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Pontius Pirate
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Someone should check Pony Boyz IP address and verify whether it originates from a Pennsylvania jail.
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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
Sure and they still exist today, but I find that most people were in a state of shock and not ready to understand what had transpired and some of the data didn't come out until much later.
Joe Paterno was built up into a god before the Sandusky revelations.

He was one of the most popular figures in sports. People loved him because of his personality, his squeaky clean, conservative, old fashioned image (which turned out to be totally manicured), and his unbelievable longevity. I read an exempt by Paterno about game planning, and it was so well written and interesting that he came across as a sharp, brilliant guy.

The Paterno case proves that none of us really don't truly know any of these public sports figures, and our admiration should be subdued. Admire their playing skills/coaching skills, but don't worship them as people, and don't believe their public persona.

If you want a real hero, admire your parents or somebody close to you in your community, but not a public sports person.
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He knew, he covered it up, he's ****ing scum.
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Garcia Bronco
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Tom Jackson

So I watched this last night and it accurately portrays the time. My favorite part was the douche bag Paterno X that was worried about who would pay for their personal PR guy.

Seriously? Are you ****ing kidding me? That's what the family was worried about in that moment?
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