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Default 8/2 TC Recap

Hey everyone. Meant to post about this yesterday but couldn't find the time. I'm in town from Wisconsin for the week and decided to check out training camp yesterday. I haven't got the football knowledge that a lot of the guys here seem to have, but i'll share what i saw.

Even though it was an early practice, it was still very hot out. I laughed off the comments of people hoping for shady spots. I had the opportunity for one, but my view was somewhat obstructed so i moved down into full sun. I get it now.

Manning: Seeing him come out was very surreal. First, there was the realization that that was actually Peyton Manning. He was real, and he was there. And then the realization that he was in a Broncos uniform. In the first warmup drills the QBs did, they threw with only their arms (no step in, kind of a flick). I noticed that his tosses were not very strong, but not exactly weak. Just an observance. Later, in drills where he could step into this throws, there didn't appear to be any noticeable weakness in his throws. His accuracy came as advertised. I think he missed on one throw. Almost all of the others seemed to be exceptional. I think his lack of a cannon helps him, in some situations. He'll lead a receiver to the point where the receiver almost has to kick it into another gear to get to it. The advantage to this being that is creates a bit of separation from the defender, and if the receiver cannot get to it, no one can. He has excellent touch in this way. His ability to time comeback routes is astonishing.

His leadership: Like others have said, always talking to players and coaches on the sideline. Always critiquing, offering support or criticism as needed. Willis ran a route and ended up coming back to the ball to make a good catch near the sideline as Peyton rolled a bit to his right. However, Willis apparently took too long and Peyton let him know. He wore not a shred of satisfaction on his face about the completion, just a look of frustration. Yet he didn't do it in a way that showed Willis up.. it just let him know "You gotta do it better." Willis didn't say a word, just nodded his head and jogged to the sideline for water. Later, after a long touchdown pass to DT (more on DT), he made his way down the sideline to congratulate him on what was a very tough catch. Only, it took him a while to get there because most of his offensive teammates held him up with very emphatic high fives, fist bumps, and slaps on shoulder pads. This team is behind their QB, and there seemed to be an added element of "god damn, we are glad you are here!" This got me thinking about last years training camp. I couldn't help but wonder what Tebow looked like running these same drills. That thought made me feel foolish that I could have ever thought, and I did convince myself, that Tim would develop into a real quarterback. As I type this, there is an article in USA Today about how excited the Jets fans are after Tebow was featured in their camp yesterday in the wildcat formation. All I can say is, "Thank you, Mr. Elway."

Osweiller: I want to say that he was running with the 2s for much of the day, but i could be mistaken. Seemed to have a very strong arm. Rifled one at one point when he had to that made me wonder if we really did trade Cutler. Otherwise, he didn't seem to be forcing his arm strength into the equation too much, and that, to me, is a good sign. He's got pretty good accuracy, although he did miss high on about 3 or 4 throws. When he missed, you could tell it upset him, but he seemed to be pretty level headed and positive. Unlike Weber and Hanie, he looks like an NFL quarterback. After seeing him in person, I feel a lot better about the selection and his likelihood of picking up where Manning leaves off.

Hanie and Weber: Lets hope that it never comes to either one of these guys.

RB 33 Oman: Only RB other than Willis that stood out. The guy is THICK. Monstrous calves, decent speed. Could be a great goal line option

DT: After being blanketed by Champ on a go route to the end zone, he tore it up. The highlight being a very deep ball to the end zone where he outjumped his defender, had the ball batted, lost control for moment, and then snatched it back in for a touchdown. This play featured great pass protection and a step into the pressure bomb from manning. If he had put a little extra on it, DT may have caught it much easier over his shoulder. Still a great throw. Now, I used to be on board with the notion that Decker was going to be the go to guy due to his route running and his hands. But after watching DT yesterday I'm very excited about him as well. He seemed to have good control of his body for a guy that size. Unlike Gerrel Robinson (10), he would cut back to the ball smoothly and quickly, and once he caught the ball he was explosive, eluding tacklers with ease, even swiping one to the ground with one arm at one point. I know it was only one day of camp, but he looks like a star. I'm anticipating big things. Take that for what it's worth.

Decker was practicing, but I don't recall him making any plays. Perhaps he sat out the scrimmages.

Robinson: He's big, but he's not very muscular, if that makes sense. Where DT looks like a brick &$*# house, Robinson looks a bit soft. There's a lot of extra movement coming out of cuts and it seems to slow him down. Like i said before, he just doesn't seem to have good body control. I do remember, however, that at one point he lept high into the air and hauled in a great catch on the sideline on a deep comeback route with a defender draped all over him. Looks like a project. Should be fun to watch in the preseason. The one thing about him, and this may seem silly to some people, but he seems to carry himself with a sort of negative energy. Take that for what it's worth.

I didn't see much of the defense, I saw Nate Irving stretching, if that helps! He definitely has dreadlocks. So, there's that.

Franklin didn't dress.
Hillman didn't dress.

Stokely looked like Stokely. Hard working and on point.

Prater missed 2 45 yarders in a row, then almost missed a third. Then hit two that would have been good from 60 easy.

That's all I got.

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awesome! Being in Idaho, I love all these reports. Thanks!
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Some good tidbits over at IAOFM:

These in particular jumped out at me:

...Justin Bannan practiced with the starting defense, where Jason Hunter worked for the second straight day ahead of Robert Ayers, who just doesn't seem to be impressing Jack Del Rio all that much...

...Ryan Harris remains behind Chris Clark at tackle in Franklin's stead...
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Steve Atwater

Nice! Thanks for the observations.
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Excellent man. Thanks.

I'm in Berlin and incredibly jet lagged right now but had to get online to get my fix. Between you amd kaylore just got it!
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