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Go Broncos!
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Zac Dysert

Another question is...would you sign Seymour? Better than Bannon.
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I can see it now . Next year some QB throws a Hail Mary to beat Denver again in the playoffs and this board will have a 1000 threads on " if we had Doom he would have sacked the QB or been hurried and never been able to complete the pass."

BTW, Elway had Doom's value spot on from the get go.
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Originally Posted by rugbythug View Post
A Fantasy GM Draft where the Broncos had the chance to trade for Jared Allen. Med made the case that it is not good to give up this much for an aging Allen. I disagree Allen would be the prototypical player I would want our our DE. This is not going to be a dynasty we are trying to squeeze a Lombardi out of the end of the Manning Era.
Would be nice if the broncos inquired about a trade for Allen, wonder how high a pick it would take? I think Doom is a better fit for a 3-4 team, Allen would be a better fit than Doom was.
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Cito Pelon
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Slim Shabby

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i just don't see Doom's production as being this huge hole we can never replace.
this team has drafted really well since Elway took over. i don't see Doom as such an important piece that it severely hampers our SB run. having him would have been ideal but DE is a insanely deep position in this draft and our defense is flexible enough to absorb the loss of Doom.
Has Elway really drafted well? Von was a no-brainer, or could have had Patrick Peterson at #2 overall. He DIDN'T f up and take one of the DT's, so that's a positive.

After that, he got Orlando Franklin, Rahim Moore, Nate Irving, Quinton Carter, Virgil Green, Julius Thomas, Jeremy Beal, Wolfe, Malik Jackson, Philip Blake, Hillman, Chris Harris, Trevathan, and who else?

Dude traded to the 49'rs the #34 in 2011 that netted SF Colin Kaepernick when he had Tebow, Orton and Brady Quinn as his QB's.

RDE isn't insanely deep in this draft, and of course you're spending a top draft pick to replace a 29-yr old team captain that played almost all the snaps on defense in 2012, can play both RDE and LDE. A defense that was top 5 in the NFL. All for what - $5 million? We'll see how it turns out.

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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
They've lost two superbowls by 1 play... that's a disparity that Seymour could've easily overturned and then some.

...but I don't think it was NEARLY the mistake Denver made with Elvis.
Trading Seymour was a mistake that cost the Patriots two Super Bowls, but losing Dumervil was a much bigger mistake? That doesn't make sense to me ... Doom was important, but he's not an every-down impact player like Seymour.

Our regret over losing Doom is based mostly on his high sack totals, those numbers can be spread out over several guys and we're just as good. Richard Seymour never had 10 sacks in a single season.
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