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    When the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was announced, the folks at Chrysler merely said it would have more than 600 horsepower. Turns out they weren't kidding. It's going to have about 700 horsepower. (Update: It's official, the Hellcat has 707 horsepower and 650 pound feet. See the video below.)

    Dodge Challenger SRT With Hellcat Hemi Will Make 600+ Horsepower
    The upcoming Challenger SRT with the Hellcat Hemi will make nineteen hundred horsepower, official…
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    Seven. Hundred. Freaking. Horsepower.

    I'm excited but I'm also deeply, deeply terrified.

    A source familiar with the company says the vehicle will produce over 700 horsepower, probably 702 horsepower, and that Chrysler is planning to announce the accomplishment on Monday, July 7, or 7/7. A spokesperson for Chrysler declined to comment.

    This will make the supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8-powered Hellcat the most powerful American production car ever built, besting both the Shelby GT500, the Corvette Z06 and Dodge's own Viper. I guess we'll find out more next week.

    God Bless America. God Bless Hellcat.

    Update: Reader Blake Wilcox spotted this video from Chrysler where they announce the car's official power figure: 707 horsepower. Good gravy! Dodge's official press release also revealed the torque figure: 650 pound feet. That is staggering.
    Not a big fan of the challenger but it still Should be one hell of a ride.

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    You would piss your pants, then crap them, then blame Bush for it. Go drive an electric car wimpy.


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        900-HP Challenger Hellcat Widebody Has a Flair for the Dramatic

        For every American enthusiast who lusts after European forbidden fruit, there’s a European counterpart doing the same thing. An Audi RS 6 Avant to us is what a Dodge Challenger Hellcat is to them—well, perhaps it’s not a 1:1 ratio, maybe more like 1:20 seeing as Europe really does have the upper hand when it comes to fantastic vehicles. Nevertheless, when a Dodge Challenger Hellcat is imported to Germany, fantastic things happen.

        As the tuning firm has done with so many other performance vehicles, Prior Design chose to add a widebody kit to the Challenger Hellcat, which makes it one of only a handful of similar cats across the entire globe. The fender flares are hardly subtle, which on a car like the Challenger is more than ok, considering its already outlandish nature. Even the gold PD3 Forged wheels, for example, look great where on anything else they might seem ridiculous. Even better with the eye-catching red paint scheme.


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          Originally posted by Guess Who View Post
          900-HP Challenger Hellcat Widebody


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            I guess these people haven't heard of global climate change.


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              Originally posted by Rohirrim View Post
              I guess these people haven't heard of global climate change.
              The people buying them are paying the gas guzzler tax. The Global climate change scam is more about the power and money than it is about saving our planet.


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                Originally posted by Rohirrim View Post
                I guess these people haven't heard of global climate change.
                neither has china


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                  A sharper and more powerful Dodge Challenger Hellcat could be on its way

                  Ronan Glon,Digital Trends 16 hours ago Comments Sign in to like Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email

                  The next generation of the Dodge Challenger could inaugurate an updated version of the immensely powerful Hellcat V8 engine.

                  Technical details are still few and far between, but Automobile Magazine has learned that the next Hellcat engine will pack 750 horsepower, a generous 43-pony increase over the current mill. The engine will once again have eight cylinders, but it’s too early to tell whether it will continue to use a large supercharger or switch to a pair of turbochargers.

                  All variants of the next Challenger will ride on an evolution of the rear-wheel drive platform that currently underpins the Alfa Romeo Giulia. The Italian genes will make Dodge’s muscle car much lighter than the current model (pictured), smaller, and more dynamic to drive. Dodge is on a quest to build more driver-focused cars, and the Giulia chassis could also be found under the next Journey crossover.

                  Of course, the Hellcat won’t be the Challenger’s volume engine. Dodge will continue to offer six- and eight-cylinder engines, and it’s reasonable to assume that the Challenger will also be available with the 300-horsepower, 2.0-liter turbo four that will debut under the hood of the next Wrangler. Buyers will be asked to choose between a manual and an automatic transmission.

                  A smaller, sharper Challenger will allow Dodge to fight head to head against the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro. It gets better too. While the current Challenger is only available as a coupe, the next-gen model will spawn a convertible that will resurrect the iconic Barracuda nameplate that Plymouth launched during the 1960s. The first-ever Dodge Barracuda will get a look of its own, and it will be smaller than the Challenger in every direction.

                  We’re taking the information with a grain of salt because it’s just a rumor at this point, and Dodge hasn’t commented on what the future holds for the Hellcat or for the Challenger. If Automobile Magazine‘s sources are correct, look for both the Challenger and the Barracuda to debut in time for the 2019 model year.



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                    Future Cars You Won’t Want to Miss: Dodge Challenger and Barracuda
                    A bright future for Dodge muscle cars

                    By: Automobile Staff | Illustrated by: Radovan VaricakJuly 5, 2016

                    What we know
                    Even when the new-age Challenger launched eight years ago, it was a larger, less exciting car than its Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang foils. Both of those cars were overhauled recently, but the Challenger has yet to receive a major update. That will change with the smaller, lighter, all-new Challenger, which will share a rear-wheel-drive platform with the Alfa Romeo Giulia and continue to offer V-6 and Hemi V-8 options. And, yes, we expect to see a supercharged Hellcat model putting out at least 750 hp.

                    Compare to Toyota® Camry

                    Dodge is trying to play up its muscle-car image by further developing models such as the Challenger, the Charger, and the coming Barracuda. The plan is for Dodge to be the all-American, value-priced alternative to Alfa Romeo, which is targeting BMW. The Alfa-Dodge relationship is key to the future of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and the Challenger is its poster car. A nimbler, better-handling model should compete well with its Camaro and Mustang ponycar rivals.

                    Dodge Challenger
                    Where it could go wrong
                    FCA has delayed the launch of the Alfa Giulia, and while Marchionne says the issues are related to the model itself and not its platform, we wonder whether the new Challenger will be delayed as well. Also potentially affecting the Challenger’s future are the looming 2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards. With Jeep and Ram accounting for some 62 percent of FCA’s U.S. sales, Marchionne might have some hard product decisions ahead.

                    When to expect it
                    Model year 2019

                    Dodge Barracuda
                    What we know
                    When the third-generation Plymouth Barracuda debuted for the 1970 model year, it shared its platform with the then-new-to-the-market Dodge Challenger. But the ’Cuda—available as a coupe as well as a convertible—was shorter and lighter than the Challenger and had its own distinct styling. The song remains much the same for the all-new, modern-era Barracuda, now a convertible-only model wearing a Dodge badge. Though it will share much of its components and powertrains with the all-new Challenger, including the platform plucked from the Alfa Romeo Giulia, it will be shorter and wear its own sheetmetal.

                    Why it matters
                    Building more cars on the Alfa Romeo Giulia platform means variety at a relatively low cost and allows niche products like the ’Cuda to actually come to life. One more model on the new Alfa platform is good for enthusiasts, for Alfa, and for FCA, and it means Dodge can take the ponycar fight directly to Chevy and Ford.

                    Where it could go wrong
                    FCA’s product plans have been fluid as of late, with CEO Sergio Marchionne aggressively seeking a bigger, healthier automaker to be FCA’s partner. Even if he succeeds, the new partner will direct its attention toward Jeep and Ram, not Dodge, and the two-model ponycar plan might become the one-model plan to save money.

                    When to expect it Model year 2019



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                      Just buy a Subaru WRX


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                        I went to the races last weekend and saw all of dodges new hellcat models and some other badassery.

                        Not my video or even the same venue but the 2016 challenger drag pak is where it's at.. This dude is running 8.6 1/4 from a factory car..(like 113k msrp) That's insane, nobody on the road could touch these times, the fastest crotch rockets are like 2 seconds slower.
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                          I wonder what ever happened to cuthemdown?


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                            <HEADER class="content-header standard-article-header" style="MARGIN-BOTTOM: 20px; FONT-SIZE: 17px; FONT-FAMILY: Georgia, Times, serif; WHITE-SPACE: normal; WORD-SPACING: 0px; TEXT-TRANSFORM: none; FONT-WEIGHT: normal; COLOR: rgb(51,51,51); FONT-STYLE: normal; ORPHANS: 2; WIDOWS: 2; DISPLAY: block; LETTER-SPACING: normal; LINE-HEIGHT: 28px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: rgb(248,246,244); TEXT-INDENT: 0px; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px">
                            Dodge May Make an All-Wheel-Drive Challenger Hellcat Next Year

                            The all-wheel-drive 707-hp Challenger ADR could be a widebody answer to the Hellcat's traction troubles.

                            <IFRAME id=google_ads_iframe_/36117602/hdm-popularmechanics/cars/novalue/article/d-v-1_0 title="3rd party ad content" style="BORDER-TOP: 0px; BORDER-RIGHT: 0px; VERTICAL-ALIGN: bottom; BORDER-BOTTOM: 0px; BORDER-LEFT: 0px" height=250 marginHeight=0 src="javascript:&quot;<html><body style='background:transparent'></body></html>&quot;" frameBorder=0 width=300 name=google_ads_iframe_/36117602/hdm-popularmechanics/cars/novalue/article/d-v-1_0 marginWidth=0 scrolling=no></IFRAME>


                            By Chris Perkins

                            <TIME style="WIDTH: auto; DISPLAY: inline" itemprop="datePublished" pubdate="" datetime="2016-09-06T12:57:28-0400">Sep 6, 2016 </TIME>

                            The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one of the quickest cars you can buy for under $100,000, but it offers way more horsepower than its tires can cope with. This is, of course, part of the fun, but it can make driving the car a tricky proposition. Now, we're hearing Dodge might have a very interesting solution for this.
                            Automotive News reports that an all-wheel-drive Challenger, dubbed the GT AWD, will arrive later this year. After that, a wide-bodied, all-wheel-drive Challenger Hellcat will make its debut in 2017, expected to be called the Challenger ADR.

                            The Challenger's platform mate, the four-door Charger, has been offered with all-wheel-drive since 2007, though the Hellcat's 707-hp V8 is rear-drive only in the sedan. It's unclear if Dodge intends to offer an all-wheel-drive Charger Hellcat as a companion to the Challenger ADR.
                            Both the Challenger and Charger are due for a complete redesign in 2018, based on the Alfa Romeo Giulia rear-drive platform. The new platform is expected to trim 400 to 500 lbs. over their current counterparts.
                            It's expected that the long-awaited Challenger-based Barracuda convertible will appear in conjunction with this redesign, though it probably won't arrive until 2021.
                            The rumor of an all-wheel-drive Hellcat is not entirely far-fetched, either: We know that FCA has an all-wheel drivetrain capable of handling 707 horsepower, destined for the Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat.
                            We really hope the all-wheel-drive Hellcat is a reality. The rear-drive car is a ton of fun, but a widebody Challenger Hellcat with big tires and four-wheel traction would be unlike anything else available.
                            This story was updated at 12:28 p.m. ET for clarification.


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                              Originally posted by 69bronco View Post
                              I went to the races last weekend and saw all of dodges new hellcat models and some other badassery.

                              Not my video or even the same venue but the 2016 challenger drag pak is where it's at.. This dude is running 8.6 1/4 from a factory car..(like 113k msrp) That's insane, nobody on the road could touch these times, the fastest crotch rockets are like 2 seconds slower.
                              Doesn't Tesla beat that by about 5 seconds?