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    Originally posted by Carmelo15 View Post

    Gotta love internet tough guys. Who is this clown? If you're really black and Native that makes what you just said about Redskins even worse. If the man is Native and doesn't like the term just respect it and stop embarrassing yourself.
    I take it you missed this..."I like how racist dillwads say all kinds of stuff online, but when they are in front of a 6'3" Native man all the bitches go silent."

    I'm a 6'5 black man and former marine...yes I would say Washington Redskins to his face and no there would be nothing he could do about it.I'm answering his theory he posted...reading comprehension is key.As far as the "if I'm really black it should make the Redskin coment worse" here we go with another triggered snowflake.
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    • #32 are both beautiful, unique individuals. Like everyone else.

      Let it go, huh? And return the focus where it needs to be. Mocking the Browns and Jets for their uniform choices.


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        Originally posted by tsmarine1 View Post
        I'm 6'5 black with native in my line...wanna try again?It's not a derogatory term..snowflake and yes I would tell you to your face and there would be nothing you could do about it.
        Ooooo.... I'm Soo afraid.
        A 6'5 Uncle Tom that only scored marine on his asvab is calling me out...
        A whole 2 inches taller & slower.
        What ever shall I do?

        Hahaha.... Hahaha... That was fun.

        Now to point.... I am sad that you are that much of a dumbass that you can't tell between a "people that come to me in person to say racist things, generally back off because of my size" statement vs an "I'm X tall come at me bro" statement. The former is a fact, the later is what dumbasses hear.

        And to your ridiculous attempt to act like you are my race and can speak for us because you have a rumored drip in your blood.
        I have some white in my line...
        That doesn't mean I'm white.
        Neither does a drip from 200 years ago mean you are "native". (Hell I bet you can't even talk one native language, or an African Language either)
        But postulating that your rumored drip gives you some kind of authority about anything... Well that right there alone, makes you a Dumbass.

        And you don't even know who you are talking to mental midget marine. I could beat your ass, reject your woman, buy your business and pee on your car tire all before breakfast. I am not now, nor will I ever be, afraid of a tiny man in a big body.

        ​​​​​I guess I have to lay it on thick to make you understand though (to everyone else in advance, I apologise for this) no matter how it pains me to do so.... let's turn the tables:
        How about we make a deal, you can call me "Redskin" and I can call you "Niger Boy".
        Or wait... Would that bother you? Because it would bother me to say it. Bothers the hell out of me to write it. Because I know it is stinging everyone from an entire race and not just you.

        How about if I dress up like "little Black Sambo" and wear blackface and call you a snowflake if you don't like it? Would that bother you?

        I hate having to check black guys about racism.

        You should understand already.
        But I get it. Your mind isn't even thinking in it's own language.

        Poor racist programmed ignorant Uncle Tom.

        (PS- again... my apologies to everyone else. I would never do those racist things I suggest above, and hated writing them, but sometimes people do not understand anything until the tables turn. And simpleton needed an example that punched him instead of others, though knowing how it feels to see sht like this makes me bristle. It is horrible that such action is what it takes to show a dumbass how it really is... Fcking sad.)