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OrangeMane Job Networking Information - 1st Time Users Please Read

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  • OrangeMane Job Networking Information - 1st Time Users Please Read

    Welcome to the OrangeMane Job Networking Forum. In this forum you will find resources that will assist you in finding qualified individuals for opportunities where you work, as well as assisting those who need work, or are looking for a change of pace to find a career. The following information explains how this forum will work.

    1. There are 31 threads that identify different sectors of the workforce, from private to public to non-profit.

    In each of these individual threads other OrangeMane posters who work in that particular sector of the workforce who know of current job openings will post advertisements for those jobs with as much relevant information about the job as possible, i.e. position, location, salary, experience needed, and most importantly when the job application process closes, among other things. For Taco's sake, I ask that when a particular job posting closes the poster remove the post advertising that job from each of the respective threads.

    2. Those individuals who are interested in a particular opportunity are then asked to private message the poster of the job for more information and to discuss the position further. Please do not post directly in these threads as they are for job information only.

    3. There is one thread labeled Resume Thread. In this thread those who choose to may post a limited resume that highlights experience, education, and certifications if needed so that individuals who are in need of specific people may browse the resumes. It is important to note that NO PERSONAL INFORMATION IS TO BE POSTED IN THIS THREAD. This includes name, phone number, address, etc. Individuals that violate this by posting personal information will have their post deleted immediately. Those looking for help will then private message individuals whose resume's seem to match what they are looking for directly.

    5. Internships - this is the thread for posting known internships or for people to post who are looking for internship

    4. The final thread is the success story thread. This is where you give someone who got you a job kudos. If you get an interview but don't get the job, don't be an ass and call that person out. Just try to be better suited for the job next time.

    Please be advised that if a poster gets you an interview there is NO automatic assumption of them being able to get you the job, this forum is to be used primarily as a tool for assistance.

    If any poster has any questions, ideas, comments, or concerns please feel free to pm me directly so that I may be of assistance.



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