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Default OM 2009 Mock Draft I Selection Thread

Draft picks only in this thread please! A discussion thread will be put up to applaud and ridicule selections.

Brncs_Fan will be on the clock at 8 AM CST on Wednesday.

Round 1

1 1-1 Lions - Brncs_Fan -- Eugene Monroe, T, Virginia
2 1-2 Rams - Rohirrim -- Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech
3 1-3 Chiefs - theDave -- Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia
4 1-4 Broncos - Drek -- Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest
5 1-5 Raiders -- Rugbythug -- Jason Smith, OT, Baylor
6 1-6 Bengals - Killericon -- B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College
7 1-7 Browns -- Southstnd Junkie -- Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas
8 1-8 Jaguars - Arkie -- Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
9 1-9 Packers – Dbroncos4life -- Everette Brown, DE, Florida State
10 1-10 49ers - Hawk's Boys --Malcolm Jenkins, FS, Ohio State
11 1-11 Chargers - Carmello15 -- Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss
12 1-12 Seahawks - Socolorado -- Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri
13 1-13 Redskins - Broncoman4ever -- Darius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland
14 1-14 Saints - Ludo -- Brian Cushing, LB, USC
15 1-15 Texans - Chaz -- Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU
16 1-16 Bills - Magichef -- Alex Mack, C, Cal
17 1-17 Jets - Nickademus -- Percy Harvin, WR, Florida
18 1-18 Bears - Sodak -- Mark Sanchez, QB, USC
19 1-19 Buccaneers - Snarfalicious -- Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia
20 1-20 Lions (From Cowboys) - Brncs_Fan -- Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
21 1-21 Eagles - AZBroncfan -- Chris Wells, RB, OSU
22 1-22 Vikings - Gyldenlove -- on the clock, 10:18 PM CST
23 1-23 Patriots - Eddie Mac
24 1-24 Falcons - Thumpc
25 1-25 Dolphins - NFLBRONCO
26 1-26 Ravens - Northman
27 1-27 Colts - Mediator
28 1-28 Eagles (from Panthers) - AZBroncfan
29 1-29 Giants - OSKIE!!!
30 1-30 Titans - Stunodaking
31 1-31 Cardinals - TheReverend
32 1-32 Steelers - Expatfan

Round 2

33 2-1 Lions
34 2-2 Chiefs
35 2-3 Rams
36 2-4 Browns
37 2-5 Seahawks
38 2-6 Bengals
39 2-7 Jaguars
40 2-8 Raiders
41 2-9 Packers
42 2-10 Vikings
43 2-11 49ers
44 2-12 Dolphins (from Redskins)
45 2-13 Giants (From Saints)
46 2-14 Texans
47 2-15 Patriots (From Chargers)
48 2-16 Seahawks - Socolorado
49 2-17 Bears
50 2-18 Buccaneers
51 2-19 Cowboys - BFDD
52 2-20 Jets
53 2-21 Eagles
54 2-22 Bills
55 2-23 Falcons
56 2-24 Dolphins
57 2-25 Ravens
58 2-26 Patriots
59 2-27 Panthers - JCMElway
60 2-28 Giants
61 2-29 Colts
62 2-30 Titans
63 2-31 Cardinals
64 2-32 Steelers

Round 3

65 3-1 Lions
66 3-2 Rams
67 3-3 Chiefs
68 3-4 Seahawks
69 3-5 Cowboys (From Browns)
70 3-6 Bengals
71 3-7 Raiders
72 3-8 Jaguars
73 3-9 Packers
74 3-10 49ers
75 3-11 Redskins
76 3-12 Jets (From Saints)
77 3-13 Texans
78 3-14 Bills
79 3-15 Broncos
80 3-16 Bills
81 3-17 Buccaneers
82 3-18 Lions (From Cowboys)
83 3-19 Packers (From Jets)
84 3-20 Bears
85 3-21 Eagles
86 3-22 Vikings
87 3-23 Dolphins
88 3-24 Ravens
89 3-25 Patriots
90 3-26 Falcons
91 3-27 Giants
92 3-28 Colts
93 3-29 Panthers
94 3-30 Titans
95 3-31 Cardinals
96 3-32 Steelers

Round 4

97 4-1 Cowboys (From Lions)
98 4-2 Chiefs
99 4-3 Rams
100 4-4 Browns
101 4-5 Seahawks
102 4-6 Bengals
103 4-7 Jaguars
104 4-8 Browns --
105 4-9 Packers
106 4-10 Bills
107 4-11 49ers
108 4-12 Texans
109 4-13 Chargers
110 4-14 Broncos
111 4-15 Jets (From Redskins)
112 4-16 Saints
113 4-17 Cowboys
114 4-18 Jets
115 4-19 Bears
116 4-20 Buccaneers
117 4-21 Eagles
118 4-22 Bills
119 4-23 Ravens
120 4-24 Patriots
121 4-25 Falcons
122 4-26 Dolphins
124 4-27 Colts
125 4-28 Panthers
126 4-29 Giants
127 4-30 Titans
128 4-31 Cardinals
129 4-32 Steelers

Round 5

129 5-1 Lions
130 5-2 Rams
131 5-3 Chiefs
132 5-4 Broncos (From Seahawks)
133 5-5 Eagles (From Browns)
134 5-6 Bengals
135 5-7 Falcons (From Raiders)
136 5-8 Jaguars
137 5-9 Packers
138 5-10 49ers
139 5-11 Bills
140 5-12 Chargers
141 5-13 Broncos
142 5-14 Redskins
143 5-15 Giants (From Saints)
144 5-16 Texans
145 5-17 Jets
146 5-18 Bears
147 5-19 Buccaneers
148 5-20 Cowboys
149 5-21 Eagles
150 5-22 Bills
151 5-23 Patriots
152 5-24 Falcons
153 5-25 Dolphins
154 5-26 Ravens
155 5-27 Colts
156 5-28 Panthers
157 5-29 Giants
158 5-30 Cowboys (From Titans)
159 5-31 Cardinals
160 5-32 Steelers

Round 6

161 6-1 Lions
162 6-2 Chiefs
163 6-3 Rams
164 6-4 Browns
165 6-5 Seahawks
166 6-6 Bengals
167 6-7 Jaguars
168 6-8 Raiders
169 6-9 Packers
170 6-10 Bills
171 6-11 49ers
172 6-12 Broncos
173 6-13 Bills
174 6-14 Packers (From Saints)
175 6-15 Texans
176 6-16 Chargers
177 6-17 Jets
178 6-18 Bears
179 6-19 Bears (From Buccaneers)
180 6-20 Lions
181 6-21 Eagles
182 6-22 Eagles (From Vikings)
183 6-23 Falcons
184 6-24 Cowboys (from Dolphins)
185 6-25 Ravens
186 6-26 Patriots
187 6-27 Panthers
188 6-28 Giants
189 6-29 Colts
190 6-30 Titans
191 6-31 Cardinals
192 6-32 Steelers

Round 7

193 7-1 Cowboys (From Lions)
194 7-2 Rams
195 7-3 Buccaneers (From Chiefs)
196 7-4 Seahawks
197 7-5 Browns
198 7-6 Bengals
199 7-7 Raiders
200 7-8 Buccaneers (From Jaguars)
201 7-9 Packers
202 7-10 49ers
203 7-11 Bills
204 7-12 Vikings (From Redskins)
205 7-13 Saints
206 7-14 Texans
207 7-15 Chargers
208 7-16 Broncos
209 7-17 Bears
210 7-18 Steelers (From Buccaneers)
211 7-19 Cowboys
212 7-20 Jets
213 7-21 Eagles
214 7-22 Vikings
215 7-23 Dolphins
216 7-24 Ravens
217 7-25 Patriots
218 7-26 Broncos (From Falcons)
219 7-27 Giants
220 7-28 Colts
221 7-29 Panthers
222 7-30 Titans
223 7-31 Cardinals
224 7-32 Steelers

Alpha list

Brown, Everette
Crabtree, Michael
Curry, Aaron
Cushing, Brian
Harvin, Percy
Heyward-Bey, Darius
Jackson, Tyson
Jenkins, Malcolm
Mack, Alex
Maclin, Jeremy
Monroe, Eugene
Moreno, Knowshon
Oher, Michael
Orakpo, Brian
Raji, BJ
Sanchez, Mark
Smith, Alphonso
Smith, Andre
Smith, Jason
Wells, Chris
Stafford, Matthew

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Manti Teo

With the first selection in the 2009 Orangemane Mock Draft the Detroit Lions Select...

Eugene Monroe, T, Virginia

Prototypical size with long arms...Very athletic...Quick and agile with great balance...Light on his feet...Moves well laterally...Smooth and fluid...Has the ability to adjust and recover...Strong with a potent initial punch...Skilled technician with great footwork...Understands positioning and angles...Does a great job in pass protection and can handle speed off the edge...Stout at the point of attack and holds his ground...Displays some power in the run game and gets a decent push...Good mobility and range...Real smart with excellent awareness.

Durability is a legit concern...Inconsistent with his leverage...Could definitely stand to be more aggressive...Is not a true road grading run blocker...Needs to strengthen his lower body...Can do a better job of sustaining his blocks...Is not super tough and may lack a killer instinct.

Was the #3 recruit in the entire country, regardless of position, coming out of high school according to Rivals...Was essentially a three-year starter for the Cavs...Backed up D'Brickashaw Ferguson as a true freshman and also played some right guard...Underwent surgery to repair a dislocated kneecap in the spring of 2006 and missed two games with a sprained knee in 2007...Was a 2nd Team All-American and 1st Team All-ACC as a senior...Received the Jacobs Blocking Trophy as the best blocker in the ACC in 2008...This guy was the reason Branden Albert was playing inside at guard rather than outside at left tackle like he does in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs...Hails from a college program with a strong reputation for producing high draft picks and quality pros at his position...Has a well-rounded game and can be a factor as a pass protector and a run blocker...Left tackle prospect with the tools to successfully man the blind side in the NFL.

Pick was made at 8:34 CST. The St. Louis Rams are on the clock.
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Malik Jackson

With the second selection in the OM Mock Draft, the St. Louis Rams select:

Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech

Perhaps the most dynamic offensive player in the 2009 NFL Draft, wide receiver Michael Crabtree was a force for the Texas Tech Red Raiders in both 2007 and 2008. As a freshman, he set NCAA records for a first-year player for receptions (134), receiving yards (1,962) and touchdown receptions (22). In two years of play, Crabtree caught 231 passes for 3,127 yards and 41 touchdowns. Sure, his stats are inflated by the pass-happy spread offense he plays in. But Crabtree's skills shouldn't be considered overrated because of it.
At 6-3, 215 pounds, Crabtree has solid size as well as the best pair of hands among this year's top prospects at the wide receiver position, which has drawn comparisons between he and the Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald. He has good-but-not-great speed, but more importantly, he has a knack for always making the clutch play, making big catches in key situations.

Like Fitzgerald, Crabtree also has good vertical skills, and can play a physical game if he has to. Although he lacks elite speed, he always manages to gain separation from his opponent and does a good job of finding holes in the coverage. He's sharp in his routes, and runs everything to completion; plays with confidence.
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With the 3rd pick in the 2009 OM mock the Kansas City Cheifs are ****ting themselves with joy and select:

QB Matthew Stafford - Georgia


Positives: Perhaps a bit shorter than preferred, but has excellent bulk and strength for the position. ... Durable performer who never missed a college game due to injury, despite a leaky offensive line. ... Efficient footwork and depth on his drop from center. ... Quick to scan the field and go through his progressions. ... Elite arm strength. ... Can make all the throws and shows power and toughness getting the ball deep even when defenders are closing and making contact. ... Consistent with excellent accuracy to all levels of the field. ... Consistent placing the deep out on the far shoulder of his receiver, away from the defender. ... Has good deep accuracy and trajectory. ... Lofts the ball high enough to allow his receiver to run under it. ... Aggressive, but has developed into a smarter passer over his career and will take what the defense gives him by dropping to his second and third options. ... Learning to look off the safety. ... Underrated core strength. ... Keeps his eyes downfield and will step up in the pocket and is willing to take a hit to complete the pass. ... Surprisingly nimble in the pocket and can avoid the rush. ... Underrated straight-line speed and will take what the defense gives him. ... Takes his own success and that of the team very seriously. ... Extremely competitive. ... Team captain. ... Undefeated in bowl games.

Negatives: Can get fundamentally lazy... ... Though he has an efficient overall release, should be able to speed it up for underneath screens passes to take better advantage of the surprise to the defense. ... Sloppy footwork. ... Will get lazy and throw off his back foot, which could lead to turnovers in the NFL... ... Willing to throw into tight spots, though more often than not he places the ball where it needs to be... ... Not great accuracy on crossing routes. ... Too often leads his receivers too far or forces them to reach back, slowing their momentum and limiting their ability to generate yardage after the catch.

Blessed with a stronger and more accurate arm than many current NFL quarterbacks, Stafford possesses the type of upside that has in the past guaranteed a high first-round selection. Considered by many to be the top prep quarterback in the country when he signed with Georgia, Stafford led Highland Park High School to their first state title since 1957 and in the process earned the EA National Player of the Year. Despite less than impressive statistics (1,749 passing yards, 7-13 TD-to-INT ratio), Stafford earned All-SEC Freshman accolades in going 6-2 as a true freshman starter, earning victories against the likes of then-No. 5 Auburn, No. 14 Georgia Tech and rallying Georgia from a 21-3 deficit in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl to earn MVP honors in the victory over No. 16-ranked Virginia Tech. Significant statistical improvement as a sophomore (2,523 yards, 19-10 TD-INT) and another bowl game victory (over Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl), along with the emergence of superstar running back Knowshon Moreno, led to huge expectations for 2008. Stafford and the Bulldogs were unable to fulfill the expectations of their preseason No. 1 ranking, but his record-breaking junior campaign (3,459 yards, 25 TD-10 INT) and third bowl victory (Michigan State, Capital One Bowl) underlined his talent. Scouts have concerns about Stafford trusting his arm with risky throws, but considering his marked improvement in a pro-style offense, durability and production again SEC competition, Stafford ranks among the elite talent in the 2009 draft. Had an arm span of 33 1/4 inches and a hand span of 10 inches at the combine.

High School
Highland Park, coached by Randy Allen; Parade Magazine All-America Team, USA Today Pre-Season Super 25; The nation's No. 1 QB by and No. 2 QB by ESPN; No. 2 ranked quarterback and Top 10 prospect; SuperPrep All-America, PrepStar 100 and No. 3 ranked quarterback; Dallas Morning News All-Area Offensive Player of the Year; Three time All-State selection; Gatorade State Football Player of the Year; EA Sports National Player of the Year; Five-Star prospect by and; Dave Campbell Texas Football Class AAAA Player of the Year; Mr. Texas for Class AAAA; Invited to play in the U.S. Army All-American Game; Invited to the EA Sports Elite 11 Camp for the nation's top QBs; As a senior threw for 4,018 yards on 209 of 322 passing and 38 TDs as he led his team to the Class AAAA championship, its first title since 1957; Also rushed for 212 yards and 8 TDs on 42 carries; In the first round of the 2005 state playoffs he rallied his team from a 17-0 deficit to win 38-31 with 411 yards passing and 4 TDs; During his junior year he threw for 1,748 yards and 18 TDs and was named to the Junior All-America Team; As a sophomore had 2,945 passing yards and 36 passing TDs Was named the Most Outstanding Player of the Tom Landry Classic, a Student Sports All-American and All-District.

Pick was made at 9:24 MST. The Seattle Seahawks are on the clock.
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Theres Has Been A Trade!

The Denver Broncos Are Now On The Clock!!!!!!!!!!



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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by JCMElway View Post
Hey all, I lost the edit button on the picks page. I thought if I edited it frequently then I could keep editing it. Nope.

I've got a PM out to see if I can get the edit feature back. Until I hear something, please just keep a tally of the picks on a piece of scratch paper by your PC.

If we have to, we'll update all the picks within the thread, but that will make for a long, messy, and hard to follow draft. I'd like to avoid that if I can.

And please post the time and time zone you're in after selecting. Also, PM the next drafter that they are on the clock!
JCM I had a similar problem with my cap thread. Unfortunately you have to copy and paste and update as a new post (see my cap thread), cannot edit posts after 24 hrs.
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OM analyst
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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
JCM I had a similar problem with my cap thread. Unfortunately you have to copy and paste and update as a new post (see my cap thread), cannot edit posts after 24 hrs.
This is true eddie. Trying to work on it right now, but not too hopeful
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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
This is true eddie. Trying to work on it right now, but not too hopeful
If it's unsuccessful we could post an updated selection list here and I'll do an outside link within that post and update the picks accordingly as we go so all GM's have to do is click the link to see who's been selected.

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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
If it's unsuccessful we could post an updated selection list here and I'll do an outside link within that post and update the picks accordingly as we go so all GM's have to do is click the link to see who's been selected.
It says that I do not have permission to access that spreadsheet.
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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by MagicHef View Post
It says that I do not have permission to access that spreadsheet.
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With the 4th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select.....

Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest.

Originally Posted by Sean Leahy, USA TODAY
What does it mean to be labeled as the "safest pick" in the NFL draft for Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry? "I can come in instantly and make an impact on anybody's defense," Curry said. "And (with) my versatility as a linebacker to be able to play in the 3-4, inside or outside, or 4-3, inside or outside, you just can't go wrong." fastest among linebackers Monday, is rated by many experts as the best linebacker available and the surest option in a draft class marked with risk. "You're going to hand him $30 million or $40 million guaranteed and he's going to be like Matt Ryan," NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said. "He's going to put it in the bank and ... go to work." Being in such a position is a far cry from what happened to Curry two years ago. "I came home from college and my mom was telling me we were being evicted and we didn't have anywhere to stay," said Curry, who sought shelter with friends. "At that point, we didn't have the funds to get into another house. Those are the moments you think about in the fourth quarter when there's a play that needs to be made and you have the opportunity to provide for your family for the rest of their lives." The Butkus Award winner as the nation's top linebacker last season, Curry is a potential first overall pick for the Detroit Lions in April's draft.
Originally Posted by NFL Draft Countdown
Possesses a terrific blend of size and bulk...Exceptional speed, quickness and athleticism...Very physical and tough...Excellent strength and power...Extremely aggressive...Outstanding instincts and awareness...Offers a lot of versatility...Reliable tackler who will deliver the big hit...Really uses his hands well...Does a nice job of taking on and shedding blockers...Superb pass rusher and blitzer...Has sideline-to-sideline range...Will attack and fill against the run...Comfortable in space...Can match up and make plays in coverage...Has a lot of experience...Durable and never missed a game due to injury...Smart...Hard worker...Team leader...Super productive.

Can be too aggressive at times and will overpursue...Not quite as tall as you'd prefer...Pass rush repertoire is limited...Marginal change of direction skills...May have some trouble when it comes to recognition in coverage....Is not particularly fluid when he is forced to flip his hips.

Won the Butkus Award, which honors the nation's top linebacker, as a senior...Brother Patrick Pinkney was a quarterback at East Carolina...Was a four-year starter in the ACC...In 2007 he took all four of his interceptions back for touchdowns, with an average return of 56.5 yards...Could play outside or inside in either a 4-3 or 3-4 defensive scheme...A marvelous all-around player who is effective in every aspect of the game...As good as any linebacker prospect to come along in recent memory...A legitimate Top 10 talent who should be one of the most highly rated players available for the 2009 NFL Draft.

height: 6'1.6"
weight: 254 lbs.
40 yard dash: 4.56 seconds
225 bench: 25
vertical jump: 37"
broad jump: 10'4"
3-cone suttle: 6.84

Broncos come out aggressive this draft knowing that they need two key pieces to put together an elite 3-4 defense, a do everything SOLB and a nose. Its very debatable if the nose is available in this class at all but there is NO DOUBT that the SOLB is. Aaron Curry is an every down leader of a defense from day one. He would immediately improve the toughness, intelligence, and work ethic of the Broncos D and that doesn't even get into all the on-field talent he brings, which I don't think I need to remind anyone of.

Some might say giving up the 48th overall pick for Curry is too much for a team with as many holes as we have, I disagree (obviously). A team with as many holes on defense as we have needs a legitimate impact player in the front seven and can't afford to miss this high in the draft (so no Raji as an NT risk). Curry brings one of the highest ceilings in this draft and inarguably the highest floor. With a future star like Curry in the front seven the entire rest of the unit will be allowed to show what they can actually do.

Specific players that Curry will immediately help shine? Champ Bailey first and foremost. Because with Curry in front of him there will be a whole lot less run support work for Champ to beat himself up in. He might even play all 16 games next season with Curry cleaning up the trash in front of him.

The next biggest benefactor would be Spencer Larsen. 2 down SILB who is very good in traffic and filling up gaps. Curry would have to be accounted for by every defense on every down making the road easier in the middle for Larsen, who by proxy will be able to make life easier on DJ. Combined those three LBs will make a major overhaul to our run stopping.

Also benefiting would be Dumervil and/or Moss at the WOLB spot where now defenses will be much more concerned about Curry coming on the blitz and will need to divert more attention to the strong side. Nothing helps question marks turn into positive asnwers like offensive protections being unable to target them for fear of Curry.

This is the move that makes the Broncos an elite defense in as little time as possible, when Cutler and the offense are still in their prime.

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Mr. Miller

Jason Smith, OT

  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • College:
  • Conference:
    Big 12
  • Hometown:
    Dallas, TX
  • High School:
    W.T. White
Analysis Positives: Tall, athletic left tackle prospect. ... Excellent straight-line speed and hustle, getting downfield on screens and long runs. ... Can pull and trap, running smoothly and adjusting to oncoming defenders. ... Moves to the second level quickly, using good angles to keep linebackers out of the play. ... Should work well in zone-blocking schemes with his ability to lock onto defenders and move. ... Gets down quickly to cut block despite his height. ... Adjusts well to outside blitzers. ... Willing to throw his man to the ground and keep him there. ... Has made significant improvement in terms of technique and strength over the past two years at left tackle.

Negatives: Typically operates out of a two-point stance for Baylor. ... Raw in his pass-set technique, standing a bit upright and backpedaling instead of sliding to mirror his man. ... Locks onto his man at first, but eventually loses his balance and grip due to his average upper-body strength and footwork. ... Does not have much of a punch in pass protection. ... Can lose the hands battle on the line. ... Could use a bit more bulk in the lower body to be more effective as a drive blocker. ... Could be moved inside to left guard for a zone-blocking team.

The Oakland Raiders are exstatic with how this draft has played out. Jason Smith was the player we assumed would go #1. We were able to take our #1 at #5.
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eddie mac
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Rod Smith

You also need to change that order JCM.

NYG have pick 2-45 from the Saints (Shockey trade)
NYJ have pick 3-76 from the Saints (Vilma trade)
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With the 6th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals proudly select B.J. Raji, Defensive Tackle from Boston College.

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With the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select:

Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas

Consideration was given to Brian Cushing and Malcolm Jenkins.

8 1-8 Jaguars - Arkie is on the clock.
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With the 8th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select:

Andre Smith OT Alabama
6-4, 332

I was worried about his reliability after him bailing at the combine. I didn't know if we could trust this guy. But, upon further review, I learned he was the seventh true freshman to start a season opener for Alabama's program, and has started every game since then at left tackle.

Scouting Report


Smith is a lineman that has the ability to dominate on every snap. He is a good natural athlete, and is light on his feet for a lineman that could tip the scales at 350lbs after dinner. Smith sets up well in pass protection and does a good job shuffling his feet laterally to keep the defender at bay. He is very powerful at the point of attack and can simply man handle college lineman, opening up a lot of running room on his side of the field. Smith has the natural athleticism and strength to play any spot on the offensive line, outside of the center position.


The problem with Smith will come down to his actual size as the draft approaches. He plays very well in the 340lb range and can play in the NFL at that size. He probably plays inside at guard or at right tackle however. If he can shed a few pounds, his mobility becomes even more impressive and he definitely could lock down the left tackle spot for the team that drafts him. There also may be a question about his height, as he has only average tackle height at 6'4.
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Julius "Fluff"

With the Packers moving to a 3-4 they draft Everette Brown.

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Folks, please keep discussion of the picks out of this thread!

Talking about the picks is fantastic. Please take all that discussion to the discussion thread stickied in the draft forum.
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Brian Dawkins

With the 10th pick in the 2009 OM Draft....the S.F. 49ers select:

Malcolm Jenkins, FS, THE Ohio State Univ.

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Buffalo and San Diego have completed a trade (which is actually already captured in eddiemac's spreadsheet):

BUF #11


SD #16
SD #78

Therefore, San Diego is on the clock.
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Omar Bolden

With the 11th pick, the San Diego Chargers Select Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss. Offensive Tackle is our most glaring need. I dont view RB as a greater need even if we lose LT. Simply because we still have Sproles and I feel I can pick up a Thunder to Sproles' Lightning later in this draft. I need Oher to come in right away and start from day one.
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Jeremy Maclin WR
School: Missouri
Jeremy Maclin took only one season to establish himself as one of the most dangerous offensive players in the college ranks. In 2007, Maclin hauled in 80 passes for 1,055 yards and nine touchdowns. He also carried the ball 13 times for 375 yards and four touchdowns. Maclin also returned 25 punts for 307 yards and two scores and 43 kickoffs for 1,039 yards and one touchdown. He was the only player in D-1 to score touchdowns by rushing, receiving, punt return and kick return. His 2,776 all-purpose yards were a freshman record and earned him consensus All-America honors. He hasn't slowed down much in 2008. Maclin has 95 receptions for 1,221 yards and 12 touchdowns, 35 rushes for 250 yards and two touchdowns, 987 yards and one score on kick returns and 188 yards on punt returns. At 6-1, 200 pounds, Maclin obviously has the size but his 4.3 speed and big play ability is what will make him so appealing to NFL teams. The Biletnikoff Award finalist will lose quarterback Chase Daniel to graduation and that may prompt him to leave school early. If that is the case, Maclin should go off boards in the first round.
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With the 13th pick in the draft the Washington Redskins select Darius Heyward-Bey

Strengths: Has electrifying speed and quickness…has the capabilities to take every play the distance and will provide whatever team selects him with explosiveness that they may currently lack…he possesses a unique combo of size and speed that is rarely seen—think Roddy White as a comparison…a versatile wide receiver prospect that can stretch the defense, go across the middle, and can be a factor in the red zone…plays with an edge at the WR position, gets after it in blocking the oppositions secondary down field…possibly has more potential than ANY other wide receiver in the 2009 NFL Draft…
Weaknesses: Had a very up and down collegiate career…will need to work on his hands, at times lets the ball get in on him…focusing on technique is essential in regards to progression…needs to work on refining his route running, has a tendency to get sloppy at times….statistics were nothing to write home about…could develop a little more strength to better develop his level of physicality…does he rely too much on his speed and quickness?
Overall: Some scouts and pundits are sleeping on Darius Heyward-Bey in my opinion. He is a War Room Report favorite due to the fact that he has all the look of a better pro receiver than a collegiate. Critics will point to an underwhelming career at Maryland where he never dominated, but if one were to watch the Maryland football games you would clearly see that Heyward-Bey was not utilized very well at all and the passing attack, primarily at the quarterback position, of the Terps leaves a lot to be desired. Many are focusing on Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin, however, don’t be surprised if you see pundits start using the terminology "stock moving up" in regards to Darius Heyward-Bey during the Scouting Combine and thereafter. Make no mistakes about it, Heyward-Bey is going to light up the Scouting Combine, and don’t be stunned if he even runs a faster 40 time than speedster Jeremy Maclin, and opens up the eyes of scouts in the process.
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Ludo is on the clock at 1:30 PM.

Chaz, magichef, and nickademus are on deck.
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RIP Darrent Williams
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Paul Ernster

The Saints Select Brian Cushing with the #14 pick!!


Positives: Physical prototype with a combination of excellent size and overall athleticism for the position. Versatile. Signed with USC as a potential strong safety candidate, but has played defensive end, strong-side linebacker and even middle linebacker. Physical and intense. Big hitter who looks to intimidate opponents with his physicality in every phase of the game. Attacks blocks aggressively and flashes not only explosiveness but ferocity as a tackler. Good straight-line speed. Good flexibility to turn and run with tight ends and backs in coverage. Reads the quarterback well and can break on the ball. Productive pass rusher who is equally effective as an end and blitzing linebacker. Immediate standout performer who started for USC as a freshman.
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