th and a pack of smokes. Oh well...


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        My argument wasn't an either or one... I basically wanted to add Lock and Rosen to the team and carry 3 QBs on the active roster until this Flacco experiment goes sideways. IMO the carrying cost of Rosen and Lock would be minimal and you can kick the tires for another 2-3 years on them. If one busts then meh or if one gets hurt then throw the other out there. It would have been a minimal investment to make for the most important position on the team.

        Elway has shown to be a poor evaluator of talent and a poor evaluator of coaching to develop said talent at the qb position. If the whole thing is a crap shoot and a #'s game on who pans out and who doesn't then overloading at the position makes sense until you get your "guy".

        I don't particularly like Lock or Rosen in general but they are far better than the normal Mane offseason crushes Brandstater, Chad Kelly, Siemian, Slotter, etc...
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          I agree with your thoughts here....Rosen would have been a CHEAP (relatively) add to the roster....if you wanted Flacco, fine, but why not add Rosen, and Draft Lock if you like him too...see what they all have...I'm totally for this kind of approach when you need to find a guy.


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            Rosen is dog ****.


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              Originally posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
              Rosen is dog ****.
              before the 2018 draft I predicted he'd ultimately bust. I'm not ready to declare any of the 2018 QB's final verdicts yet....I'm interested to see more of him this pre season...Miami isn't the best situation to be in, but other than maybe landing on the Chargers...Miami does offer him a real chance to win the job, and since they are truly committed to a rebuild, if he wins that job and shows something, it would set Miami up to trade out to a QB needy team or pass up a QB in 2020 and bring in some assets to get that programs rebuild accelerated.

              A best case for Rosen and the fish would be for Rosen to show, and then someone like the Titans have about a 6-10 season, decide Mariotta and Tannehill aren't their future, and need to trade up. ...if Miami is up there, they could seek a nice return. I'm really not sure how Rosen, who I think isn't all that, is going to show well enough with that roster, to convince Miami to ride it out with him. My knock on him was his guts and heart...I am thinking I might be wrong about that.

              We'll see.