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Ghostbusters - 30 year anniversary

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  • Ghostbusters - 30 year anniversary

    So, 30 years of scarring small children and shaming the parents who allowed them to watch it. In honor of that, I went to see it in the theater last night and was horrified to see a theater that also included kids. What kind of monster parents take their children to the theater to see Ghostbusters. What's worse is there were some actors outside in Ghostbusters outfits and children were coming up and being allowed to talk to them. OH the HORROR!

    All kidding aside, it was pretty fun to watch the movie in a theater again. Its hard to say what I loved most, though I suspect Bill Murray, but honestly Stay Puft Marshmallow guy was hilarious, the very 80s special effects were pretty funny nowadays, so much coolness. And Sigourney Weaver even in some 80s outfits is really stunning but I swear she did look like she wanted to crack up everytime she did a scene with Bill Murray.

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    The hair is the best. 80's hair rocked.