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    I have noticed, unfortunately, that a lot of football info sites or other teams' fans have joined this site to find out our inner-most news.

    We did this on the Nuggets' forum, after our insider informed us, for sure, that an Iverson deal was in the works.

    I, as a 25 year Broncos fan, come to this site for Broncos news. I live in Denver. I could pick up a newspaper, or tune it to 950 the fan, yet I come HERE when things go down. There is no more loyal Broncos crowd on the net (or even in Invesco, since no South Stands) or more knowledgeable. About the team, OR football.

    In my opinion, a lot of info posted on the site is extremely relevant, and accurate about the team. We have people who attend training camp every day, and give us reports that are better than the local beat journalists.

    To me, such information is sensitive. The fact that this info is likely broadcast to quite a few NFL news sites, and our enemies' message boards by their fans here, I simply wonder ... would it be better to adhere to pretty much only those whom are fans, and semi-trustworthy to read the innermost thoughts of our top fans, and occasionally, the organization? It certainly would be difficult to enforce, but would help.

    I know this is a weird concept ... but I know things discussed on here shouldn't be seen by other organizations or their representatives, even fans.

    Thoughts of my orange and blue brethren and sisters?

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    TJ has said he doesn't want to run the site like nuggpuppy does. He wants it to be open to anyone. He has shut down the forums to guests to help with speed so that is good. Also its not like big in depth stuff is getting posted here, yeah we have training camp reports but if anyone wanted to get that infor they could go themselves.


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      IMO, anything that is highly sensitive would NOT be posted here. I think the Broncos orgainization is able to keep information under wraps that it does not want getting out to other people.

      The information that is posted here from training camps is information that any other team would be able to obtain by just going to the training camps (as they are open to the public).