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Malik Jackson
Default A Look Ahead to Next Year

First off, I'm as dissapointed as everyone here to the end of our season after such a promising start. To be honest, I had us at 6 or 7 wins to begin the season, so they exceeded my expectations, but to collapse the way they did shows that there is a lot to be addressed this offseason.

QB - looking at who is available for FAs leaves a lot to be desired. I don't think Orton is a long term answer, but I think he is our best option for next year. It is his first year in McD's offense and I don't think bringing in a new starting QB to start over is where we should look. Hopefully the Broncos can sign him to a 2 or 3 year deal to hold the fort for next year. The only FA that is somewhat attractive might be Campbell, but do you want him starting as a first year QB in McD's system? Simms is obviously gone. Brandstater showed potential in the preseason, but I don't think he will be ready to be a starter. He needs at least one more year in the system. Rookie QB? We would have to spend a 1st rd pick on one and as been shown time and time again, rookie QBs are boom or bust picks and I think we have many more holes that can be filled with that pick. I think the best option is to see if Orton will sign a 2 or 3 year deal, develop Brandstater more and pick up a QB in free agency or the draft (rd 3 or later) to learn the system. Orton is probably our best option for next year.

RB - I think Moreno will be fine and our problems running the ball are somewhere else (see below). As much as I love Bucks big play ability, the dude is constantly injured and we will need someone to compliment Moreno. I think Willie Parker is a FA and he would compliment well and could come cheap. Otherwise, draft a scatback in the later rounds of the draft.

OLine - IMHO, this needs to be addressed the most. Clady is a fixture at LT. Our inability to run the ball stems from not getting any push in the middle. When Ryan Harris went out, it showed just how good he is as Polumbus has flat out sucked balls. We need a roadgrader LG and C and I think if these are not addressed in FA, then we have to invest high round draft picks towards these. Depending on the contract that Kuper is looking for, we need to keep him if reasonable. He is a monster in pass blocking, and hopefully will improve in his run blocking. We also need to address out backup tackle position with a draft pick or FA. Polumbus should be gone. IMO, this needs the most improvement out of anything in the offseason.

WR - I think Marshall is obviously gone and hopefully we can get a 1st and 3rd for him. I think Marshall is one of the best receivers in the game, but he is lacking in one department. He has never shown that he can go deep and up for a ball and come down with it. He is basically Anquin Boldin, and is not in the class of a Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, etc. the part he plays in McD's offense was shown today that it can be replaced with Gaffney. That said, we need a tall receiver that can stretch the field and go up for fades in the endzone to replace him. Hopefully Royal gets more involved next year.

TE - Scheffler is gone and we will probably have to draft a pass catching TE in the later rds to replace him. Scheffler is not that special and is basically a jeb putzier, and there are a ton of those players in the draft.

DLine - todays game showed that we have to just get better talent on the Dline. Fields has done a good job, but all 3 could be replaced with better talent. There are some good FAs available, but we may need to spend some high draft choices here.

LB - dumervil will get resigned. not having to pay Marshall should ensure this. With one OLB taken care of, I think the staff gives Ayers a chance to lock down the other next year. I don't see a high draft choice used here since we just used one on him. I think both middle LBs could use an upgrade. Davis played well this year, but is getting old and DJ is overrated in my opinion. Woodyard has shown that he should be nothing more than a special teamer. Rookie LBs tend to make the most immediate impact, and ones could be had in rounds 2-3.

Secondary - The only way I see Bailey staying is if he takes a pay cut. Goodman played really well this year and has a few years left in him. Dawkins will be back as should Hill. McBath showed promise before he got hurt. We need to get younger here. Smith was basically a disappointment, but hopefully it was only cause he was a rookie. Tony Carter showed promise. The secondary played pretty well here, and even if we lose Bailey, the secondary will be ok if we upgrade the Dline.

In summary, we have holes everywhere as do most teams. I think the most important positions to address in the offseason are LG, C, and DE/NT. Football games are won in the trenches and having good lines makes your skill players look that much better. I'm sure McD knows this and these will be areas that are addressed aggressively in the offseason.

Those calling to fire McD are retarded. Do you really want to start over with a new coach, new scheme and huge player turnover We were lucky this year to finish 8-8 by going to a new offensive and defensive scheme in addition to coaching changes.

Those wanting Orton gone, tell me who are the better options out there? I am no Orton lover, but I think he gives us the best chance to win next year. Do you really want to spend a 1st round pick on one, when it would be more impactful to use it on one of the lines. I would rather us spend our first three picks in the draft (hopefully getting a 1st for Marshall) on our offensive and defensive lines and get another QB in FA or later in the draft to groom. Good lines can hide more holes in your team. Bad lines only exemplify those holes making everything look much worse.

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Robert Ayers

where are we picking with Chi town winning?
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Spencer Larsen

I like this, at the end of the 08 season, these are the positions I thought we had covered: QB, TE, WR, OL. All of those positions are now positions that obviously need to be upgraded.

Instead we have fixed our S position, which was certainly our biggest need in 08.

We need to upgrade every single position other than S, that is how much improved our team is.

Orton is clearly only the answer to the question: who is a below average QB that chokes?

Moreno was outplayed by Buckhalter all year and frankly has a lot of growing up to do, he may be able to, but even so our backups are both well above 30.

Marshall seems gone, Royal is nothing more than a decent special teamer and gimmick player, Stokley has been a nonfactor since week 1, Gaffney is good without being anywhere near a number 1 option - but maybe he was just dogging it today with those drops since he had already set his career highs (right Cut).

Scheffler is gone and Graham couldn't catch a disease in a leper colony - or maybe he was just dogging it today (right Cut). Quinn has been so good that he hasn't got a single catch and our 3rd down and red zone offense have both dropped by 15%+ since we drafted him in the 2ND round!.

Clady has been nothing more than above average this year, Hamilton is as good as gone, Mcdaniels boy Hochstein is a career backup for good reason, Wiegman is either showing age or the results of playing the best offensive coaches system, either way he is not the pro bowler he was last year and Kuper who used to be excellent is now just a decent guard.

Ayers again got beaten like a bongo drum at a goa ganja party, he can't stop the run, can't keep contain and despite playing a lot failed (FAILED!) to produce a single sack. Haggan is decent as long as the other team is running the ball at him and beyond that nothing exists at OLB.

DJ Williams keeps fluctuating between brilliance and awfulness and Davis like Haggan can only play the run.

Champ didn't show up today and Goodman is about half Goodman and half Badman in every game - for every really good play he makes, he makes an equal but opposite very poor play. Al Smith is not a punt returner who doesn't really do a lot of returning and Ty Law is turning 238 next month.

This team needs help everywhere, and mostly it needs help in comming up with an offense that works.
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