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Obi-Wan Phillips
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What do you guys make of the U$C interviewing JDR during the bye week?

For the Patriots game, what is the impact of Welker if he does/doesn't play have on the game?
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Originally Posted by Broncobiv View Post
The Chiefs did an amazing job of stopping our most dangerous play thus far this season - the WR screen. They blew it up each time we tried. Should we be worried that teams may now be able to diagnose when we plan on running it, and will be able to stop it like KC did Sunday night?
I didn't think it was executed very well, from what I could see on the TV the OL didn't swing out and get on a man like they normally do.

To me it appeared that they were trying to confuse kFc by doing a traditional bubble screen where it is just the WR's blocking vs the one that we have run with success where the OL kicks out then gets down field.

They also were throwing it to the inside man instead of the outside guy who usually takes a step back to receive it.

I think this was just to set up something later and make kFc adapt.
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Denver needs to work on strip drills this week. Ridley is a fumbling machine.
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