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Bronco Rob
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Kush & Irsay
Default OT:'s - Pete Prisco's : "All Over/Under Team":

His first name stands out -- but not nearly as much as his game. It's too bad many haven't noticed.

Cleveland Browns linebacker D'Qwell Jackson led the NFL in tackles last season, but outside of Cleveland, the University of Maryland and Seminole, Fla. -- his hometown -- he isn't well known.

Cleveland tackling machine D'Qwell Jackson hasn't attracted much attention -- yet.
Those who aren't watching are missing a heck of a football player. Jackson, entering his fourth season, had 154 tackles and three interceptions for the Browns in 2008.

Yet there was no Pro Bowl, no All-Pro and little attention.

That's what playing for a loser does to a player. You get lost. You don't get your due. So we'll give him some.

Jackson is my choice as the most underrated player in the league. He headlines my list of players on each team who don't get the respect they deserve. Some are younger players who haven't been truly discovered, while others are like Jackson, players on bad teams who are stars without a big audience

D'Qwell is swell.

The Browns won't be good in 2009, but watch this kid play. Watch him D'Q a lot of running backs.

As for the league's most overrated player, my choice is Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson.

That is a sentiment echoed by some in the Jacksonville organization.

"For the past two years, he's played more like a backup," said one Jaguars source.

At 6-feet-7, 328 pounds, Henderson should be a lot like former college teammate Albert Haynesworth, a dominant inside force teams have to double.

He was that in 2006. Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio said he wasn't a two-gap tackle, but a "three-gap tackle" that season. That's how good he was.

In the two years since, Henderson has been a big disappointment. Henderson had two sacks in each of the past two seasons and his tackle numbers were 38 in 2007 and 44. Henderson had 75 tackles in 2004 and 70 in 2005, and in 2006, his best season, he had 51.

He didn't endear himself to Del Rio last month when he checked out of practice with a "supposed" shoulder injury and Del Rio publicly called him out. There was some talk the Jaguars might cut him, but how can you cut that size?

The coaches are just hoping he can bounce back to his 2006 form. Good luck.

Until he does, he's the league's most overrated player.

Denver Broncos

Overrated: FS Brian Dawkins. He isn't what he was a few years ago. He's not as good in coverage at age 35.

Underrated: RT Ryan Harris. With Ryan Clady on the left side, Harris was overlooked last season. He shouldn't have been.

for the rest....

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i agree with the thought on Dawkins and Harris. Dawkins wasn't brought in to be a coverage Safety though. he was brought in to be a leader and to teach the young guys. he is basically a John Lynch replacement stop gap type of guy who is going to be the Safety that drops down into the front 7 and helps in the running game.

Harris should have been gotten a lot more notice. But when you play opposite of quite possibly the best LT in the league that is also a rookie, you tend to get overlooked.
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Flex Gunmetal
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Francis Daytona

Prisco is often a retard, but this article isn't terrible. Boldin overrated? lol
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