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Old 09-03-2009, 07:10 AM   #1
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Default 52 reasons, 3-09-09

by The Scribe on March 17th, 2009, 8:39 am

We'll leave Jay Cutler out of this. He's clearly #1 (or #53) depending on which way you're counting.

Nope, I'm talking about the final roster. The final cut before the regular season begins. The "team". The one who will take the field every Sunday afternoon in Mile High in '09, and fight like mad men over a small oblong ball. Fight - so the Chargers and Chiefs and Raiders, especially, won't have something to go home and brag about. The problem is: with McDaniels leading the way, sadly, your roster may not be much. As a matter-of-fact, they might get run all over the field.

Alienating Cutler this early in the off-season is like taking the engine out of the machine. There's no way McDaniels is going to make plays out there for you - he's not going to have a first-and-ten on the eight, heading towards the endzone, with three seconds left in a game where you're down five. Boy, kinda' makes you hope Cutler doesn't leave, huh? When you consider the others who may/may not be thrust into that position.

And what about players 2-53 (or 1-52)? What about them? The ones who signed on in the belief that a Pro Bowler was leading the way? The receivers that now question the ability of their leader's arm strength, the lack of running game that will surely suffer when there isn't a credible guy back there pulling off beautiful play-actions. It's all going to suffer without Jay Cutler, gang. Even the defense. The mighty mean. The madest, meanest, boys on the field. The trench ogres and the lightning-quick safeties, the linebackers, the corners, the Orange Crush.

You don't think they're not worried about losing Cutler? Don't fool yourselves. They need him as much as the offense needs him. They know, in Cutler, that they have a guy who can sustain drives, set up field position, score points. Come from behind, if need be, after "they" did their part and held an opposing offense to three-and-out. No wonder the QB is the most important position on the field. And McDaniels has numbed him to ever putting on a Broncos jersey again.

Not to mention the obvious: your coach wanted to trade him away. How's that for smarts. To bring in an unproven guy who got lucky one year in a system. Cutler for Cassell, even though it didn't happen, sounds like a bad dream now. The problem is, we're all very much awake. Cassell's in KC and Cutler...?

So, Pat Bowlen if you're listening or if you can still see through the tears to read this, you couldn't have seen this mess coming and we forgive you (slightly) for it. You didn't know your new rookie head coach was going to tank it two months in. How could you? But come on, man, do the right thing.

If not for your own pride then do it for the other 52 guys on your team that still care about the most important thing of all: checking their egos, smashing somebody for a small oblong ball, and winning football games for a city that deserves it.
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Peyton Hillis

History is written by the victors, not by some blabbing journalist.

Let's just check the W-L columns at the end of the year insted of re-hashing this mold-infested old turd of a "story."
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