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How To Make The OM Ad-free + Run Smoother + Generate Income

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  • How To Make The OM Ad-free + Run Smoother + Generate Income

    I've been here on and off for 5 years now, and I thought it's about time to offer some constructive criticism on how to improve the place. All 3 of the above can be achieved simultaneously, and here's how.

    * Upgrade the server - Yes it will cost more upfront, but it's necessary for anything else to happen. The income that will be generated from my suggestions will cover that and several times over each month.

    * Make the entire site viewable by guests permanently - This is important because the the search engine bots need to be able to index the entire site, and because the guests are who's going to generate the revenue.

    * Install Vb SEO hacks - There's like a million posts at this place that are just sitting un-indexed by the search engines wasting bandwidth and making no money. You want these indexed and indexed properly by the search engines. You will also have a much, much high profit per guest visitor than you do right now for returning members, as returning members get what's called ''ad blindness''.

    * Install a "Guests only Adsense" mod - The script for this can be found here. It doesn't have to be adsense (although if it is, you'll probably have more luck from text ads instead of image ads), you could even run pop-ups or unders or anything else as these will only be viewable by the guests anyways.

    That's it. In a nutshell, you can fund the site (and a lot more than I'm sure you're making now) and make the place run smoother and be ad-free for members just by learning how to properly profit from guests.
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