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Bronco Rob
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Default Ron in Broomfield asks Woody what he thinks about Brady Quinn

Woody's Mailbag: NFL's spying eyes everwhere

Ron in Broomfield asks Woody what he thinks about Brady Quinn
By Woody Paige
The Denver Post

Posted: 03/19/2010 01:00:00 AM MDT

ATTENTION, readers. I have a CORRECTION (sort of)!

In last week's mailbag, there was a question asking about the relationship between John Elway and Josh McDaniels, and the response was that I didn't believe they had much of a relationship.

Josh has told me in the past that he doesn't read what is written about the Broncos in the newspapers (or, apparently, on The Post's website), but I know that Mark Thewes does.

Mark, whose title is "assistant to the head coach," is also from Canton, Ohio, and played high school football with Josh.

Thewes was a four-year starter on the Miami (Ohio) University baseball team and received his bachelor's degree from that school and a master's from Ohio University.

He served as an intern with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, then joined the Cleveland Browns and worked in their marketing department.

He was an account director in sports for GMR Marketing (NFL, NCAA, NASCAR) before being hired by Josh when McDaniels became Broncos coach.

He is McDaniels' right-hand man and go-between with the media. Thewes does read the newspapers and websites and watches ESPN, and he summarizes all that information for McDaniels.

So Josh does know what is said about him by all of you and me, if you're wondering.

Mark and I talk at practice and on the phone occasionally. He is a pleasant fellow who likes Denver and skiing. He called to tell me that Elway and McDaniels have indeed established a good relationship, have talked on the phone "many times," and that they've had lunch during the offseason (presumably at John Elway's restaurant, not Mike Shanahan's.)

There's the scoop. I still don't know what Elway thinks of Kyle Orton's performance last year, but stay alert.

Woody: What is your analysis of the trade the Broncos made with the Browns to get Brady Quinn? Do you think he can push Kyle Orton for the starting job? Even if he doesn't, he's still an upgrade over Chris Simms, right? -- Ron, Broomfield

Ron: I think "The Mighty Quinn" will push Kyle Orton for No. 1, but not at the beginning of camp or the beginning of the season.

I was stunned Sunday by the deal. I really thought the Broncos would try to draft a QB. Pat Bowlen did say the Broncos would get a young quarterback, and they did, although not quite the way we thought.

Quinn was a major disappointment going 3-9 as a starter in Cleveland, but at times he put up some pretty good point totals (the Browns scored 20 or more points in six of his 12 starts).

The Broncos got him cheap, depending on what you think of Peyton Hillis. But Hillis was never going to play for Josh McDaniels, whether you like it or not. So I like the trade.

Chris Simms was cut by the team on Monday, so Tom Brandstater will be No. 3 on the depth chart and Quinn will start at No. 2.

If Orton falters or is injured, or the Broncos start off next season awful, McDaniels, despite his statements that he doesn't like to change quarterbacks in a season (and who would with Tom Brady), will make the change.

I can't see Quinn being No. 1 in the first game because McDaniels wouldn't admit he made a mistake last year, and Josh genuinely believes that Orton will be improved and is the man.

But we've got ourselves a good old-fashioned quarterback controversy again, and you have to know that the Broncos are not so overwhelmed with Orton for the long term.

But I love the deal, and it does put pressure on Orton to perform, and the Broncos can find out if Quinn is a player.

But wouldn't it have been easier to trade Cutler for Quinn last year?

This will be fun.

Andra Davis was released less than 24 hours after Alabama's pro day. Is this a sign that the Broncos' brass is thinking of selecting linebacker Rolando McClain with the 11th pick, or is this a coincidence?
-- Asher, Toronto

It is merely a coincidence. The Broncos are not drafting a linebacker No. 1. Think wide receiver from Oklahoma State or Georgia Tech. Think nose guard from Tennessee. Think offensive lineman from somewhere.

Very little has been said about Ryan Harris lately. As I understand it, he has had problems with his feet since college. Are the Broncos expecting a full recovery (I think it was double-toe dislocation) or do you think they are being somewhat cavalier in the matter? -- Dave Thyfault, Bow Mar, Colo.

Dave: I was told Harris is on the way to a full recovery from two different injuries to his right toe. I think the Broncos would like a little more beef at right tackle, but they like both Ryan Clady and Harris.

Woody, with the new additions along the defensive line, what does that mean for the future of Chris Baker? I remember reading articles saying he was a little raw but had a big upside. -- Brandon, Minneapolis

Brandon: Baker was a free agent who impressed the Broncos last year in practices, and he's cheap. He weighs about 310 (which is somewhat small here now), and he can play some. But he has been given the dreaded "potential" label, so the Broncos will hope he gains a little bit of weight, gains a little bit more understanding in the offseason minicamps and can be a No. 3 next year with a chance to fit in case of injury. But he's not ready.
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Maybe Baker wont make it here. Then again, it takes three years for a Dlineman to learn his position. That makes picking Williams somewhat suspect if the Broncso want immediate impact.....
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Other than the two firsts, what would everybody have liked from the Bears other than Orton in the Cutler trade?

Another pick or another player?
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Originally Posted by WolfpackGuy View Post
Other than the two firsts, what would everybody have liked from the Bears other than Orton in the Cutler trade?

Another pick or another player?
just let it's like beating a dead horse!!!
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Garcia Bronco
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Tom Jackson

I am still amazed that people read this idiots opinions.
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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
I am still amazed that people read this idiots opinions.
He didn't touch the Simms issue. He insisted he should start and then after his horrible game got all whiny saying Simms was having a hard time in his life and with more preparation he'd do better.
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Eddie Royal

I am not sure that simms didnt need another year to really see if he could make it as an nfl QB in his limited time he seemed really gunshy to me. my guess is that he would have had a shot at being his pre apendex self but only with a paitent team which obviously we were not. he needed a situation like the lyons had a few years ago when culpepper was spliting snaps. I doubt he ever gets that chance his days in the league are likely done. To bad hes a nice guy.
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I thought Baker ran about 325 lbs.....
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The MVPlaya
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lol Woody obviously doesn't know **** about football other than > nfl > stats
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