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Old 10-09-2018, 08:26 AM   #501
Obi-Wan Phillips
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Iíve been doing some research on properties in Denver. Any advice on buying a townhome/condo as an additional income stream? Canít afford another place in the LA area but Denver market looks appealing.

Some of you may be doing this (Meck I think) and wondering what your experience is/was?
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Derek Wolfe

Thoughts on Tencent?

They are way down, but was thinking about investing a little in them.
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Adam Gotsis

Originally Posted by phibacka31 View Post
Thoughts on Tencent?

They are way down, but was thinking about investing a little in them.
This response may not be what you are looking for, but since you said in earlier posts you are new to investing, I thought I would share with you my philosophy for buying individual stocks. All I know is I wish I had this philosophy ingrained in me when I was in my 20ís. This is the over-simplified version:

The US market is now in a confirmed correction, and how long it will last is anyoneís guess. But even so, the S&P 500 still up about 1.6% for 2018. However, the Chinese stock market has been even worse this year. Quite a bit worse, as a matter of fact. A Chinese Large Cap ETF (FXI) I follow is down almost 19% for the year. I bring this up for a reason.

Just so you know where I am coming from, when I invest in individual stocks, I usually only invest when the market is bullish, and then I narrow down to the strongest growth stocks in the strongest sectors of the market. I donít bottom fish; been there, done that, and it isnít pretty. It my rules, and yes I have rules for trading. Others may have other opinions, and thatís ok.

Right now all my aggressive money is in cash, short-term bond funds, or bearish strategies. Iíll change my stance when the stock market reverses to a confirmed uptrend.

As I have said before on this thread, I donít give specific investment advice to anyone that is not one of my clients, but I will gladly answer questions for anyone that wants. Just be aware that I donít tell people what they want to hear; I tell them the way I see it.

However, Iíll answer your question above this way: While the company itself may be fine, and actually I donít know because I donít follow it right now, it is extremely weak in a foreign stock market that is also extremely weak. As I mentioned above, the US markets are much stronger, and have been since about June.

But if I thought Tencent had the possibilty to be the next Bidu or Alibaba, I would take this time that itís depressed, and research the hell out of it, and then wait until the Chinese markets and the stock itself start to show greater relative strength than other countries and stocks over a period of time.

If you would like the best book I have ever read on this philosophy, you can check out How to Make Money in Stocks by William OíNeil, the founder of Investors Business Daily.

Feel free to PM me if you have other questions. But if this philosophy is not for you, thatís ok, I wonít get offended. Either way, good luck.
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Old 10-11-2018, 08:35 AM   #504
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D.J. Williams

Gonna get a nice block of STOR shares pretty soon.

I need to add to my army of REITs.
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C Kelly

fed raises rates and nobody questions why they have the power to do it.

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For anybody looking to make a quick buck.... see what I did there. Thatís your que to stop listening or be hesitant.

Pull out of some positions before the elections. Let the left win a ton of seats in the elections, market will overreact-about three days after election buy into a total market index and catch a 5% quick gain. You canít time the market! But you sure can time elections!
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