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Default OT - Dodge flips PETA the invisible bird

Auto company Dodge recently found itself in PETA's crosshairs after the carmaker aired a commercial starring a monkey dressed up like Evel Knievel. But, unlike many who draw the ire of PETA, Dodge fought back in a most amusing way.

Below, the original ad that inspired PETA to pen an open letter condemning Dodge for using a monkey, "given the well-documented abuse that young chimpanzees and orangutans suffer in the entertainment industry." PETA goes on to write, "Dodge isn't going to dodge a bullet on this one. It needs to pull the ad — and we've contacted the company asking it to do just that." Here's the commercial with the monkey...

Dodge commercial - WITH the monkey @ Yahoo! Video

Dodge apparently got PETA's message and decided to have a little fun. They made another similar commercial touting an upcoming summer clearance sale, only this time, instead of a monkey, they cast ... drumroll, please ... an invisible monkey. The blog Consumerist calls the redux "an act of surreal genius." Check out the new version below. And if the voice sounds familiar, it should. It's none other than Michael C. Hall of Showtime's "Dexter."

Dodge commercial - without the monkey @ Yahoo! Video

I think credit should go to the ad agency though. Not Dodge.
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Nathaniel Irvig

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Pat Bowlen

That's funny. And Dexter starts soon, so me happy.
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Trey Gowdy

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Tombstone RJ
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Who doesn't like chimps in commercials? I don't get peta...
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That is awesome!
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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Who doesn't like chimps in commercials? I don't get peta...
Must be the way they are handled and caged to get back and forth to the gigs.

I saw a PETA protest once, they were all 20 somethings with all these pierecings and hair. Someone should have called a humane society for some of those pierecings they were all over one dudes face and it was disgusting. Here they were protesting but they were all self mutalated. Still not sure what they were b****ing about, it was Christmas and they did it in front of a downtown Macy Christmas display in Chicago.
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PETA...same people who killed kittens and puppies and planted them behind an animal shelter to get it shut down...or run by a woman who wants her body used for BBQ meat after she dies...

So glad these people feel the protection of an animal is worth more than human welfare.


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Old 08-14-2010, 12:04 AM   #9
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Simon Fletcher

Great comeback and with this type of exposure, we will all watch it when we hear his voice for the Dodge commercial. I really thought that they gave the finger to PETA ....literally. This comes close enough without being offensive (damn!).
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