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Kranz Dictum
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CJ Anderson
Default When you are at a sporting event do you...

...spend the whole game calling people and waving to the camera or standing up and waving while on your cell phone?

It is really annoying me.

Anyone else watch the Hawks/Red Wings series and, when they were in Detroit, see the same guy stand up a couple times a game while the puck was in play and turn around and wave?

I am trying to watch the White Sox vs A's and one dude has been on the phone all game waving and standing up. It is the top of the 7th dude!

It is to the point where you can't watch a baseball game because everyone anywhere near the camera is waving or standing up and being a distraction.

Anyone here admit to doing this?
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Kyle Orton

Depends on the game what I do, last year at the Ravens v Raiders disguised as a Ravens fan I spent most of the time asking Raiders fans who was on top of the AFC West, when they said Broncos, I would yell, "Boom! Denver Rocks!" That's the cool thing about 1:00 games, I'm usually still drunk when the tailgate starts.

At a Wizards game in the Coors Light Booth I spent the game telling one of the Coors distrubators I was going to destroy his fridge full of Coors...I did quite well.

In the Miller Beer Pen at a Nationals game I spent my time manipulating more free beer tickets out of every sales rep I could find.

At the Bills v Broncos game I spent most of the game offending the highschool kids next to me with strings of explatives, and tears.

I've never waved to a camera but if I could care less about the game, I usually just enjoy myself as much as walking around Fed Ex field with a beer tub, and sneaking into the Club Level seats.

Broncos games I attend I spend my time in my seat cheering, or swearing, or crying, based on their performance.
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When I watched preseason Denver against the Cardinals in Arizona the idiot in front of my was on his cell phone for 30 minutes standing up swinging his arms around like and idiot trying to explain to his buddy where he was at. Was something like this:

1) I'm under the score board. (there is something like 20 of them around the field)
2) Where it says Arizona Cardinals (again all over the field)
3) There are a bunch of guys wearing Bronco jerseys around me (yea about 60% of the audience was wearing Bronco jerseys including me and my son!)
4) There is a beer stand behind my seat (and every other row there is one)
5) Wait, the guy behind me who looks like he is going to kick my drunk #@% is telling me 50 yard line strait up to row 35.
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Old 06-01-2009, 09:43 PM   #4
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Chris Andersen

Normally I think the guys who do this are tools.

The one exception, however, is if you're funny. Being on your cell phone? Not funny. But humorous signs are always good, and I also liked those guys in Minnesota I believe who sat right behind home plate, like row 1, both wearing full umpire gear.

People who get on TV via being creative are generally awesome. Just having good tickets and a cell phone is weak.
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Old 06-01-2009, 09:51 PM   #5
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I still wanted to get behind the basket at Pepsi Center last week with a 'No means No' sign.
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Rock Chalk
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Chris Harris

Like this clown?
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Champ Bailey

My girlfiend and I were asked to film an "FC Dallas fans dont drink and drive" spot at a game a few weeks back.

Evidently, we're jumbotron regulars!
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Old 06-02-2009, 11:55 AM   #8
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Originally Posted by Rock Chalk View Post
Like this clown?
Sports Videos, News, Blogs
that is totally awesome
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