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Originally Posted by Zealot View Post
see post 542
Tebow is better than average in the Eastern League. His wRC+ is 106. Akron’s Bobby Bradley, who is one of the top 1B prospects in baseball, has a 107.
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Royce Freeman

Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
It’s also today’s reaction to Tebow’s Jesus act. Even calling it an act in the first place. It just wasn’t that big of a deal when Reggie White was doing it.
I wasn't referring to his act of kneeling, but his tendency to seed literally every conversation anyone had with him with constant references to his faith in a way that made it overwhelming and tedious after a while. Reggie White didn't do that, and neither did a number of other notable Christian players and coaches. I consider it an act not because I don't think he was sincere, but because that's what it came to be seen as. In other words, I don't' think he was as aware of the response and some of the negativity it generated as he should have been. Or if he was, he considered it of less importance.

Either way, my point is, he parlayed his goodie-two-shoes choir boy image into notoriety and opportunities outside the playing field. Whether that's right or wrong is not for me to judge, it's just what happened.
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I never saw Tebow using his faith to get anything. He Thanked the Lord. Big Fn Deal.
He didnt kneel and lie about his message. All i see is what used to be a big dumb kid is an adult that wants to play baseball. I dont think he cares about any doubters. Like most people he just wants to do his best and if anyome wants him to Fail... welll Fudge 'Em
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Tebow learned his cliches from Crash Davis.
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