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Ex-Bronco asks O-Maners for help with his book.

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  • Ex-Bronco asks O-Maners for help with his book.

    I received an email today from the wife of ex-Bronco Runningback, Jon Keyworth. Mrs. Keyworth has informed me that Jon is going to be writing a book about his experiences on the first Broncos Superbowl team from 1977, and wanted to get some feedback from the fans on what kinds of questions that they might have regarding this team and his expreience.

    I'm letting her know that I'm starting a thread here in hopes that some of the old timers here could maybe pop in a few questions or offer a few comments that will help Jon get his creative juices flowing to write the best possible book he can and do that fine old team some justice.

    So let's hear 'em!

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    Who were the vocal leaders in the locker room? Who was the most inspirational player on the team?


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      Awesome. Even though I wasn't alive for 11 years when that happened, I would like to know what the media, coaches, organization players and Keyworth himself thought of the denver Broncos team in the off-season that year, pre-season, regular season and playoffs, all the way to the superbowl. Also how the team chemistry was at those certain times.


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        In addition to learning about the team, I'd be real interested in getting a perspective on the relationship that the players had with the fans at the time.


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          Was the team confident that they'd be contenders when the year started or did their confidence grow each week as the wins piled up?


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            I don't know if he'd be interested in questions from a Chiefs fan, but I'd like to know what the Broncos-Chiefs rivalry was like back then.


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              There were two losses that season... One in week seven, and one in week 14, the last week of the season.

              The week seven loss was against the Oakland Raiders. The week 14 loss was against the eventual Superbowl champion Dallas Cowboys.

              Which loss was a worse blow? Obviously, the team bounced back from both of them. I'd like to hear about how the team reacted to those losses, and what came out of them in hindsight that showed the heart of a Champion in the team.


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                I grew up a Viking fan, and when I got to Denver University I was rather overwhelmed not being big man on the block because my dad and uncle had serious clout. There I was just a dumb farmer even tho I was on the debate team.

                I kept hearing about the Broncos...8-1, ears started perkin' up. It just wasn't on my priority list.

                My question would be (if Jon was there), his impressions of Ralston, Lou Saban and Red Miller.

                One other that I'm sure will be covered would be the Dominant Orange Crush and specifically Lyle Alzado.

                Some takes on the then powerfull Raiders would be good.

                I only vaguely remember Keyworth, he was a blocking back that didn't touch the ball much if my memory serves me. I was a complete neophyte at that time. Christ, I was a Viking fan and had to test the waters. Obviously they were warm. Out of the RBBC I liked Rob Lytle the best. I honestly don't remember alot about that team.

                Oh, there is one question that would be cool...I would drive past the orange car every day on Santa Fe at the salvage yard. I would like to know about Orange Crush mania.

                I remember Jon as an excellent blocker with broad shoulders who wasn't scared to stick his nose into the action because this was a smash mouth football team.


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                  Jon Keyworth, is he gonna put out another record or single? I have that thing. I would like to know if the broncomania hit him when he was out in the public. What were some of the more interesting things he noticed aorund town during that season. Also, my first hero, Craig Morton, how was it to have a veteran QB in the huddle? Was he a great leader that was the difference to getting the AFC championship? Does he still see the guys for alumni day. How has the many deaths of that season affected him and his teammates today ie. Weese, Alzado ?


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                    Fans who grew up during the Elway years can't relate to the experience of going for years thinking you'd never even have a winning season and then suddenly all at once, you're in the Super Bowl...the dream come true. The emotions of losing that game are something I'll never forget. It was such a huge buildup in Denver that year. Everything was painted orange, including people. I was 19...and when they lost the Super Bowl, the emotional fall was so fast and so far...I cried like a baby.

                    Years later...I finally felt the other side of that roller coaster...a high I've never had in sports before or since...when they finally won it all against the Packers.

                    How did the players deal with the dissapointment of losing? Why was Red Miller such a quick exit after the meteoric rise...and what became of him? Is he still alive? What's he doing today and is he a Denver fan?


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                      Oh would he rate Otis Armstrong as a runner? I remember when he and Otis both ran for about 150 in the same game one time. I always thought he was another guy who got cut short...and could have been a HOF runner had he stayed healthy.


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                        I'm interested in his opinions of his opponents during that era.

                        Who was the hardest hitter?

                        Who was the smartest player?

                        Who was most intense?

                        Who had a bad temper?

                        Who cheated for every inch and who was a good sportsman?

                        I'm sure Jon could fill pages with anecdotes about various players.


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                          I can't wait to read this book!


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                            Should be a good Book ......... 1 question I would have is , when Morton couldnt tie his own shoes due to Bruised Ribs , and still played , what effect did that have on the team ?


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                              I don't have any questions (most of my basic ones were covered already), but I just wanted to let Keyworth know that my dad spent about a year and a half trying to find a copy of "Make Those Miracles Happen". When he finally did, it was one of the happiest times I've ever seen him. Still have that framed in his old office.