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Old 01-31-2014, 11:32 AM   #51
Some dude
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Football is a wonderful thing.

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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Strictly speaking you're right, but according to a big NYC intellectual property lawyer-blogger, there's no automatic exemption for news outlets or non-profits. This guy really bashes the NFL, calls them "bullies," says they overreach and have everybody running scared.

He also wrote that when they upped the enforcement of these restrictions a few years ago, the NFL applied for several new trademarks including the "Big Game," but apparently they withdrew the applications because it looked like they would be rejected. He says that if they'd succeeded, we'd have to call it "The Large Game."
Its because its a gray area when you start promoting your website's article of it being a Superbowl guide.

The whole thing is retarded, I can't speak to the specifics but you should be able to say "Come to Ted's bar to watch the Superbowl! We will have brand new TV's installed just days before Super Sunday"

There's nothing wrong with that. There is this thing on TV called the Superbowl and people want to watch it when they are going to your bar. If you have new TV's you should be encouraged to promote them to customers looking for a good place to watch the game. The NFL's attempt to bar this kind of advertising is ****ed up.

"Come watch the Eagles play the Giants at our bar!"
There's two trademark names there.

"This USB 2.0 cord is compatible with your TV, Laptop, I-pod, I-phone, or Android cellphone!
There's 4 there.

Can you imagine a world where you don't know if cables you buy are compatible with things because the packaging can't state it? Neither can I, its absurd. For the same reason, when I'm setting up a superbowl outing with my friends I would like to find a place that uh... is showing the Superbowl? Preferably in HD? This whole thing is idiotic.

"Who wants to pay extra for Papa Johns just because they pay the NFL? Screw what's official, get Pizza Hut for your Superbowl party instead! Save some money!"
That is comparative advertising that should be encouraged, not discouraged.

My point is, in court this **** just shouldn't stand up, but people don't want to go to court, that's expensive so the NFL is throwing their weight around especially at these local bars who just don't want to put up with the craziness.

NFL's just a bunch of ****ing ****s.

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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Seriously? What, do you live in a closet? Restrictions supposedly apply just to advertisers, but some news and sports media outlets won't risk it.

This petty stuff makes the league a target for mockery, like Colbert "moving one letter over" and calling it SUPERB OWL XLVIII:
I meant people in day to day life. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
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I give him 18 months

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Jordan Taylor

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Everyone:"I thought they changed to KFC was because saying FRIED meant it was not healthy food."

Good story on snopes not just KFC :
Isn't that odd ... why would that rumor start? I think the State of Kentucky enforcing their trademark against Colonel Sanders is a lot more interesting than a restaurant "hiding" the fat of a known fatty food. Apparently the state of Kentucky trademarked their name in 1990, 50 years AFTER Colonel Sanders started using it. Ol' Harlan shouldda claimed adverse possession.

By the way, apparently KFC and the State of Kentucky came to an agreement on royalties in 2007, so KFC can use the work Kentucky again. Yay.
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Old 01-31-2014, 12:26 PM   #54
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Just got back from the trademark office. Cost me $250 to trademark "The Big Game". Everyone in this thread will be receiving invoices promptly. Thank you for your time.
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Not a Chief's board
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Do we really care WTF its called.

Just win the damn thing !
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alfred e numan

12th man 1990 Texas A&M copyright thieves---> seahags lol lol lol
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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
I haven't heard a single person call it "The Big Game" rather than the Super Bowl. Not one.

Edit: Watching NFLN I just heard them say: "News and analyst after the big game..." on one of their commercials.

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Just do what I do and call it the Superb Owl.

Nobody puts Jay-bee in the corner.
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Miss I.
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Though I love the skit on Colbert, he clearly has permissions given the preponderance of the ads for that episode were definitely NFL sponsors like Budlight. His skit was I am sure worked out with the NFL as way to just generate even more revenue and attention for the BIG GAME.
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