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 A man and his wife are lying in bed.....

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  •  A man and his wife are lying in bed.....

    The man said to his wife, "I bet you cannot tell me something that will make me happy and upset at the same time. "

    His wife responded, "I bet I could....."

    Man said, "ok, give me your best shot."

    Wife said, "Your dick, is bigger than all of your friends dicks."

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    Bro... Don't be telling everyone about my ex-wife.


    An Oakland cop went to KC to do joint training.
    Oakland cop was riding shotgun.
    KC cop drove down a farm road and started spotlighting the fences along a pig farm.
    Sure enough there was an escaped pig stuck in the barbed wire.
    KC cop jumps out runs to the fence and pulls down his pants and starts ****ing the hell out of the pig.
    The Oakland cop looks The scene and says, "What the Hell man?"
    KC cop says, "Don't worry, I ain't greedy, you can go next."
    So the Oakland Cop makes an ugly face and says,
    "Okay, but do I have to be tangled in barbed wire?"


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      lol that definitely meets the criteria.


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        ... pet him first.