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    I was all have been good to me why should I just limit my contribution around here to great football takes? What if I can help a few of you make some $$$? So....with that in are my hot stocks...I'll update as needed.

    IDEX (Ideanomics)

    IDEX. Get in now while it's just over a dollar and watch your investment grow. Don't wait...big movers and shakers have already started to roll in.

    I'll update the price from time to time so you can see how I'm doing with these.

    6/9/2020 IDEX $1.13 per share

    6/10/2020 IDEX $1.18 per share

    6/12/2020 Early AM IDEX 1.18 per share. The thing to know right this minute is that they announced A BUNCH of contracts, they've already fullfilled many, Tesla is getting on board, and most importantly, they paid down a bunch of debt, and the creditor wanted paid in stock, not cash...they did an offering to that creditor at 1.09 per share. (this means the creditor thinks they've got something worthwhile with the stock.) ...their sales remained strong through the pandemic, and so much more. Price was held down by an overall horrible trading day. I suspect this MIGHT stay supressed since it's a Friday (6/12/2020) ...and that's a big if. ....Take the time to read up on this's a major bargain @1.18. No reason why this can't see $5 or better in the near term. FREE MONEY.

    6/14/2020 IDEX $1.15 per share after close on Friday....but more good news over the weekend and also seeing call options for as high as 7.50 a share by end of week..that's good news....the thing is set to blast off.

    6/16/2020 IDEX $1.22 per share end of business today. More contract announcements, plus, the offerings (stock offered to creditors in lieu of cash.) have all now closed out....that was the only thing holding this down. It won't ever be this cheap again.

    6/17/2020 IDEX $2.02 per share. That's a huge gain....and there is more coming. I hope someone here has read this and jumped in. I have over 4000 shares of this myself. Today was GOOD day....and more is coming....I'm not in this as a pump and dump....Ideanomics is about to be a big big deal.

    6/19/2020 IDEX mid day..2.12 per share....been as high as 2.32 this morning...becomes compliant on Monday...more big announcements's still a bargain at this price. GET IN NOW.

    6/19/2020 IDEX closed at 2.22, then went on to finish out at 2.39 during after hours trading. This stock is not going down. This is one of those rare chances to get in low on something that goes triple digits in a few years. Go do the's still not too late. Get in while you can.

    6/22/2020 IDEX closed at 3.57. It was also the most heavily traded stock in the entire market today. It also gains compliance today. I also have over 8000 shares. I’m going to pay off my house on this while you guys argue about statues and stuff. I tried to tell you. It’s going to 5 and beyond by July. Just get in!

    6/24/2020 IDEX closed at 3.15. Bad market day overall, IDEX had dropped to as low as 2.37 but rallied strong late. News and announcement from the CEO tomorrow AM. GET IN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!

    6/26/2020 IDEX closted at ......1.39 after the after hours trading was all done on Friday. OUCH. High volume of buyers, with tons taking profits, and a report out with some confusing information about their Qingdao operation, conspired to bring this down. After trading the CEO sent out clarifcations about their operations....after trading was done....hopefully a rebound next week. I sold what I had at 1.85 and took a small profit...regrettful I didn't sell sooner...bought back in at 1.38.

    6/29/2020 IDEX closed at 2.05 at the end of after hours trading. A nice rally! Expected good PR coming out the next couple days will hopefully result in this getting back into the 3's.

    7/9/2020 IDEX I haven't udated this one for a had been slowly sinking on internet rumors about facilities etc....finally some good news today about their sudsidiary Trelectrick in Malaysia has this thing turned back around from a morning low of 1.23 to finishing at 1.55 or so. They are expected to have some more good press in the next week or 2. Lots of folks that got out, got back in today and more will come back with more positive news.

    7/13/2020 IDEX closed at 1.33 today. it will float around this price until they get some substantial postitive news. It will get a good bounce at that time...they have earnings coming up early august...expect a bit of run up around then.

    NKLA (Nikola)

    I'd be remiss if I didn't bring up Nicola. A viable rival to Tesla in the electric truck and semi market. They have orders for fleet trucks, and will begin taking pre orders next month on their electric pickup truck...their stock SOARED a few days ago from 30 to a close of about 90 in a day...and then people who made out sold it off, bring the price back down to as low as 55 on the morning of 6/11/2020. I bought 10 shares at closed at 61 or so. This company is also developing hydrogen fuel cells and has plans in place to start hydrogen infrastructure to make that viable nationwide. This company is A LOT like Tesla in it's earlier stages...and buying now even in the 60's, you are looking for a long/forever hold with the goal of that thing growing into the high 100's in a few years. There could be some downward movement as this company has yet to generate a penny of revenue and won't do so for a while, but don't let that keep you from investing. I'll monitor it here.

    6/12/2020 NKLA 68.60 (wow! it closed at 60 today and went up 8 more dollars in after hours trading! Premarket trades start in an hour or god!)

    6/19/2020 NKLA 65 or so at close of after hours. Nikola stock has stagnated some since Elon Musk came out to throw shade on it....don't let it deter you....good time to get in...I bought 30 more shares today....they are opening a factory in Phoenix and on the 27th, will start taking deposits on their E pickup, the Badger...check it out. They also have a deal in place to provide fleet semi E trucks to Anhieser Busch. The good PR should push this up over 70 in the coming months.

    6/22/2020 NKLA closed almost right at 70. I have 40 shares. They start taking deposits on their badger pickup in the 29th. It moves to 90 if that launch goes well!

    6/24/2020 NKLA closed around 74 today....that was down from around 75 the day prior.....They start taking those deposits on the 29th. same comment as above...if that goes out.

    6/26/2020 NKLA....I took advantage of the overall horrible market on Friday, and bought 40 more shares of this at 63.40 a peice. It closed at 66.50 and the hype machine is now in full effect for their 11AM Monday opening of pre-sales for their electric truck (the Badger) and their electric personal watercraft the WAV. The CEO will be on to announce reservation numbers....I am expecting that to drive this thing possibly to 80 or better short term.

    6/29/2020 NKLA...I sold my 80 shares of Nikola today for 68.30. They opened presale on their truck the Badger...worlds first EV/FC vehichle (means you can order to run on hydrogen) CEO was on hyping the launch all day...he over did the hype job in my opinion....they don't even have prototype for this yet, so it got a little grating how many times he kept posting the CGI rendered version of the truck..then claimed the company website crashed due to too many incoming orders.....BARF. either it really crashed and you have incompetent computer people, or you are just tyring really hard to hype your product by fluffing up demand. Either way is a bad look. After I sold it closed out at 66. I still really like this company, but not at 68, or even 50 per share...I'll have interest again at 30....if it/when it drops that far.

    7/9/2020. NKLA Closed out just under 55 today after closing on 7/8/ at $40.50. I bought 25 shares at 40.50 and then sold them today for 49 dollars (too soon ,but way better than selling too late) Made 200 bucks. Could have been more. I still do not like the price of this at 55, and only bought at 40.20 because it had taken a beating all day...I figured many would see it as a bargain at 40...and they did....I suspect it iwll hover around 50 or so for a while, the Electric Vehicle sector as a whole is red hot right now.

    7/13/2020 NKLA Closed out around 54.50 or so. On a bad day overall, and a horrible day for all the EV companies that saw huge gains last week...NKLA didn't suffer much...they also didn't benefit from the big runs last week either. Investors seem good with this price apparently. I still think it's too high here...would buy again at 40 or less.


    6/14/2020 I'm looking to buy some NIO for a longer term hold if things go well this week.

    6/16/2020....NIO never did drop enough to where I felt like pulling the didn't not buy any....regretting that just a little now.

    6/19/2020 .....This has risen a couple bucks a share in the last few days...I didn't pull the trigger when I should have and not confident enough in it to get in at 7 per share that it's at now.

    6/24/2020 Since I don't own this one I don't comment much..but this one has fallen slightly back under 7....If it were to get down to the 6.20 area again, I'd get in I think.

    6/26/2020 I bought this when it sank to 6.88 Friday. I don't have any short term expectations of it...I just think it's a good value here. They currently sell Chinas best selling EV and I think they are bit undervalued at 6.88. Bought some to hold long term, in a market that is only going to grow.

    6/29/2020 Good day...Nio finshed up at 7.22 today. Most of the EV segment as a whole had a good day.

    7/9/2020 Finished around 14 per share! Has been up and above 13 the the last few days...part of the EV wave. I really missed out you can see, I bought some for 6.88 a couple weeks ago...forgot to update that I sold it for like 7.50....OUCH.

    7/13/2020...finishe around 13 today..plauged by bad market overall..I still hate myself for missing this.


    6/16/2020 This one isn't really a hot tip.....probably too late to get in low now...but I got this right before market close at 1.56 per share as I was tipped off about an SEC filing that one of the company officers is converting 400K of stock options (this is really good news) You might get in pre market on 6/17 if you get in at 4AM Denver time and put an order in. This one is stale..but I'm sitting on some still.

    6/26/2020. I still don't own this...but thinking I should get in....they've had some low key good news lately and their financials that had been rocky in the past year, are looking alot better. I may look at this Monday.

    6/29/2020....welp...I missed the boat.. up to over 2.50 a share may have more to give, but I hate chasing something that's already had a huge gain.

    7/9/2020 ....kind of sucks writing this wishing I'd adhered to my own advice better..I still dont' own any of this and it continues to make slow but steady gains.


    This one has my attention....bought a 1000 shares at 57 cents each....heard a rumor a big announcement coming next week....if it's good PR, will drive this price up....this is a pharma company, probalby doing COVID research.

    6/22/2020. Sold my 1000 shares at 87 cents a piece today. Plowed the money into more IDEX

    6/24/2020. KTOV ended up riding on up to over 1 dollar, then they did an offering (new shares often offered at X price to instittuional investors following a big gain) The price went back down into the .70 cent range..but has recovered on news they have a major partner for their cancer drug....might be worthwhile to get back in before 1.20 comes along very soon.

    6/26/2020 KTOV finished trading at around 1.17 I bought back in....they are rumored to be announcing a major collaboration partner (likely Merck or Squib) for their tumor drug that has been approved. This is an israeli company and it's been trading much higher on the Israel stock exchange...short term, this will likely get a good kick once the collaboration is officially announced (probalby on Tuesday)

    6/29/2020 KTOV finished up at 1.30 today...I bought a TON of this at 1.17 mid day today. 6470 shares worth. Lots of buzz that this collaboration announcment is going to be substantial...wich would send this to the moon...but no guarantee there is any announcement at all. Also, without getting too technical...they amended an institutional offering from last week raising it's floor from .90 cents to 1.125. Long story short...some big investor somewhere AGREED that the offering was too cheap and will gladly pay more.....indicating something (good) is going on behind the scenes.

    7/9/2020 KTOV Finsihed at .90 cents today...had been finishing around .80 the last several days...I've bought more, lowering my average price down to 1.03 per share. I have over 16,000 shares of this now...this is the big one for me. The price had remained supressed becasue they still have not announced anything....nothing at all until this morning...announcing a european patent for one of their drugs...wich is good news and helped kick the price up some...but it's not the big news everyone was anticipating......big news still coming..but just didn't happen last tuesday when it was rumored to be coming out. holding on and still expecting big things out of this once news is announced.

    7/13/2020 KTOV finsished up around .78 been in this area the last few days...impaitient investors keep dropping off, tired of waiting on news...too much good stuff in the pipeline...I have 18K shares of this I bought at an average of 1.01 now.


    Bought into MARK today at 1.84 cents a share...bought over 500 shares. Company makes sensors and cameras for places like airports that can scan multiple people at a time who are just wondering around and identify who has a fever etc. ....this had been trading around 3 dollars per share until their Q2 earnings report came out....wich was "disappointing"....alot of people expecting big numbers, didn't understand that HUGE ENOURMOUS orders for their products were not included in Q2 earnings...those will show up in Q3. Amazing company with amazing COVID relavant products.....price went to **** because of impatient investors selling off that don't udnerstand earnings reports....this is a great entry point for this company. Remark Holdings.

    7/13/2020 UGH. Finished up at 1.46. I knew when I bought it, it would be a long hold until next Q earnings..but I didn't think it would drop .40 cents from and already low 1.84. BARF. I still have strong opinion of this copany and what they do....holding onto 500 some odd shares for now.


    7/10/2020 Bought roughly 3100 shares at .59 cents each. They are an energy company that makes some sort of formula for fuel that makes it more ecofriendly and more efficient....this past week they've had a lot of the big boy investors start buying large stakes...I am thinking MONDAY AM it will make a nice move upward.

    7/13/2020 Finished at .64 cents a share. I bought a couple hundred more. This had a nice showing on what was a horrible market day...volumes have picked up, and more big boys bought in...this one is primed for a nice run.
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    TODAY ONLY 6/19/2020 ..... first person to private message me...I will PayPal you 100 dollars on the condition you open Robinhood or Webull or whatever online trade servvie you like (I like the 2 I mentioned..trades are commision free...there are fees, just not per trade) open a trading account, you put the 100 I send to you, into IDEX. I want someone here to make some money. I've done well this past trades are going well, my wifes nail salon is doing regular gravy job, I;m doing well....paying it forward........someone come get some free money!


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      The correct guess on Hot Stock tips was Urban One.


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        Originally posted by Requiem View Post
        The correct guess on Hot Stock tips was Urban One.
        Yeah.....I missed that one for sure....wish I'd been on that......Ran like Gump the other day.


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          I’ve never had luck with cheap stocks like that. Following this thread, the topic is fairly new to me I prefer real estate as an investment but have been dabbling in trading the past few years, mostly losing ‘house’ money but made money on getting out of some cannibus stock at the right time


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            Originally posted by 69bronco View Post
            I’ve never had luck with cheap stocks like that. Following this thread, the topic is fairly new to me I prefer real estate as an investment but have been dabbling in trading the past few years, mostly losing ‘house’ money but made money on getting out of some cannibus stock at the right time
            If you have a 100 or 2, throw some in THIS MORNING on BIOC (Biocept) and SINT. pay attention on SINT...get in under 2.75....get out at 3.25 or better....make a quick few bucks....grab so BIOC and see where it runs for the week...tradign at just under a dollar this morning...should make a nice gain this week....and if you can and have the patience to wait a while...IDEX IDEX IDEX's at 2.60 pre market this morning...that thing is going to 5 by end of July and then who knows beyond that.....I can't stress it enough.


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              Originally posted by Zerovoltz View Post

              If you have a 100 or 2, throw some in THIS MORNING on BIOC (Biocept) and SINT. pay attention on SINT...get in under 2.75....get out at 3.25 or better....make a quick few bucks....grab so BIOC and see where it runs for the week...tradign at just under a dollar this morning...should make a nice gain this week....and if you can and have the patience to wait a while...IDEX IDEX IDEX's at 2.60 pre market this morning...that thing is going to 5 by end of July and then who knows beyond that.....I can't stress it enough.
              Well, I got some IDEX but it isn't doing well right now!


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                Originally posted by crawdad View Post

                Well, I got some IDEX but it isn't doing well right now!
                It took a dive Friday....ugh. We'll see what Monday brings. Hopefully a rebound.


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                  I am right there with you.


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                    Nvidia baby.


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                      10 years from now, Nvidia potentially being the leader of AI and chips in the US.

                      In many ways the stock charts of rival chip makers Intel and Nvidia resemble their flagship products: as Intel's central processing unit performance has plateaued, so has its stock price.

                      Nvidia's (ticker: NVDA) chips, once known for powering videogame graphics, are getting more powerful -- and the company is poised for the first time to overtake Intel as the largest U.S. semiconductor maker by market value.

                      As of Monday, Intel was valued at roughly $14 billion more with a market value of $250 billion. If Intel stock remains flat, Nvidia shares would need to rise to about $410 to overtake Intel. Nvidia closed up 2.4% Monday to $393.6.

                      What's likely to propel Nvidia past Intel (INTC) won't be videogames: it'll be its data center sales. As Barron's has recently written , that segment of the company includes the sale of chips designed for artificial intelligence -- which are technically similar to the chips it makes for videogame graphics.


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                        If they haven't already, I think they will surpass Intel for chips. ...problem is NVIDA stock is already fleshed out.


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                          almost 420 today. up 175% for the year.


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                            i think down the road meaning like a decade or so, AMD will be where Nvidia is today, and Nvidia will be close to 1,000+ per share.


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                              by the way bought some MARK and KTOV.