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How to Create A Black & White Photo with spots of color

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  • How to Create A Black & White Photo with spots of color

    This is my first tutorial! so bear with me and ask questions if you dont understand a certain step or whatever...

    anyways, this is a simple trick to take a photo like This

    and turn it into something like This

    Ok so here we go:

    1.Open your image of choice up in photoshop

    2.Go to the bar at the top and select Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Hue/Saturation

    3.Click OK and you should see a screen like this:

    4. Drag the saturation all the way to the left and click ok.

    5. Make sure your color palette is set with black first and white second, like this:

    6.Now use the paintbrush tool to paint over your black and white image. The segments of the picture you paint will return to color. Here's a halfway point of this picture:

    and here's the final result again:

    I used a size 17 brush for this pic but you can use whatever you want to get the right amount of detail

    good luck and let me know what you think
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      Cool. I saw Sin City the other night and that's how the movie was done. Mostly reds stood out in stark color against the black and white backdrop of the movie. A few yellows later on.