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Default as Brexit nears, UK ramps up military exercises

Britain is set to leave the European Union in March 2019 -- and with no trade deal in hand, Britain faces an economic downturn comparable to a tsunami.

So, how is the British government coping? By a turn to militarism -- and by blaming Russia, the convenient scapegoat. When in doubt, blame the Russians.

Let us not forget the US role in creating the EU, for which reason the US is largely responsible for the meltdown now underway in Europe.

It's an extremely combustible situation.

Another brilliant analysis by Finian Cunningham who has his finger on the pulse of the UK.

Brexit Unleashes British Bulldog Snarling at Russia

By Finian Cunningham

January 10, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - Britain is dispatching some 1,000 marines to join NATO war exercises off Norway in “a show of strength to Russia”. The move is but one of several military muscles being flexed by Britain in a bid to boost its international standing. Russia is designated as the convenient villain to justify Britain’s renewed militarism.

To lend the madness some popular appeal, British media reported that “Prince Harry will join one of ­Britain’s biggest war exercises against Russia in 20 years, as a warning to Vladimir Putin over his continued aggression.”

Harry (34), the youngest son of heir to the British crown, Prince Charles, is said to be privy to secret battle plans taking place in Norway over the next 12 weeks “as the marines practice drills in a show of strength against potential military strikes by ­Moscow.”

Russia’s embassy in Britain dismissed the exercise involving the young royal as a PR gimmick to fire up public enthusiasm for what is otherwise a hackneyed ploy of provoking tensions with Moscow. “Apparently, the authority of politicians and generals is no longer enough to ensure public support for this policy,” it said.

Indeed, a PR stunt is surely what it is going on. And the British media are showing themselves once again to be the disgraceful pro-war stenographers that they are by churning out official assertions of “Russian aggression” and “potential military strikes”.

But what’s also going on here is a wider and more disturbing pattern of Britain increasing its militarism towards Russia. Not that Russia is quaking in its boots over Britain’s threatening conduct, but the reckless snarling attitude of the British bulldog nevertheless adds to increasing international tensions between NATO powers and Moscow. That implies an increasing risk of a military confrontation.
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