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Old 07-12-2011, 09:31 AM   #101
Just Drafted

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Originally Posted by Jesterhole View Post
Any suggestions?
I just went thru the same shopping experience a few months ago you are going thru now.

I wanted a car that had 4 doors (with useable backseats) and with at least 300HP and either RWD or AWD, I preferred manual but was not a necessity. I looked at new and up to 3 year old used.
Heres the list of what I looked at
Audi S4 & S6
BMW M3 & 335i
Caddy CTS-V and STS-V
Chrysler & Dodge SRT-8 sedans
Infiniti G37 & M
Lexus IS-F
Pontiac G8 GT and GXP

I really liked the S6 and the new CTS-V but could not justify the $70k+ price tag even on a lease.
The S4 / 3 series / G37 / IS-F felt small
The Infiniti M was boring, almost felt like it could drive itself.
The SRT-8 sedans were fun in a straight line but did not feel very nimble and the looks were dime a dozen to me. Although the new SRT-392 might change the handling issue, but it looks like a large mouth bass.

So to make a long story short I went with the Pontiac G8 GXP with a 6-speed manual.
The good. It had what felt like the largest interior space. For a large sedan it handles very well (although I have added some pedders suspension mods to improve it a little) Since it has the Vette LS3 under the hood it has very good performance (415 HP at the crank) with a lot of aftermarket mod support. Another plus is the car is very rare in any trim level so you don't see them in every parking lot, they are even rarer in GXP trim, only 1900 were produced and less than half of those were manuals.
The bad was it did not have the same interior fit and finish and options as the Caddy, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Infinitis. It's a functional interior but thats it, and is missing things like backup camera, IPOD integration, NAV, cooled seats, pushbutton start. So if those are must haves you probably want to stay away from the G8. I did have a real hard time finding one with for a good deal with low miles, since they made so few most people are holding onto them and the ones that are for sale with low miles are priced a little to high IMO. They can be had had for low $30s with low miles you just have to shop around.

Hope this helps and good luck with your search
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Post here Vine

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I had a 350z so I can appreciate wanting a sporty 4 door. (damn gettin married)

The Lexus IS is probably the best bang for your buck all around.
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Originally Posted by DR.Bombay View Post
So to make a long story short I went with the Pontiac G8 GXP with a 6-speed manual.

Very nice Car-those Aussies know their stuff-
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Peoples Champ
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Champ Bailey

buy a batmobile

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Old 10-22-2012, 07:01 PM   #105

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Truck High Jack!

So I'm in the market for truck. Already have a F-150 but looking for a something to haul with. Need to haul a trailer that weighs upwards of 14,000lbs. Use to have a Dodge 2500 turbo diesel cummings and loved it. Not interested in new. I'm not worried about an older truck as I have the mechanics in place. My mechanic is trying to convince me to go GMC because parts are cheapest.

Thanks in Advance.
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Manning Up!
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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Jesterhole View Post
Have a 2000 Ford Mustang and she's just about had it. Loved the car, and never had a problem, but don't want another mustang.

Looking for something 4 door but still sporty, manual, that sticks to the road and has instant acceleration.

Test drove a 2008 Audi A4 today and it was nice. 23.5K. Seemed like there was a delay between when I tried to speed up and when it actually kicked in, and I didn't like that. Other that that, I would be happy with it.

Going to drive some BMW 3's this week, and then try and decide. I'd like to stay under 40K, so that puts the A5's out of my reach unless I can find a steal. Don't want a convertible or a 2 door.

My friend has a Mazda Speed 3 hatchback that he really likes. I've ridden in it a bunch, but don't think a hatchback it my style.

Any suggestions?
I bought a 2012 Cruze Eco this summer and love it. Great value and awesome fuel milage anywhere from 37-41 mpg on highway depending on how fast you drive.
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