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Default 72 Dolphins (NFL network showing all SBs today and tomorrow)

I remember the the 73 Dolphins, only because they beat my dad's vikings (and therefore I hated them ) ....but I had never watched that much of the 72 team, or knew very much about "the perfect season". A few interesting points from NFLnetworks broadcast from earlier today:

- the steelers immaculate reception play was that year, but the steelers lost to miami in the AFC championship.

- Garo Yepremian's botched pass happened in the SB (VII) against the 'skins.

- Miami running attack was powerful with FB (Csonka) and RB (Morris) both rushing for over 1000 yards. First time ever (14 gm season made it more impressive).

- Bob Griese started the SB, but only threw 11 passes.

- Bob Kuechenberg stated in the film clips that Griese might have been traded to the Jets for Namath the year before, but Kuechenberg said that Namath wouldn't have gotten them to the championship, because he would have tried to pass too much (typical for a OG to want to run the ball more)

- Larry Csonka said that he had great confidence because his line was probably the best in the NFL, even though every player on the OL had been cut by other teams.

- the "no name defense" earned it's name from Tom Landry in SB VI the year before (which Miami lost 24-3 against the cowboys) - "I can't recall their names," Landry said, "but they are a matter of great concern to us." . None of the players on that defense made it into the HOF. In '73, although Miami lost two games , Arnsparger's (DC) unit played even better. It allowed a league-low 150 points and 15 touchdowns. It held seven opponents to single-digit scoring. In the team's two losses, to Oakland (12-7) and Baltimore (16-3), the defense allowed just one touchdown.

"Swift and Kolen were athletic outside linebackers, and the other main cog was Matheson, a substitute whose jersey number 53 became the moniker for one of Miami's specialty calls. The "53 Defense" confused opposing quarterbacks because when Matheson entered, you didn't know what his role was going to be. He could drop into zone pass coverage, or he could run a stunt with a lineman and rush the passer. It was the forerunner of what became the 3-4 defense.",00.html

All in all, it's amazing to me that the best season by any team ever was filled with players that were all about the team, more than anything. Also.. Csonka was a freight train. Amazing player.
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