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Default Official 2010 NFL Mock Draft Selection thread

Here is the selection order for the draft. Many thanks to Expatfan for putting this together! In this thread please list ONLY selections. I will create a Trade thread, and a Picks Discussion thread for those purposes. Having just the selections in one thread makes reviewing the picks much easier without wading through the "That was a great/horrible pick!" comments.

Upon listing your selection, please include the Time and time zone when you made your selection so we know when the next person's draft clock started. Also, you can shoot a PM to the next person to let them know they are up, although that's not mandatory.

Please check the board a couple of times a day, and if you think you may not be around for a selection, PM myself, Eddie Mac, or Expatfan with a priority list. We promise to play nice, and won't select someone on your list just because we saw them there. We're spaced out enough in this draft that you should be able to PM one or two of us without tipping your hand.

PM me with any questions, but Drek may make his selection at 8:00 AM CST!

1-01(1) - St. Louis (Drek) - Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
1-02(2) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) - Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
1-03(3) - Tampa Bay (anton) - Eric Berry, CB, Tennessee
1-04(4) - Washington (DrFate) - Russel Okung, OT Oklahoma State
1-05(5) - San Francisco (Carmello 15) - Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
1-06(6) - Seattle (no-pseudo-fan) - Brian Bulaga, OT, Iowa
1-07(7) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
1-08(8) - Oakland (jebures) -Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma
1-09(9) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers
1-10(10) - Jacksonville (ColoradoBuff) - Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama
1-11(11) - Denver (Rohirrim) - Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
1-12(12) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Dez Bryant, WR, OSU
1-13(13) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland
1-14(14) - Seattle (no-pseudo-fan) - Taylor Mays, S, USC
1-15(15) - New York Giants (ludo21) -Earl Thomas, S, Texas
1-16(16) - Tennessee (chickennob2) - Mike Iupati, G, Idaho
1-17(17) - Tampa Bay (anton) - Brian Price, DT, UCLA
1-18(18) - Oakland (jebures) - Jason Pierre Paul, DE, South Florida
1-19(19) - Atlanta (jhat01) - Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
1-20(20) - Houston (24champ) - CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson
1-21(21) - Cincinnati (Zona) - Joe Haden, CB, Florida
1-22(22) - New England (eddie mac) - Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State
1-23(23) - Green Bay (BroncoMan4ever) - Charles Brown, OT, USC
1-24(24) - Philadelphia (GoWYO) - Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
1-25(25) - Baltimore (iDENVER) - Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State
1-26(26) - Arizona (TheReverend) - Carlos Dunlap, DE, Florida
1-27(27) - Dallas (Meangene) - Sean Weatherspoon, LB, Mizzou
1-28(28) - San Diego (Brncs_fan) - Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State
1-29(29) - New York Jets (ChSuperStar) - Sergio Kindle, LB, Texas
1-30(30) - Minnesota (TwinCitiesBronco) - Terrence Cody, DT Alabama
1-31(31) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida St
1-32(32) - New Orleans (iforgotmypassword) - Navorro Bowman, LB, Penn State

2-01(33) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Golden Tate, WR, Notre Dame
2-02(34) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) - Maurkice Pouncey, C, Florida
2-03(35) - San Francisco (Carmelo15) - Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU
2-04(36) - St. Louis (Drek) - Arrelious Benn, WR, Illinois
2-05(37) - Washington (DrFate) - Colt McCoy, QB, Texas
2-06(38) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Jahvid Best, RB, Cal
2-07(39) - New Orleans (iforgotmypassword) - Everson Griffen DE USC
2-08(40) - Seattle (no-pseudo-fan) - Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
2-09(41) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
2-10(42) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Ricky Sapp, OLB, Clemson
2-11(43) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Cam Thomas DT North Carolina
2-12(44) - New York Giants (ludo21) - Brandon Spikes, LB, Florida
2-13(45) - Denver (Rohirrim) - Vladimir Ducasse, LG, UMass
2-14(46) - New England (eddie mac) - Rob Gronkowski, TE, Arizona
2-15(47) - San Francisco (Carmelo15) - Dexter McCluster, RB, Ole Miss
2-16(48) - Carolina Panthers (sirhcyennek81) - Brandon LaFell, WR, LSU
2-17(49) - New England (eddie mac) - Damian Williams, WR, USC
2-18(50) - San Francisco (Carmello 15) - Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
2-19(51) - Houston (24champ) - Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama
2-20(52) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech
2-21(53) - Tampa Bay (anton) - Mardy Gilyard, WR, Cincinnati
2-22(54) - Cincinnati (Zona) - Morgan Burnett, FS, Georgia Tech
2-23(55) - Philadelphia (GoWYO) - Nate Allen, FS, South Florida
2-24(56) - G. Bay (BroncoMan4ever) - Chris Cook, CB, Virginia
2-25(57) - Baltimore (iDENVER) - Aaron Hernandez, TE, Florida
2-26(58) - Arizona (TheReverend) - Daryl Washington, LB, TCU
2-27(59) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Jonathan Dwyer, RB, Georgia Tech
2-28(60) - San Diego (Brncs_fan) - Brandon Ghee, CB, Wake Forest
2-29(61) - New York Jets (ChSuperStar) - Reshad Jones, FS, Georgia
2-30(62) - Minnesota (TwinCitiesBronco) - Chad Jones, Safety, LSU
2-31(63) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana
2-32(64) - New Orleans (iforgotmyp) - Jacoby Ford, RB/KR, Clemson

3-01(65) - St. Louis (Drek) - Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan
3-02(66) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) - Javier Arenas, CB, Alabama
3-03(67) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Koa Misi, OLB, Utah
3-04(68) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Jamar Chaney, ILB, Miss. State
3-05(69) - Dallas (Meangene) - Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, DB, Indiana (PA.)
3-06(70) - Philadelphia (GoWYO) - Toby Gerhart, RB, Stanford
3-07(71) - Dallas (Meangene) - Tony Wshington, OT, Abilene Christian
3-08(72) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Corey Wootton, DE, Northwestern
3-09(73) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Jimmy Graham, TE, Miami
3-10(74) - Jacksonville (ColoradoBuff) - JD Walton, C, Baylor
3-11(75) - Chicago Bears (Killericon) - Jason Fox, OT, Miami
3-12(76) - New York Giants (ludo21) - Lamarr Houston, DT, Texas
3-13(77) - Tennessee (chickennob2) - Sean Lee, LB, Penn State
3-14(78) - Denver (Rohirrim) - Eric Norwood, ILB, South Carolina
3-15(79) - St. Louis (Drek) - Dominique Franks, CB, Oklahoma
3-16(80) - Carolina Panthers (sirhcyennek81) - Jordan Shipley, WR, Texas
3-17(81) - Houston (24champ) - Jon Asamoah, G, Illinois
3-18(82) - San Francisco (Carmelo15) - Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillsdale
3-19(83) - Atlanta (jhat01) - Donald Butler, LB, Washington
3-20(84) - Cincinnati (Zona) - Ciron Black, OT, LSU
3-21(85) - Oakland (jebures) - Linval Joesph, DT, E Carolina
3-22(86) - Green Bay (DBroncos4life) - Andre Roberts, WR, The Citadel
3-23(87) - Philadelphia (GoWYO) - Matt Tennant, C, Boston College
3-24(88) - Baltimore (iDENVER) - Major Wright, S Florida
3-25(89) - Arizona (thereverend) - Anthony McCoy, TE, Southern Cal
3-26(90) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Mike Johnson, G, Alabama
3-27(91) - San Diego (Brncs_fan) - Torrell Troup, NT, UCF
3-28(92) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Pat Angerer, LB, Iowa
3-29(93) - Minnesota (TwinCitiesBronco) - Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati
3-30(94) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - Tyson Alualu, DE, California
3-31(95) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Jason Worilds, OLB/DE, Virginia Tech
3-32(96) - Cincinnati (Zona) -Thaddeus Gibson, LB, Ohio State
3-33(97) - Tennessee (Chickennob2) - Amari Spievey, CB, Iowa
3-34(98) - Atlanta (Jhat01) - John Jerry, G, Ole Miss (Traded to Carmello/49ers)

4-01(99) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Arthur Jones, DT, Syracuse
4-02(100) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) - Darrel Stuckey, S, Kansas
4-03(101) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Joe McKnight, RB, USC
4-04(102) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Larry Asante, SS, Nebraska
4-05(103) - Washington (DrFate) - Montario Hardesty, RB - Tennessee
4-06(104) - Seattle (no-pseudo-fan) - Anthony Dixon, RB, Miss. State
4-07(105) - San Francisco (Carmelo15) - Brandon Carter, OG, Texas Tech (traded to Atlanta/Jhat01)
4-08(106) - Oakland (jebures) - Selvish Capers, OT, West Virginia
4-09(107) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota
4-10(108) - Jacksonville (ColoradoBuff) - Donovan Warren, CB, Michigan
4-11(109) - Chicago Bears (Killericon) - Shawn Lauvao, OG, Arizona St
4-12(110) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - George Selvie, DE/OLB, South Florida
4-13(111) - Tennessee (chickennob2) - John Skelton, QB, Fordham
4-14(112) - Carolina Panthers (sirhcyennek81) - Jevan Sneed, QB, Ole Miss
4-15(113) - Tampa Bay (anton) - Perrish Cox, CB, Ok. State
4-16(114) - Denver (Rohirrim) - Austen Lane, OLB, Murray State
4-17(115) - New York Giants (ludo21) - Dennis Pitta, TE BYU
4-18(116) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Alex Carrington, DE, Arkansas State
4-19(117) - Atlanta (jhat01) - Dorin Dickerson, TE, Pitt
4-20(118) - Houston (24champ) - Perry Riley, OLB, LSU
4-21(119) - New England (eddie mac) - Kyle Calloway, OT, Iowa
4-22(120) - Cincinnati (Zona) - Carlton Mitchell, WR, S. Florida
4-23(121) - Philadelphia (GoWYO) - Geno Atkins, DE/DT, Georgia
4-24(122) - Green Bay (Dbroncos4life) - Myron Rolle, S, Florida State
4-25(123) - Baltimore (iDENVER) - Vince Oghobaase, DT, Duke
4-26(124) - Arizona (TheReverend) - Jermaine Cunningham, DE, Florida
4-27(125) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Mitch Petrus, G, Arkansas
4-28(126) - San Diego (Brncs_fan) - Phillip Dillard, ILB, Nebraska
4-29(127) - Philadelphia (GoWYO) - Dekoda Watson, LB, Florida State
4-30(128) - Minnesota (TwinCitiesBronco) - Garrett Graham, TE/FB, Wisconsin
4-31(129) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - Jerome Murphy, CB/FS, USF
4-32(130) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Edward Dic-kson, TE, Oregon
4-33(131) - Cincinnati (ZONA) - Taylor Price, WR, Ohio

5-01(132) - St. Louis (Drek) - Eric Olsen, C/G, Notre Dame
5-02(133) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) - Zane Beadles, G, Utah
5-03(134) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Myron Lewis, CB, Vanderbilt
5-04(135) - Washington (Phibacka) - TJ Ward, Safety, Oregon
5-05(136) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - LeGarrette Blount, RB, Oregon
5-06(137) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Ed Wang, OT, Virginia Tech
5-07(138) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Syd'Quan Thompson, CB, California
5-08(139) - Seattle (no-pseudo-fan) - Dezmon Briscoe, WR, Kansas
5-09(140) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Ben Tate, RB, Auburn
5-10(141) - Chicago Bears (Killericon) - Riley Cooper, WR, Florida
5-11(142) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Robert Johnson, Safetly, Utah
5-12(143) - Jacksonville (ColoradoBuff) - Greg Hardy, DE, Mississippi
5-13(144) - St. Louis (Drek) - Joe Webb, WR/QB/ATH, UAB
5-14(145) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - AJ Jefferson, CB, Fresno State
5-15(146) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) - James Starks, RB, Buffalo
5-16(147) - New York Giants (ludo21) - Deji Karim, RB, Southern Illinois
5-17(148) - Tennessee (chickennob2) - Duke Calhoun, WR, Memphis
5-18(149) - Atlanta (jhat01) - Jeremy Williams, WR Tulane
5-19(150) - Houston (24champ) - Alterraun Verner, CB, UCLA
5-20(151) - Dallas (meangene) - Ted Larsen, C, N.C. State
5-21(152) - Cincinnati (Zona) - Jeff Byers, C/G, USC
5-22(153) - Tampa Bay (anton) - D'Anthony Smith, DT, Louisiana Tech
5-23(154) - Green Bay (Dbroncos4life) - Mike Tepper, OT/OG, Cal
5-24(155) - St. Louis (Drek) - Brandon Lang, DE, Troy
5-25(156) - Baltimore (iDENVER) - Darryl Sharpton, LB, Miami
5-26(157) - Arizona (TheReverend) - Marshall Newhouse, G/T, TCU
5-27(158) - Oakland (jebures) - Walter McFadden, CB, Auburn
5-28(159) - San Diego (Brncs_fan) - Sam Young, OT, Notre Dame
5-29(160) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Cleveland selects Chris Scott, OT/OG, Tennessee
5-30(161) - Minnesota (TwinCitiesBronco) - Kevin Thomas, CB, USC
5-31(162) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - A.J. Edds, OLB, Iowa
5-32(163) - New York Jets (ChSuperStar) - Mike Neal, DT, Purdue
5-33(164) - Pittsburgh (Expatfan) - Armanti Edwards, QB/WR//KR, Appalachian State
5-34(165) - Atlanta (Jhat01) - Travis Goethel, LB, Arizona State
5-35(166) - Pittsburgh (Expatfan) - Al Woods, DT, LSU
5-36(167) - Minnesota (TwincitiesBronco) - Charles Scott, RB, LSU
5-37(168) - San Diego (Brncs_fan) - Antonio Brown, WR, Central Michigan
5-38(169) - Green Bay (DBroncos4life) - Corey Peters, DT, Kentucky

6-01(170) - St. Louis (Drek) - Lonyae Miller, RB, Fresno St.
6-02(171) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) - Zoltan Mesko, P Michigan
6-03(172) - Tampa Bay (anton) - Mike Williams, WR, Syracuse
6-04(173) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Trindon Holiday, RS, LSU
6-05(174) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Derek Hardman, OT, LSU
6-06(175) - Carolina (sirhcyennek81) - Kevin Basped, DE, Nevada
6-07(176) - Seattle (no-pseudo-fan) - Arthur Moats, OLB/DE, James Madison
6-08(177) - St. Louis (Drek) - - Rennie Curran, OLB, Georgia
6-09(178) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Jarret Brown, QB, W Virginia
6-10(179) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) -Kyle Bosworth, LB, UCLA
6-11(180) - Jacksonville (ColoradoBuff) - Crezdon Butler, CB, Clemson
6-12(181) - Chicago Bears (Phibacka31) - Jeromy Miles, SS, UMASS
6-13(182) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Trevard Lindley, CB, Kentucky
6-14(183) - Denver (Rohirrim) - Eric Cook, C, New Mexico
6-15(184) - New York Giants (ludo21) - Willie Young, DE, NC State
6-16(185) - Tennessee (chickennob2) - Blair White, WR, Michigan State
6-17(186) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Kam Chancellor, S, Virginia Tech
6-18(187) - Houston (24champ) - Kurt Coleman, S, Ohio State
6-19(188) - Pittsburgh (ExpatFan) - Clifton Geathers, DE, South Carolina
6-20(189) - Atlanta (jhat01) - Dennis Landolt, OT, Penn State
6-21(190) - New England (eddie mac) - Lindsey Witten, LB, Uconn
6-22(191) - Cincinnati (Zona) - Micah Johnson, LB, Kentucky
6-23(192) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Nolan Carroll CB Maryland
6-24(193) - Green Bay (DBroncos4life) - Brandon Sharpe, DE/OLB, Texas Tech
6-25(194) - Baltimore (iDENVER) - Cameron Sheffield DE/OLB TROY
6-26(195) - Arizona (TheReverend) - Jeff Owens, DT, Georgia
6-27(196) - Dallas (Meangene) - Leigh Tiffin, K, Alabama
6-28(197) - Houston (24champ) - Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa
6-29(198) - New York Jets (ChSuperStar) - Zac Robinson, QB, OklahomaSt
6-30(199) - Minnesota (BroncoBuff) - Adam Ulatoski, OT, Texas
6-31(200) - Philadelphia (GoWYO) - Walter Thurmond, CB, Oregon
6-32(201) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Kade Weston, DT, Georgia
6-33(202) - Carolina (sirhcyennek81) - Colin Peek, TE, Alabama
6-34(203) - Jacksonville (ColoradoBuff) - Marcus Easley, WR, UConn
6-35(204) - Carolina (sirhcyennek81) - Doug Worthington, DE, OSU
6-36(205) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Emmanuel Sanders, WR, SMU
6-37(206) - San Francisco (Carmelo15) - Kelton Tindal, WR, Newberry.(Traded to Atlanta/Jhat01)
6-38(207) - Tennessee (Chickennob2) - Michael Hoomanawanwanui, TE, Illinois

7-01(208) - New England (Eddie Mac)- Daniel Te'o-Nesheim, OLB, Washington
7-02(209) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - C.J. Wilson, DE East Carolina
7-03(210) - Tampa Bay (anton) - O'Brien Schoefield, DE, Wisconsin
7-04(211) - Washington (SpringStein) - Antonio Coleman, DE, Auburn
7-05(212) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Patrick Stoudamire, CB, Western Illinois
7-06(213) - Seattle (no-pseudo-fan) - Shelley Smith, G, Colorado State
7-07(214) - Cleveland (Arkie) - Denario Alexander, WR, Mizzou
7-08(215) - Oakland (jebures) - Earl Mitchell, DT, Arizona
7-09(216) - Buffalo (SoDak Bronco) - Roddrick Muckleroy, ILB, Texas
7-10(217) - Tampa Bay (anton) - Freddie Barnes, WR, Bowling Green
7-11(218) - Chicago Bears (Phibacka) - Simoni Lawrence, LB, Minnesota
7-12(219) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Joe Pawelek, ILB, Baylor
7-13(220) - Carolina (sirhcyennek81) - Brandon Banks, WR/KR, Kansas State
7-14(221) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Joe Hawley, OG/OC, UNLV
7-15(222) - Tennessee (chickennob2) - Curtis Steele, RB, Memphis
7-16(223) - Carolina (sirhcyennek81) -Josh Hull, ILB, Penn State
7-17(224) - Tampa Bay (anton) - Keenan Clayton, LB, Oklahoma
7-18(225) - Oakland (jebures) - Jameson Konz, TE/WR, Kent St
7-19(226) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Clay Harbor, TE/FB, Missouri State
7-20(227) - Houston (24champ) - Levi Brown, QB, Troy State
7-21(228) - Cincinnati (Zona) - Sergio Render, G, Virginia Tech
7-22(229) - New England (eddie mac) - Kavell Conner, ILB, Clemson
7-23(230) - Green Bay (DBroncos4life) - Andrew Tyshovnytsky, OG/T, Fordham
7-24(231) - New England (eddie mac) - Brent Bowden, P, Virginia Tech
7-25(232) - Baltimore (iDENVER) - Seyi Ajirotutu, WR, Fresno State
7-26(233) - Arizona (TheReverend) - Rashawn Jackson, FB, Virginia
7-27(234) - Dallas (Meangene) - Jay Ross, DT, East Carolina
7-28(235) - San Diego (Brncs_fan) - Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State
7-29(236) - New York Jets (ChSuperStar) - Chris DeGeare, OG, Wake Forest
7-30(237) - Minnesota (TwinCitiesBronco) - Dexter Davis, OLB, Arizona State
7-31(238) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - David Gettis KR/WR, Baylor
7-32(239) - Kansas City (JCMElway) - Nate Byham, TE, Pitt
7-33(240) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - Adrian Tracy OLB/DE William & Mary
7-34(241) - Tennessee (Chickennob2) - Brian Jackson, CB, Oklahoma
7-35(242) - Pittsburgh (Expatfan) - Ramon Harewood, OT, Morehouse
7-36(243) - Philadelphia (GoWyo) - Kevin Haslam, OT, Rutgers
7-37(244) - Philadelphia (GoWyo) - Mitch Unrein, DE, Wyoming
7-38(245) - Seattle (no-psuedo-fan) - Brandon Deaderick, DE, Alabama
7-39(246) - Indianapolis (Mediator12) - Joshua Moore, CB, Kansas State
7-40(247) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Jonathan Crompton QB Tennessee
7-41(248) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Barry Church SS Toledo
7-42(249) - Carolina (sirhcyennek81) -Chris Carter, WR, UC Davis
7-43(250) - New England (Eddie Mac) - Andrew Quarless, TE, Penn State
7-44(251) - Oakland (Jebures) - Mike Kafka, WR, Northwestern
7-45(252) - Miami (NFLBRONCO) - Garrett Lindholm, K, Tarleton State
7-46(253) -Tampa Bay (anton) - Mike McLaughlin, ILB, Boston College
7-47(254) - St. Louis (Drek) - Tyler Eastman, OT, Maine
7-48(255) - Detroit (Florida_Bronco) -Kyle Williams, WR, Arizona State

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Default Orange Mane 2010 Mock Draft Pick #1

With the first pick in the 2010 NFL draft the St. Louis Rams select....

Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska

My Take
The Rams draft Suh because not only is he the best talent on the board, he's the safest selection on the board. I can't remember the last time a DL came out with his combination of power, quickness, and technique. This is not a guy who has been living off superior athletic talent his whole collegiate career. He brings the total package from day one in the NFL and displays secondary moves that many 3rd and 4th year DLs have yet to develop into effective weapons.

This also allows the Rams to move Adam Carriker out to the more ideal position of strong side end, and gets Jake Long over to the weak side. This Rams organization will not be making any attempts to bring Leonard Little back so not only is this #1 overall pick nearly cap neutral (if there was a cap this year), it also sets up perfectly for Long to have a breakout season in 2010 alongside Suh.

Originally Posted by Combine Report
Suh is an excellent combination of size, strength and athleticism. He isn’t a massive body but has enough power to play as a nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme or as a 4-3 defense tackle or end. He utilizes excellent hand strength and quickness to control defenders. Suh is often unblockable for one offensive lineman and draws many double teams from opposing offenses. He shows great range to make plays outside the tackle box and is quick to shed blockers to get to the ball. Suh is a disruptive lineman that can create havoc with penetration versus the running game. Suh has developed an expanded pass rush package with counters coming off his initial power move. His production, power, athleticism, technique and versatility make him arguably the best interior defender in this years draft. Suh is a dominating player that projects as an impact defender in his rookie season.

Suh has a supreme blend of power and explosiveness from the defensive tackle spot. Possesses great size and strength to hold up at the point of attack in the running game or bull rush the pocket. Uses his athleticism and instincts to chase down running plays. Highly-competitive performer with a big-time motor. Terrific hand use to disengage against the run. Suh’s been a highly-productive and versatile player during his career.

Not many weaknesses in Suh’s game. Durability is one minor area of concern. Sustained a knee injury in 2005 which required surgery and resulted in a medical redshirt. Dealt with another knee injury during spring drills in 2007. Did remain healthy from that point forward.
40 Yrd Dash: 4.98
20 Yrd Dash: NA
10 Yrd Dash: NA
225 Lb. Bench Reps: 32
Vertical Jump: 35.5"
Broad Jump: NA
20 Yrd Shuttle: NA
3-Cone Drill: NA

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Quinton Carter

With the second pick in the 2010 mock draft the Detroit Lions select Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma.

Pick made at 12:45pm EST.
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With the 3rd pick of the 2010 NFL Draft... the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select DB Eric Berry Tennessee

Mayock is an idiot for having Berry so low on his board. If you saw him play over his career and the show that he put on at the combine, you would know he is a top 5 talent. I think the Bucs would want him at CB, opposite Talib.

2009 Highlights:

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The Redskins have many needs, but their OLine is crap - no rookie QB is going to prosper behind that sieve.

The Redskins select Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State

Shanahan will make this pick and start to rebuild the offense
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Omar Bolden

With the 5th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers Select: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma.

The 49ers were not looking to grab a QB early on in this draft. However, they were able to grab the top QB in the draft for a price too cheap to pass on. Alex Smith's career thus far can be summed up in word: inconsistent. Sam Bradford has great accuracy and would work well in tandem with Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis. The 49ers have a young core that will have a chance to really grow together. Alex Smith was mediocre but Bradford has the tools to take the offense to the next level. Jimmy Clausen is a fine prospect himself, but Mike Singletary was not impressed with his attitude and leadership skills. It was a tough decision deciding between the two QB's. Sorry for the delay everybody.

Sam Bradford, 6-4/214



Sam Bradford Scouting Report
Good size with room to add some bulk
Peyton Manning-like accuracy
Outstanding job of anticipating routes
Solid arm strength
Capable of making all the throws
Smooth, consistent spiral
Textbook footwork and can drop back if asked
Great decision-maker since freshman year
Understands timing
Well versed in progression reads
Very quick release
Ridiculous level of production
Sells play action
Places ball in stride of receiver
Will step up in pocket
Decent athleticism
Throws pro routes and has been under center more than given credit for in career
Strong leader and good character

Toughness really hasn't been tested at this point in his career; never seen pass rush
Arm strength is good, but he will struggle to fit ball in tight windows if he doesn't make very quick decisions
We really do not know if he can make throws on the run yet
Doesn't make any jaw-dropping throws
Doesn't have Stafford/Sanchez level of upside
Is never really forced out of pocket

Player Comparison: Eli Manning. Like Eli, Bradford lacks the elite arm, but he is a superb decision-maker with great accuracy and decision-making.
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With the 6th pick of the NFL draft.....

Seattle picks

Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa.

730 pm MST

Bulaga's outstanding blocking in the Hawkeyes' 2010 Orange Bowl win, which helped keep Georgia Tech all-star defensive end Derrick Morgan idle, made it seem inevitable he would leave early for the NFL. His athleticism and strength are exactly what teams want on the quarterback's blind side.

He earned 2009 Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year in his second season starting at left tackle, following up a second-team all-conference effort at the position in 2008. The Parade high school All-American made an almost immediate impact, becoming the team's starter at left guard half-way through his true freshman year.

Bulaga's run blocking is exceptional, especially for a zone system similar to that he ran at Iowa, but he may struggle with speed rushers and lacks great recovery speed. His three-game absence during the season due to a thyroid problem will also worry scouts. Apparently it was a short-term issue, but his medical checks will be thorough. If the risk of a relapse is considered small, he'll hear his name called sometime in the middle-to-late first round.

Pass blocking: Takes a strong angle on kick slide, keeps knees bent, head up, and arm extended to keep defenders at bay. Very difficult to get off his blocks if he's mirroring. Has a strong punch. Tends to lunge against inside moves, lacks great recovery speed and can be beaten by secondary rush. Slow to recoil once extended. Hesitates when defenders let up. Gets bull rushed into the pocket by strong ends because he allows their hands into his chest, but typically anchors before reaching the quarterback. Must improve his arm-bar to keep rusher out of the pocket. Inconsistent quickness after the first step in his kick slide makes him susceptible to giving up the edge to quicker pass rushers.

Run blocking: Good positional blocker, well-coached on how to get correct angles. Capable in zone scheme, has a strong combination of agility and strength. Turns his man out of the hole and seals the edge. Attacks defenders in short yardage situations, strong enough to lock on and sustain, even against large ends. Gets low to drive near the goal line.

Pulling/trapping: Isn't asked to pull or trap a lot in Iowa's zone system, but has the quick feet needed to work behind the line and burst through the hole. Usually hits a target on the move and sustains.

Initial Quickness: Brings a very strong punch and pop to his opponent when run blocking, especially for a left tackle. Adequate quickness to pass set from two-point stance.

Downfield: Excellent mobility to get to the second level and beyond. Keeps feet moving and hands strong after initial contact, sustains well against linebackers and safeties. Mirrors quicker players in space. Adjusts to players coming from any angle. Gives effort downfield to block on runs and pass plays.

Intangibles: Considered a very competitive, smart and hard-working leader up front.

Wanted to trade out, wasn't going to happen. Bit the bullet. Seattle needs OL help in the worst way.
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With the 7th pick the Cleveland Browns select Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

6'3", 222 lbs.

Clausen’s a highly-competitive signal-caller who was has been very productive in a pro-style system during his career. Possesses a live arm and flashes the ability to make all the NFL throws. Displays impressive accuracy in the short passing game. Is athletic and mobile for the position and can avoid the rush and make plays outside the pocket. Has a very quick delivery.

Clausen has a somewhat low release point. Release point combined with less-than-ideal height leaves Clausen susceptible to having passes batted down at the line. Has a strong arm but lacks premier arm strength and may struggle at times fitting the ball into windows deep down the field. He will be unable to participate in combine drills due to toe surgery.
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Malik Jackson
Default Oakland Raiders select

T Trent Williams 6'4 5/8 315lbs

As much as I wanted to channel Al Davis and take Bruce Campbell I just could not bring myself to be that stupid again. I take a chance on Al finding logic for once in his life and taking a safe player.
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Brian Dawkins

With the 10th pick in the OM 2010 Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select: ILB, Rolando McClain, Univ. of Alabama

Height: 6-3⅜ | Weight: 254 | 40-Time: 4.60

Huge frame for ILB
Very long arms
Good level of production
Comfortable in coverage
Excellent tackling technique
Stacks and sheds blocks well
Very good pass rusher
Love his timing on blitzes
Nice agility; smooth change of direction
Highly experienced
Takes good angles to the ball
Stays in control
Nice versatility especially in 3-4 defense
Vocal leader
Very young prospect (20 years old)
Doesn't take plays off
Outstanding instincts
Well versed in 3-4 defense

pick made at 10:43 pm mtn time Roh is on the clock and SoDak can pick still pick at anytime.
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Robert Ayers

With the 11th Pick the Buffalo Bills Select- Anthony Davis OT- Rutgers. With the run on OT's the bills were slow to the podium but still get the one of the top tackles in the draft. He will be an instant starter in the Bills transitioning offensive line.
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Malik Jackson

With the 11th pick in the OM Draft your Denver Broncos select:

Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee, 6’2”, 327

Pass rush: Relies on good to very good power as a bull rusher to collapse the pocket. Uses a swim move effectively, but lacks the burst and lateral agility to be a consistent factor in the pass rush. Works hard, but has only phone booth quickness. Requires an open lane to close. Alert defender that gets his hands up in the passing lanes.
Run defense: Greatest asset to the defense due to his build, strength and ability to locate the football. Good burst off the snap to explode into the offensive lineman. Tough to move off the line of scrimmage, as he naturally sprawls his feet, keeps his pads low and has the upper-body strength to hold up even to double-teams. Strong hands and an effective swim move to disengage. Natural candidate to move to nose guard. Keeps his head up and finds the ball. Only phone booth quickness, but hustles laterally and even downfield in pursuit.
Explosion: Good initial burst off the snap. Good upper-body strength to shock his opponent and quickly separate. Needs a lane to gather momentum and provide a big hit, but can deliver a jarring blow when he gets one.
Strength: Arguably his best trait. Low center of gravity due to a thick, wide lower body which helps in the leverage battle up front. Good use of hands and good upper-body strength to stack and shed in the running game. Relies on his strength as a bull rusher to collapse the pocket from the interior. Slides off blocks to make the play at or near the line of scrimmage.
Tackling: Enough strength to slow and even pull down some runners with one arm as he remains engaged with the blocker. Brings his weight with him as a hitter, resulting in some big collisions. Provides enough pop that he doesn't have to wrap up to knock down most ballcarriers, but improved in doing so as a senior. Good vision to locate the ball and can redirect surprisingly well at his size. Hustles laterally and downfield to make the tackle from behind. (NFL Draft Scout)

Combine: 40 = 5.16, Bench = 27, Arm = 33 ½, Hand = 10 ½

Pick made at 11:48 Mountain Time. Dolphins are on the clock.
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With the 12th pick in 2010 draft Miami Dolphins select

Dez Bryant WR OSU

12:35 mountain time

The commish is on the clock
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With the the 13th pick in the OM Mock Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select:

Bruce Campbell, OT, Maryland

Pick was made at 2:40 PM CST

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Default With the 14th pick in the NFL Draft.....

Taylor Mays S USC

Read & React: Good key-and-diagnose skills. Aggressive in run support, but disciplined and rarely out of position. Understands his role as the last line of defense and generally takes good angles to minimize big gains by opponents, but struggled some as a senior in this area. Mistakes typically occur when he overruns the play and doesn't account for the runner's cutback agility.

Man Coverage: Faster in a straight line than he is quick in a short area. Struggles laterally and loses a step in his transition due to tight hips. Rare recovery speed. Is a rangy defender and can blanket most deep receivers.

Zone Coverage: Controlled aggression in coverage makes him well suited for a zone scheme. Sees the action and reacts quickly. Loses a step in transition, but accelerates smoothly. Good change-of-direction skills. Reliable open-field tackler. Intimidating hitter over the middle.

Closing/Recovery: Rare straight-line speed for a man his size. Reads the action quickly and has great burst to close. Times his leaps well and uses his long arms to bat away passes. Would rather go for the big hit than compete for the ball. Has just five career interceptions -- three as a freshman -- despite 49 career starts.

Run Support: Has played deep in a zone scheme in the past, but flashes outstanding ability in run support. Good key-and-diagnose skills. Can elude blocks, but is willing to take them on and can discard due to his upper-body strength and long arms. Big hitter who runs downhill toward the line of scrimmage.

Tackling: Reliable open-field tackler. Breaks down well to make the secure stop. Explosive hitter who loves to intimidate opponents. Lowers his shoulder into the ballcarrier and can separate the football from the man. Leads with his shoulder on big hits, failing to wrap up securely.

Intangibles: Physically imposing athlete with good overall musculature. Freakish combination of size and straight-line speed. Carroll has publicly characterized Mays as USC's fastest player; has reportedly timed in the 4.2s at 230 pounds. Good bloodlines. Father, Stafford Mays, was a defensive lineman in the NFL (St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings) from 1980-1988.

NFL Comparison: Sean Taylor

This is not the direction that I would go, but I think the Seahawks will go this route.

2:15pm MST
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Paul Ernster

Earl Thomas, S, Texas


Highly productive and consistent
Centerfielder with great range
Eats space quickly
Very good recovery speed and acceleration
Nice all-around athlete
Sure tackler in run support
Love his instincts
Doesn't let play get behind him
Takes solid angles
Ballhawk - great on pursuit INTs
Does a good job of reading QB's eyes
Low, smooth backpedal
Has nice route recognition
Quick hips
Great in man coverage
High ceiling

Giants were awful after Kenny Phillips went down, they need someone to pair him with especially with Desean Jackson in the division.

Pick made at 3:30 MST, Titans are on the clock
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The tennessee titans select Mike Iupati, G, idaho

With Mawae gone, we'll try to slide Amano over to center and plug Iupati in at guard.
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Our trade still needs to be approved by the commish but the value is equal and I need to run so I am going to make the pick.

With the 17th pick, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select DT Brian Price UCLA

The perfect tampa 2 undertackle, Price has insane upfield burst. He has been a terror in the PAC-10 racking up TFL's and now joins the Bucs to do the same.

Pick made at 9:45 PM Pacific

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Malik Jackson
Default Oakland Raiders select

at #18 DE Jason Pierre Paul from South Florida

received trade offers for this pick, but ultimately decided to take the player I traded up for. Will challenge Greg Ellis for one of the starting DE jobs.

trade still needs to be approved, but I also need to get this pick in as I may not be available tomorrow.
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After some thought about trading back..With the 19th pick, the Atlanta Falcons select:

Derrick Morgan, DE Georgia Tech

The DL in Atlanta has been anchored by John Abraham. He's not getting any younger, and adding a pass rush from the other side could help this defense. Morgan seems to be NFL ready now, and should contribute right out of the gate.

Pick made at 0827 EST.
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With the 20th overall selection in the 2010 NFL Draft.....

The Houston Texans select Running Back CJ Spiller from Clemson University.

PICK WAS IN AT 5:40 PM Mountain Time!

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Rod Smith

With the 21st overall selection in the OM Mock Draft via pm

The Cincinnati Bengals select

Joe Haden CB Florida

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Rod Smith

With the 22nd overall selection in the OM Mock Draft

The New England Patriots select

Jared Odrick DE Penn State

With the departure of Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders, the Patriots had a gaping need for a RDE who can stack and shed in the run game and get after the passer and without a doubt, Jared Odrick provides the talent and potential to be a star in the Belichick defense. He has great measurables at 6'5" 304 lbs, with 34 inch arms and 9 1/2 inch hands so that even if he cant get to the passer he can get into the passing lanes and swat down balls with ease. Odrick shores up the front 3 and with Wilfork and Warren, will help the Patriots with more consistency in their pass rush and shore up the back 4 as well.

Selection made at 10-30pm ET
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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
With the 21st overall selection in the OM Mock Draft via pm

The Cincinnati Bengals select

Joe Haden CB Florida
Just now got home from work, thanks for posting that up eddie mac.

The Bengals are excited about this pick. Haden was projected by many to be a top 10 pick and for the Bengals to land him at #21 is very fortunate and lucky. In a league that is pass happy and where the rules favor the QB/WR tandem, you can never have enough good cover corners and it says alot that Haden is the top CB in this very very deep draft.

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Mitch Unrein

With the 23rd (24th) pick in the NFL Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select:

Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan, 6'1", 268

Good bulk --- Aggressive with a non-stop motor --- Very strong and powerful --- Tough and physical --- Does a great job in pursuit --- Good tackler --- Plays with excellent leverage --- Holds his own versus the run --- Uses his hands well --- Has a lot of range --- Smart with great instincts --- Hard worker --- Offers some versatility --- Super productive.

Doesn't have the ideal height you look for --- Short arms --- Frame may be maxed out --- Not a great athlete --- Average speed, quickness and agility --- Not real explosive --- Lacks a burst --- Struggles in space --- A tad inconsistent --- Might have to change positions --- Upside is limited.

A 2½ year starter for the Wolverines --- Named 2nd Team All-Big Ten in 2008 and 1st Team in 2009 --- Voted Michigan's Bo Schembechler Most Valuable Player as a junior and senior --- Led the nation in tackles for a loss in 2009 --- Classic 'tweener who may have to move to linebacker or perhaps even defensive tackle at the next level --- May not have all the physical tools you'd prefer but just a good football player --- Could slip a bit on Draft Day if teams get too concerned with triangle numbers and workout results --- Eerily similar in many ways to LaMarr Woodley

Pick made @ 2:30pm MST

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