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Unsubstantiated Claim/Rumor: Fox to Retire

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    I think what Dom is saying is that excessive bannings, excessive control and restrictive rules... these things can all hurt the culture of a board. Mindblowing concept, I'm sure.


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      Again, it's "damned if you do and damned if you don't" -- the community requested a clear, concise listing of rules and TJ complied well over a year ago. Complaints at this late date that those rules are "too restrictive" and/or gratuitous bashing of the moderator team for continuing to enforce those rules might not be an effective avenue to take if the goal is modification of the rules. You'd probably enjoy far greater odds of success by privately contacting TJ (via PM) to express your concerns.


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        That particular rule of not posting fake news is in place to protect the integrity of the Orangemane. Otherwise, we would be the National Enquirer...


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          I have a couple comments on the trolls. I have no issues with opposing fans. I don't mind a little smack, but when all it is smack like its been it drags down on the quality of discussion. I tried for a long time to bring quality posts, like tonight I was told I was a idiot because I liked the slogan "fox strong. I don't mind being a little snarky but when all the response entails is I am a idiot. it turns into a flame war. At this point that is the culture of this board.

          Have a smack section and a no smack section as much as I hate mania. It might be the way to go. just my .02 and it might not even be worth that.


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            Wait, who was banned?


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              Originally posted by DomCasual View Post
              IMO, the bannable offense was starting the second thread. That was stupid.

              That said, there was recently a thread on ChefsPlanet, basically mocking us for all the banning we do. And to be honest, I agreed with most of what they said. TJ could confirm this with actual numbers, but it seems to me we have far less volume of posts than we've had in the past. Obviously, it isn't JUST banning people that has led to that. But that is part of it.

              For example, banning trolls, IMO, is a really bad idea. TJ used to generally be against that, and he was right. Banning people for disagreeable, and even deliberately inflammatory posts is a slippery slope.

              I also think season and offseason mode should not exist. Sure, it can be frustrating to see non-Bronco posts in the main forum. But this is a community. We are here for the Broncos; but we're also here because we've made relationships with each other. Other things come up. There are other sub-forums for that, of course. And a very small minority of the membership here (myself included) ever really visits them.

              Honestly, I see CP as something of a model for moderating a board like this. I hate the Chiefs more than I hate any team in any sport. But for the most part, I like the people that post at CP. This board used to be more like that one - more "wild west," and less "pre WWII era Germany."

              If anyone actually sees this, I'm sure I'll take some crap for it. Whatever. It's just my opinion. And if you think about it, I don't think I complain much. So, it's about as constructive as it gets.

              Sorry Dom but a lot of wrong in this post. KC fans come over in droves last week. How many got banned? One! Dude went over there and whined. He earned his banning.

              Jet Meck is a twit...... He has no idea about Empire Orange and what he has posted in the past. His main concern is Chiefs fans and wants them all banned. One wasn't enough. Maybe add one more, though for practice.

              So, anyone still want Kubiak to replace our guy who's heart is on the mends? Seems Shanny is next to hit the canvas.
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                Correctly spelling Kubiak's name would've helped.


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                  As a gentle reminder (because there were at least a half-dozen instances of violations of this portion of the forum guidelines in this thread alone):

                  "Appealing moderator action – The public forum is not the place to appeal moderator action. Such threads will be moved out of the main forum and closed at the acting mods discretion. Please observe the spam guideline and not spam complaints about mod action in the main forum. If you wish to appeal a banning, send an email to [email protected] or send a PM to the moderator directly, or to the administrator of this forum, Taco John. If you have been banned and do not hear back from us, consider the appeal denied.

                  Moderators are volunteers who have demonstrated a love for the Denver Broncos, as well as the Orange Mane community at large. They are tasked with being the standard bearers of this community – though they are all fallible. The mods are just people who love the Broncos, love this discussion forum, and are trying to do the best they can with the tools they have. If you never have anything nice to say about a mod, then you probably shouldn’t say anything at all – and frankly, you might consider finding another community where you think the mods and guidelines are more to your liking. This forum is not going to tolerate the faithful servants of this forum being publically ridiculed for their service any more than it will tolerate the posters being punished arbitrarily. We strive for balance in everything we do – and most of the time, we succeed (nobody is perfect)."


                  If the moderator team were, in actuality so "tight-sphinctered", some of the instances were actionable.

                  That said, this thread has run its course and will now be closed.