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  • The Hubble telescope captured images of an object flying five times the speed of light.
    So Einstein was wrong about that speed barrier both for speed of energy (this year Gamma bursts going faster than the speed of light were confirmed) and for speed of matter now...

    This means we actually can send ships to other star systems if we use an ionic bell engine to keep acceleration on an upward curve. One would have to use boosters to start and maybe a slingshot around a planet or the sun to get going. Then calculate the difference in speed added to the beginning of the trip so that at the halfway point (once the initial speed is factored in, which puts that point closer to us than the physical middle of the trip) the ship can be turned around and the bell engine would then start to slow the trip so the ship could stop at the end of the flight.

    This is amazing. Especially when you add in that the US Navy finally confirmed UFOs are real and have tech that is beyond Earth technology...

    I could calculate it exactly, but my guess is that a probe like Voyager could be sent to the proxima centauri system with our current tech and make it there in about 10-15 years (it is 4 light years away ,but it would have to slowly accelerate...

    So we are not stuck forever on the outskirts of the Galaxy. If we can figure out faster engines and use solar wind... We may even be able to start colonization of other star systems within the next hundred years.


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