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Kapri Bibbs
Default Rump Administration Influenced Key Investigation People to Control News Reports

The most damaging information yet released...

In violation of their requirements not to comment on an ongoing investigation the very people tasked with investigating Rump and his corrupt cronies in the White House...including key members of Congress and the intelligence community...have been corrupted themselves, influenced to do what the dictator asked them to...and what's more...they have admitted it.

This entire administration must be brought down, prosecuted and replaced. Anything less...and the world will justly see us as am illegitimate fascist state no better than any other.

Trump administration asked intelligence officials, key lawmakers to counter Russia Stories

Greg Miller, Adam Entous
The Washington Post

The Trump administration has enlisted senior members of the intelligence community and Congress in efforts to counter news stories about Trump associates' ties to Russia, a politically charged issue that has been under investigation by the FBI as well as lawmakers now defending the White House.

Acting at the behest of the White House, the officials made calls to news organizations last week in attempts to challenge stories about alleged contacts between members of President Donald Trump's campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives, U.S. officials said.

]The calls were orchestrated by the White House after unsuccessful attempts by the administration to get senior FBI officials to speak with news organizations and dispute the accuracy of stories on the alleged contacts with Russia.

The White House on Friday acknowledged those interactions with the FBI but did not disclose that it then turned to other officials who agreed to do what the FBI would not - participate in White House-arranged calls with news organizations, including The Washington Post.

Two of those officials spoke on the condition of anonymity - a practice President Trump has condemned.

The officials broadly dismissed Trump associates' contacts with Russia as infrequent and inconsequential. But the officials would not answer substantive questions about the issue, and their comments were not published by The Post and do not appear to have been reported elsewhere.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer confirmed that the White House communicated with officials with the aim of contesting reporting on Russia, but maintained that the administration did nothing improper. "When informed by the FBI that [the Russia-related reporting] was false we told reporters who else they should contact to corroborate the FBI's version of the story."

White House defends chief of staff's contacts with FBI over Russia reports

The decision to involve those officials could be perceived as threatening the independence of U.S. spy agencies that are supposed to remain insulated from partisan issues, as well as undercutting the credibility of ongoing congressional probes. Those officials saw their involvement as an attempt to correct coverage they believed to be erroneous.

The effort also involved senior lawmakers with access to classified intelligence about Russia, including Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., and Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., the chairmen of the Senate and House intelligence committees. A spokesman for Nunes said that he had already begun speaking to reporters to challenge the story and then "at the request of a White House communications aide, Chairman Nunes then spoke to an additional reporter and delivered the same message."

As questions deepen, White House denies collusion between Trump campaign and Russia

Unlike the others, Nunes spoke on the record and was subsequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

In an interview, Burr acknowledged that he "had conversations about" Russia-related news reports with the White House and engaged with news organizations to dispute articles by the New York Times and CNN that alleged "repeated" or "constant" contact between Trump campaign members and Russian intelligence operatives.

"I've had those conversations," Burr said, adding that he regarded the contacts as appropriate provided that "I felt I had something to share that didn't breach my responsibilities to the committee in an ongoing investigation."

The administration's push against the Russia coverage intensified Sunday when White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said in television interviews that he had been authorized "by the top levels of the intelligence community" to denounce reports on Trump campaign contacts with Russia as false.

Priebus's denunciations ranged from calling the articles "overstated" to saying they were "complete garbage."

Administration officials said that Priebus's comments had been cleared by FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. In doing so, the FBI's leadership would appear to have been drawing a distinction between authorizing comments by a White House official and addressing the matter themselves.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, issued a statement Friday evening saying that if the White House "contrived to have intelligence officials contradict unfavorable news reports, this represents a new and even more grave threat to the independence of the intelligence community."

Former intelligence officials expressed concern over the blurring of lines between intelligence and politics, with some recalling Republican accusations that the Obama administration had twisted intelligence in its accounts of the 2012 attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya.

"I doubt that there was any enthusiasm from the intelligence leadership to get involved in this in the first place," former CIA director Michael Hayden said, noting that it seemed unlikely that Priebus's bluntly worded denials were consistent with the "precise language" favored by intelligence analysts.

"Think Benghazi here," Hayden said in an interview by email. "This is what happens when the intel guys are leaned on for the narrative of the political speakers. The latter have different rules, words, purposes. Getting intel into that mix always ends unhappily, [and] it looks like we just did."

The Trump administration's actions reflect its level of concern about coverage of its relationship with Russia. Trump has continued to praise Russian President Vladimir Putin, even after U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Russia had interfered in the U.S. presidential race to help Trump win.

Trump has also repeatedly disparaged the intelligence agencies that his administration last week turned to for support. Shortly before taking office, Trump accused U.S. spy agencies of a Nazi-style leaks campaign to smear him.

The White House statements on the issue Friday came after CNN reported that the FBI had refused administration requests to publicly "knock down" media reports about ties between Trump associates and Russian intelligence.

Administration officials disputed the account, saying that rather than soliciting FBI feedback, Priebus had been pulled aside by McCabe on the morning of Feb. 15 and told, "I want you to know" that the New York Times story "is BS."

The FBI declined to discuss the matter.

White House officials declined to comment on the administration's subsequent effort to enlist other government officials and would not agree to allow the identification of the intelligence officials who had spoken to The Post last week. In separate calls, those individuals insisted on being identified only as "a senior intelligence official in the Trump administration" and "a senior member of the intelligence community."

In a brief interview on the night of Feb. 15, the senior intelligence official said that the suggestion that there was frequent contact between Russians and Trump associates was false, describing any conversations as sporadic, limited and based on Russia's interest
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And so it goes...

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Paxton Lynch

If Clinton had won and her CoS had done such a thing, there would be impeachment hearings on the Hill. The double standard is breath-taking. The GOP obviously thinks that power means that the rules say whatever they want them to say.
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Kapri Bibbs

Characteristics of a dictator:

1) Promises that he's the answer to all your problems
2) Seeks to control the political power through intimidation
3) Builss up a perceived enemy for his followers to blame and focus on
4) Invents problems where they don't exist
5) Creats a cult of personality with his followers
6) Isolates and ostracizes the press
7) Denies obvious known facts as if they are fake
8) Chooses the weaker elements of society to prey on
9) Leverages pre-existing hatred to his advantage
10) Places himself above the law
11) Lies when truth will suffice
12) Surounds himself with loyal yes men and fires or eliminates the rest
13) Seeks to destroy any vestige of the previous leadership
14) Misuses the milifary as a tool against his own people
15) Murders and commits other crimes to stay in power

We are watching the war for this country on live TV as it's happening.

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Kapri Bibbs

Senator Dick Durbin, (D-IL) who was s co-sponsoring a bill to create an independent investigation for the Russia scandal, today was asking a highly pertinent question:

Why are the Rethugs doing their "investigation" in the intelligence committees?

Simple answer...they are doing it in secret because these committees meet in secret and the results will be classified. Meanwhile, the people actually in charge of these committees are saying there's nothing to see before the evidence has ever been presented.

Question for our Rump worshippers:

Do you consider yourself as stupid as they do?

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