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Originally Posted by ScottXray View Post
I think Del Rio would be somewhat of a lateral move, but when he was subbing for Fox this year, he also KNEW Fox would be back soon. So he couldn't put HIS stamp on things to any real degree. He actually had the team playing a little better, and had them well ahead of NE in the first half, and then the O started to turn the ball over and DRC got hurt. The wheels fell off. But Denver was dominating NE in FOXBORO, something that was unheard of the last ten years.

I think Del Rio would be a step up in coaching intensity, and also would shift more focus on to the Defense , from our Nintendo , pinball , passing Offense.
Guaranteed he would know we need a true MLB, and GET one.

Fox is staying for now. But if Elway gives him an extension after that performance I will be pissed. At most two years extension , that can be negated with almost no penalty after one , just so he's not a "lame duck" , and not at a premium pay. Frankly , he hasn't earned it.

The whole team took on Foxs attitude....."Wow , I had Open heart surgery and I'm still here...And I'm going to the superbowl. It's good to be alive....I'm satisfied just being here!"
the question is, does he even want the job? HC has a lot more pressure...
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These guys ( nfl coaches) have led their entire lives in a competitive
environment. Taking over is part of their nature. More pressure is
something they strive to attain and succeed at.
I don't think Del Rio would turn it down if it was offered.
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