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Default Haven Moses at the Bronco QB Club

The Bronco QB Club hosted Haven Moses at our lunch meeting today. This former Broncos wide receiver told us entertaining stories of his playing days, including his big game in the AFC Championship January 1, 1978 (Haven caught 5 passes for 168 yards and two touchdowns that day!)

Club members Tom Jacobsen and Jamie Teumer displayed jerseys from that great 1977 Bronco team from their collection of Bronco memorabilia. Seeing the jerseys from that era reminded me how many Bronco legends played on that 77 team!

From my Bronco memorabilia collection I took this photo of Haven with an old Rocky Mountain News telling the story of the Broncos amazing victory in that 78 AFC Championship game.

The QB Club consists of fans of all ages. After speaking Haven graciously met with the fans in attendance (including this young girl) taking pictures and signing autographs.

The highlight of the meeting was hearing Haven speak about his playing days. A summary of some of his comments:

  • Haven didn't intend to have a career in football - rather he was focused on getting a good education. He played safety for his high school team. Haven's Mom forced him to go to an awards dinner after graduation. "What do you plan to do with your life, Haven?" a visiting coach at the dinner asked. "I need to get a job," said Haven. "How would you like to continue to play football?" said the coach. This resulted in an offer to play at a Callifornia Junior College which Haven accepted.
  • The California Juco system at the time, Haven related, played a high quality of football. OJ Simpson was in Haven's league. Haven played defensive back. For one game the team's starting wide receivers were injured, so his
    coach asked him to play out of position at receiver that day. Don
    Coryell, the legendary coach who was then at San Diego State, happened
    to be scouting another player on Haven's team but couldn't help notice
    Haven's performance (2 touchdowns as Haven filled in at wide receiver). Coryell gave Haven a scholarship offer to play at San Diego State.
  • Haven's junior college performance got the notice of other coaches, too. Haven received an offer to play for USC (then coached by John McKay) as a defensive back. "I would have been 4th or 5th on the USC depth chart," Haven related, "a small fish in a big pound. I was more interested in getting a good education, so I chose the San Diego State offer instead." Had Haven accepted the USC offer, he would have been OJ Simpson's roommate.
  • At San Diego State one of the assistant coaches was John Madden. "In addition to their football duties, coaches taught classes in those days. My future wife Joyce took a class from John Madden!" Later when the Broncos would play the Raiders, Madden always made a point to talk to Haven after the game (including that big AFC Championship game in 1978). "I never hated the Raiders (largely because of his relationship with Madden) - I respected them," said Haven.
  • Haven really liked playing for John Ralston, and thought Ralston didn't get enough credit for the 1977 team. "John built the core of that team with good drafting," he said. While he liked Red Miller's coaching he thought Miller didn't have the same skill as Ralston in building a team. "After the 77 season, Miller let go of Lonnie Perrin, and didn't play Otis Armstrong as much. Three years later Miller was gone."
  • Haven talked about that big AFC Championship win over the Raiders. "We were ready to play with Norris Weese at quarterback and we felt we would win - we were a team," he said when asked if the team was concerned about quarterback Craig Morton's health. Morton did play, and the offensive line did a wonderful job protecting Morton. "We didn't pass too much in that game - Lonnie and Otis behind our offensive line really sealed the win as we didn't want to give the ball back to Kenny Stabler - Stabler was really warming up in the 4th quarter," Haven explained.
  • Haven was originally drafted by the Buffalo Bills - the #9 pick in the 1968 draft. "Me and Larry Csonka were the only non-linemen picked in those first 9 selections," Haven said. When former Bronco coach Lou Saban went to Buffalo to coach the Bills in 1972 Lou wanted to emphasize the running game (with OJ Simpson). "Lou wanted me to wear bigger pads so I could block for OJ," said Haven. "I was glad to get traded to Denver mid-season."
  • Haven said he played 14 years and never had a serious injury. "I only dropped 4 passes in my career - and those were in practice," he joked. Long time Bronco fans like me remember Haven for the sure hands he had.

I so much enjoyed the chance to meet Haven (I was a 21 year old sitting in the South Stands for that big 1978 AFC title game). I remarked to Haven how cold it was but how I was so excited I didn't notice, "One of the coldest games I ever played in," said Haven.

The Bronco QB Club will have more meetings this season - check our the club's web page here.

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Al Pastrana

Thanks for the report. I remember those days.
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Great report....thanks.
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Really enjoy your reports and the stories. Thanks.
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Thanks for bringing back good memories. I became a Broncomaniac in 1977_1978.
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Chris Harris Jr

Damn sorry I missed this one Titan. Thanks for posting. I can't wait to attend the next one!

Everyone in Denver really should consider joining the QB Club, it is a rare opportunity to hear some great Broncos stories and meet fellow fans.
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