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    Originally posted by lonestar View Post
    Not sure why but about every 20th post I make gets a message duplicate posts are not allowed..

    I also get another message of server timing out..

    I know it is not my DSL as I get it from every other sources I use including those from Germany..

    I never get it on any of the other sites I use..

    Has the server been upgraded in awhile as this has been going on for a long time and now that we are in season it is worse..

    Anyone else having these issues..

    I'd be happy to donate if the connection got better..
    I get this on occassion as well. I've been trying to diagnose it, but when I get my support on the line, they are unable to duplicate it. I have some leads on what it may be, but it competes in priority with my testing of vBulletin 5, which I'm considering upgrading to for next season.