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Default OKC Pharmacy Shooter: Mental Stability Under Review

I thought this was worth an update since I'm sure you didn't get enough last time. This is the only new information released in this case since this happend. Some interesting twists...kind of a loner, a bankrupcy, some possible psych and drug problems going back a long ways and and an apparent gun fanatic...not the best mix for sure if it's true. It's to early obviously to separate fact from fiction but reading this it certainly seems to be painting a picture of a guy who might have been on the edge...two divorces and possibly threats of violence following one of them, a young son who says he's afraid of his dad, some "rigid" religious beliefs...machine guns...the plot thickens.

Mental state may play into Oklahoma pharmacist’s case

June 7, 2009

The pharmacist charged with murder said he has no mental problems, but records show both his ex-wives called him unstable. His mental state was an issue in bitter child custody disputes in the early 1980s and again a few years ago. His defense attorney and a prosecutor said his mental state could become important in his criminal case, too.

Jerome Jay Ersland, 57, is accused in his first-degree murder case of going too far in defending himself when he fatally shot a robber May 19 at Reliable Discount Pharmacy in south Oklahoma City.

"In any case that I represent a defendant on, that’s one issue that I explore,” defense attorney Irven Box said.

"Because of the incident, I intend to have him consult with a counselor in regards to the traumatic situation that occurred.”

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater said, "His mental condition is relevant to the case. ... I look forward to reviewing any medical records or evaluations done ... in an attempt to determine an appropriate disposition.”

The case has brought national attention to the low-key pharmacist.

Ersland is a longtime gun collector and war buff who lives in a modest home in a rural area on the outskirts of Chickasha, a review of his background by The Oklahoman found. He was born on Halloween in Chickasha, where his father was a postman for more than 40 years, records show. Ersland has been a pharmacist since 1977. He belongs to the First Lutheran Church in Chickasha. He went bankrupt in 1995 in Texas.

He lives alone with his dog, a pug named Winston, after Winston Churchill. "He was one of my heroes,” Ersland said of Great Britain’s leader during World War II.

In his last divorce, he wanted "The Green Berets,” "Forrest Gump,” "Red Dawn” and all Clint Eastwood movies. "You can keep the other 100 movies,” he told his wife.

Ersland had more than 100 guns in his home, a source told The Oklahoman. This year, he bid $11,054 to buy two historic Marlin rifles, according to a gun broker newsletter. He told The Oklahoman many of his guns were from the Civil War. He once testified that his collection included machine guns.

His attorney took ownership of the guns at his home as a down payment on legal fees. The police took the two guns he used at the drugstore.

Ersland served in both the Army and Air Force and gets veteran’s benefits for a disability, records show. He told The Oklahoman he was injured in a mortar attack during the first Gulf War. He said he has worn back braces since the injury in 1991 and recently had spinal surgery. He had the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Air Force.

He said he was rightfully protecting himself and two female employees from being killed when he shot the robber. He said two robbers repeatedly yelled, "You’re going to die.”

"A person deserves to be safe,” he said in an interview before he was charged. "If somebody wants something for nothing and just to steal it ... that’s what the Second Amendment is for. You have the right to protect yourself from such people. And I was using that right.”

Killed was Antwun "Speedy” Parker, 16, of Oklahoma City.

About the case

Prosecutors allege the pharmacist crossed the line when he pumped five shots into Parker’s abdomen after knocking Parker unconscious with a shot to the head. Prosecutors say Parker was unarmed and on his back when Ersland killed him. The second robber, who did have a gun, had fled. Ersland said he shot Parker again because he thought Parker had a gun and was about to get up. The entire episode lasted less than a minute.
He said he has saved lives before — two British men involved in a head-on collision. He keeps on a living room wall the yellow car tag from the accident as a memento.

He has been married twice and has two sons and a daughter, records show. His ex-wives could not be found for comment.

Ersland and his second wife, Wanda Jean Ersland, divorced in 2006 after 23 years of marriage. A psychologist who treated his son said the boy’s mother reported Ersland "displayed paranoid behavior, abused drugs and displayed other inappropriate behavior,” records show.

The Norman psychologist, Bobby Martin, began psychotherapy in March 2005 with the boy, Jeremy, then 12, at the mother’s request.

He recommended to the judge in 2006 that Ersland undergo a psychological evaluation to determine if Ersland would be able to interact with his son. Ersland complained about the psychologist to a state board, and the psychologist eventually agreed to do a scholarly paper to resolve the complaint.

Also in that case, a court-appointed child-visitation supervisor called Ersland "somewhat self-absorbed.”

The supervisor, Ivory Hester, reported to the judge after overseeing six visits between Ersland and Jeremy.

The first visit was in December 2005.

Hester reported Ersland "repeats himself quite often and insists on volunteering information about himself, particularly regarding his injury, that neither Jeremy nor I have solicited. Mr. (Ersland) appears fully engaged in conversation when he is talking or when/if he is the subject of conversation but ... seems distracted ... when either Jeremy or I are speaking. ... Jeremy has repeatedly told me during visits, in his father’s absence, that he does not enjoy being with his father because his father is strange or crazy.”

Ersland said Jeremy now lives too far away for him to drive there easily because of his disability, and he does not see the boy.

Under care

In Ersland’s first child-custody case, his ex-wife testified in 1981 that she divorced him after almost eight years "because they couldn’t live together, he was unstable and it was for the good of the child to do so,” court records say.

Belinda Sue Ersland also testified he had been under the care of a psychiatrist in the summer of 1980 "for mental problems” and was on medication, her attorney wrote in a legal brief.

Her attorney also wrote that she claimed her ex-husband threatened her boyfriend with a gun.

The attorney wrote that a psychologist who testified for Ersland in the dispute reported he is rigid in his religious beliefs and "sees things as black or white.”

Ersland’s attorney in 1981 disputed the ex-wife’s claim of mental problems. The attorney wrote Ersland just prior to his divorce saw a psychiatrist because of his marital problems and had been released from the doctor’s care.

Jeffrey Ersland, the boy at the center of the dispute, at first stayed mostly with his mother. Ersland later complained that his ex-wife was immoral, and a judge awarded him custody. An appeals court reversed that decision.

In an interview on his porch last week, Ersland said he does not have mental problems and never has had any.

"No, of course not!” he said.
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Crazy enough, a guy I used to work with and am friends with is the brother-in-law of that store owner and I was at his (my friend) house when this all went down.
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That's weird...check this out:

In 1991 this nutcase George Hennard drove his pickup through the front window of a Luby's Cafeteria in Kileen Texas. I was on the phone with an ex-girlfriend when this came up on the TV. She freaked...and then told me that she knew this guy because her parents rented him their house in Temple TX a few years before that.

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