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What teams do you think would interest JDR to become HC again?
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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I can make a case for him staying.

1. He gets one more year of Jags pay, I believe.

2. He's already been a head coach. He isn't going to run to the first available place just because the pay is better. Having done it before, he will be more cautious and look for a good situation.

3. If we go to the SB, outside of him pulling a Petrino, the positions may be filled by the time our season ends.
Agree here, SoCals assertion that JDR jumps for more money I dont buy. AS noted above he's been a head coach for many years already .. been there done that .. he expressed clear preference for NOT being a HC for a while when he took this job and the most important thing to him at this stage of riding all the way with a real winner and winning a SB .. he will get his pick of HC jobs with top $$ salary and perks with a fresh Lombardi under his arm and he knows it!

As much as I want to win it all this year, it is possible we don/t and need one more year of fine tuning and roster strenghtening..

If he does bolt now it would only be for the money. Why leave a team with PMFM at QB and Von/Doom/Wolfe/Champ peaking for a realy multi year run at the whole enchilada ..

Oh yes, so he can go jump into another rebuilding program with a journeyman QB and a bucket full of holes on some loser roster and go through mountains of added stress and at least a few years before having a ghost of a chance to compete for a division championship??

Dont think so... if he is smart at all he has got to see the golden opportunity this team present with Peyton here for a couple more years for sure and Von becoming more every day a Lawrence Taylor/Derek Thomas level talent.

He isnt going to move straight to a team with these assets and would quickly be reminded of why he went sour on teh HC gig the last couple years at Jacksonville.

There wasnt a major push for JDR last offseason at this time from other teams looking for a coach and he went with us largely because Foxy persued him and he too had the good sense to see a gold plated gift horse when it was staring him in the face.

The only scenario I see him leaving now would be IF we win the SB, but then as noted too above his picking will likely be much slimmer as most teams need the HC in place even of a few assistant coaches remain unsigned, well before the Senior bowl and Combine.

JDR will not lose anything by sitting pretty with Denver for another year or two and will only benefit in both the shorter and longer term by doing so.
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